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Crimson Sabre episode 9 recap

Hong Yeuk whined to Suyet Yee she betrayed her sect to be with him but he broke his vow. Suyet Yee said he would be willing to die for Wan Yee. Suyet Yee asked what is so happy about life and scary about death. She doesn’t need to worry about him. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee what is so great about Wan Yee. Suyet Yee said Wan Yee isn’t evil like her but she’s better than her at everything. Wan Yee chopped Suyet Yee’s legs and said she will see how can see Wan Yee again. Suyet Yee said even if he crawls, he will see Wan Yee. Suyet Yee said though they are near each other, they are far from each other. Though he and Wan Yee are far each other, they are near each other. Hong Yeuk said let her kill him so she can see how he and Wan Yee understand each other.

The boy sighed that Suyet Yee haven’t visited him in half a year. The girl gave the boy a bowl of food. The boy ran to see Suyet Yee. The doctor told the boy to practice martial arts. The priest played chess with the doctor. The boy pointed a move to the doctor. The boy played chess with the priest and practice martial arts. The boy Sing Chi grows up and beats the priest. Siu Wai set up the chess piece. Sing Chi played chess with the priest. The priest whined Sing Chi always pretend to lose to him. The priest said Sing Chi is smart and he already teach all that he knows. The priest said he has to get the saber back from the majesty’s priest. Sing Chi and Siu Wai eats with the the doctor and the priest before bidding farewell to the priest. The priest told the doctor he hasn’t teach him his martial arts. The doctor said his martial arts is hard. Siu Wai’s grandpa told the doctor to teach Sing Chi his martial arts since he sees potential.

The doctor teaches Sing Chi his martial arts. Siu Wai is impressed with Sing Chi’s power. Siu Wai teases the doctor that if Sing Chi is lazy to practice martial arts, she won’t give him rice anymore. Siu Wai got upset and told Sig Chi she worries once he leaves the mountain, he won’t see her again. Sig Chi and Siu Wai looked at the mountain. Siu Wai told Sing Chi that he used to cry after Suyet Yee left. Sing Chi said he remembered she uses to bring rice to him. Sing Chi told Siu Wai he’s going to find a good husband for her. But if she can’t find one, he can take care of her. Siu Wai said she’s more worried about him. He may married a bitch like Hong Yeuk. Sing Chi wonders if Hong Yeuk kidnapped Suyet Yee. Siu Wai wonders if Hong Yeuk kidnapped Suyet Yee since she knows how to use poison. Sing Chi bids farewell to Siu Wai and told her to dress well so she can find a husband.

Suyet Yee found a skull dropping down. Sing Chi wonders if they have fought with each other to death or got pushed down the rock. Sing Chi read some welcome letters on the wall. He pulled up the saber. He wonders if the dead skeleton is Suyet Yee. He digs the hole and found the manuel. Sing Chi believes someone forced Suyet Yee to show them the treasures so he set up this trap. Sing Ch bows and said he will never forget Suyet Yee’s deed. Sing Chi reads the manuel.

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Crimson Sabre episode 8 recap

Suyet Yee thought Wan Yee came. Hong Yeuk tries to chop the lock. Suyet Yee told her that only the saber can chop it. The sects told the master he wanted Suyet Yee to marry Wan Yee just for the map of treasure. The sect leader told the master to hand out Suyet Yee. The master said Suyet Yee already escaped. Wan Yee ran and told them that Suyet Yee has bee poisoned by the master and got locked up. Wan Yee’s brother said Wan Yee was about to hang herself up and he came in to save her but she ran. The sect leader called the master sly. The master told Wan Yee’s father to lock Wan Yee in her room. The girl in her room watches Wan Yee biting her father’s hand and ran. She fell down the well. The masters said Wan Yee deserve to die. They poured sand down the well. Hong Yeuk threw knives and sneaked in the room and stole the saber. Hong Yeuk fought with the five masters and left. Hong Yeuk chopped the lock and asked Suyet Yee why isn’t he leaving. Suyet Yee said the masters have broke his organs and removed his martial arts. Hong Yeuk threw the poisonous powder at the masters and flew with Suyet Yang. The sects bids farewell to the five masters.

Wan Yee’s mother held the baby and wondered where’s Wan Yee. The master told Wan Yee’s mother that Hong Yeuk rescued Suyet Yee and also kidnapped Wan Yee. The master said he will raise Wan Yee’s daughter and teach her martial arts to revenge for her mother. The masters look for marks. Hong Yeuk returned the swords for Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee that Wan Yee promised her if she saved him, she won’t follow him. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee why didn’t he thanked her and what is so good about that bitch. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee if he remembers his vow. Suyet Yee said this is his punishment but he loves Wan Yee and never betrayed her. Suyet Yee said it is not a bad thing if he dies. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee she won’t let him die, she will make him stay by her. Suyet Yee left and said it doesn’t matter where he goes and she should kill him. Hong Yeuk pushed him. The five masters flew in the house and thanked Hong Yeuk for bringing Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee fought with the five masters and threw the powder and left.

The five masters carried Suyet Yee on the chair and asked him to show where’s the map of treasure. Wan Yee’s brother piggyback Suyet Yee to the mountain. Hong Yeuk passed by. Suyet Yee pretends to have a stomach ache. Hong Yeuk puts in some pills in Suyet Yee’s mouth. The five master’s fell asleep and said ther’s poison in the powder. Hong Yeuk fought with the five masters and left. The five masters generates energy. Suyet Yee took the two sabers and hid. Wan Yee’s brother thought in his mind that he can follow Suyet Yee and have the treasures for himself.

Wan Yee’s brother followed Suyet Yee and hopes that the five master die. Suyet Yee visited the boy. Suyet Yee told the boy to practice martial arts then he can revenge for his father. Wan Yee’s brother tripped and hid behidn the rock. Suyet Yee told him he wil share the treasure. He will get 1 out of 10 shares. He just want to live a peaceful life. Wan Yee’s brother piggyback Suyet Yee. Wan Yee’s brother arrived at the cave. Suyet yee told Wan Yee’s brother to bring food since it will take time for him to burn the ground. Wan Yee’s brother dig the ground. Suyet Yee reads the manuel. Wan Yee’s brother picked it up and laughed. Wan Yee’s brother fainted. Suyet Yee said he has put poison in the manuel. Suyet Yee bury the manuel.

Some sect members surrounded Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee leads them to the treasure and fainted. Hong Yeuk told them that they are affected by poison. She fought with them. Hong Yeuk told him since he crippled, he must marry her so she can take care of him. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk that Wan Yee is the one he loves the most. He wont’ marry her. If he wants to marry him, then kill him. Hong Yeuk pointed a sword at Suyet Yee.

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Crimson Sabre episode 7 recap

The majesty’s priest stole the sword while the priest lookout for the guy. He pointed a sword at the priest but it strikes back thanks to the protective jacket. The boy talked to the doctor and the priest. The priest told the doctor that the boy not only knows how to play chess but also solve the martial arts. The priest told the boy to bow to the doctor to be his master. The doctor asked the priest for a gift. The priest gave the boy his protective jacket. The boy wonders where is Suyet Yee.

Suyet Yee visits Wan Yee and chat about their baby. A girl played on the swing and about to fall, Suyet Yee flew and they watched the grass on the other side of the wall. The girl told Wan Yee that Suyet Yee knows how to cheer her up that’s why she loves him so much. She asked her if she can come with her when she gives birth to the baby. Wan Yee fainted and gave birth to a girl. Wan Yee’s father told Suyet Yee to wait a few more months before they leave. The five masters said they plan to retire from the martial arts world and announce it at the conference a few months later. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee that they will leave a few months later. He promises they will live a peaceful life.

Some martial artists laughed and wondered why Wan Yee gave birth with her family’s enemy. The five martial artists made an announcement their retirement. The majesty’s priest came and ordered Suyet Yee to give out his map of treasure. Suyet Yee told the majesty’s priest, he thought of leaving the martial arts world but since he came, he will teach him a lesson. The majesty’s priest told Suyet Yee he relies on Wan family and is not a hero and he bids farewell. Hong Yeuk’s hair fall down. The priest laughed at Hong Yeuk came to congratulates Suet Yee. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk he only loves Wan Yee. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee to kill her or she won’t live him living happily. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk he won’t kill her and she can leave. Hong Yeuk laughed that if he doesn’t kill her he will regret.

Wan Yee brought wine she bought from the market to him. Wan Yee’s mother told Wan Yee to take care. Suyet Yee promised Wan Yee he will take her home once a yaer to visit her family. Suyet Yee drinks the soup and got a headache. He accuses Wan Yee of poisoning him. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee that her mother won’t but her father and uncle will. Suyet Yee said he got affected by sleeping powder.

The five masters surrounded Suyet Yee and ordered him to give out the map of treasure. Wan Yee’s brother locked Wan Yee in the room. Suyet Yee fought with the five masters. Wan Yee begged her brother to help Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee got injured. The five masters broke Suyet Yee’s organs and locked him in the dungeon. Suyet Yee said he is the map of treasure. Suyet yee said he burnt it. The master said even if Suyet Yee drew it, they wouldn’t know if it’s real or not. Wan Yee’s brother drinks and took a nap. Hong Yeuk dresses in black and stood in front of Wan Yee’s room. Wan Yee is willing of not seeing Suyet Yee again if Hong Yeuk saves him. Hong Yeuk stood on the top of the dungeon. The master told Suyet Yee if he tells him where’s the map, he will release Wan Yee. Suyet Yee promises them. Some sects from seven states and demanded the five masters to hand out Suyet Yee.

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Crimson Sabre episode 6 recap

Wan Yee let go and told Suyet Yee that they can’t be together. She doesn’t want one day he will kill her father. Suyet Yee promised Wan Yee that he will let go of the revenge for their child. Suyet Yee puts on the jacket for Wan Yee. In a hotel, Suyet Yee saw Wan Yee’s five masters. Wan Yee disguised into a man. The five masters saw Tibetan monks and other sect members at the teahouse. A magistrate came with his guards. Suyet Yee flew on the roof and eavesdrop on the bandits planning to steal the map of treasures from the Qing. Suyet Yee saw an assassin greets the priest to meet with the eunuch.

The five masters threw rocks at the magistrate and searched for the map of treasures. The eunuch gave the priest the map to give it to the majesty. Suyet Yee came and fought with the priest. The five masters watches Suyet Yee having a duel with the priest. Suyet Yee told the priest, his skill is weak. The priest left. The priest told the eunuch when he takes the saber from Suyet Yee he can steal the map of treasure and defeat him. Suyet Yee returned to the hotel saw Wan Yee’s pendant. Suyet Yee begged the five masters to let her go. Wan Yee said Suyet Yee won’t lie to her since she is pregnant. Wan Yee told the five masters she and Suyet Yee truly love each other while they do bad things. Wan Yee rather die. The master froze her and said she can die but she has to wait till Suyet Yee to die first.

Suyet Yee came in Wan Yee’s house and told the five masters to give him Wan Yee. Suyet Yee fought with the five masters and searched for Wan Yee. Wan Yee fainted. Wan Yee’s mother told Suyet Yee that Wan Yee got used to be loved. If she leaves with him, she will be in danger. The doctor checks up for Wan Yee and said she’s tired and need to sleep. Wan Yee leaned on Suyet Yee that he is so good to her. The five masters plan to steal the map of treasure from Suyet Yee.

The doctor received a letter to attend martial arts conference. The doctor told the priest to take care of the boy for him. The girl made a bet with the priest that if the boy wins the chess game, he will him the jade. The priest played chess with the boy and he was surprised the boy made that move. The girl took the boy to the mountain while the priest thinks of what next move he will make.

Hong Yeuk puts a pill in the priest’s mouth and he fainted. She grabbed the boy in the woods. The boy bits her arm and ran. He slapped the boy. Hong Yeuk grabbed the boy’s neck and told the boy she will see if Suyet Yee cares for Wan Yee or him more. He said she is evil. The boy said even if she found Suyet Yee, he will kill her to revenge for him. The evil priest touched Hong Yeuk and greets her. If she can beat her in three moves, he will tell her what has happened.Hong Yeuk lost The priest generates energy. The evil priest smelled Hong Yeuk and about to rape her. The priest came and asked the evil priest why he came here for. The evil priest told the priest to give him the sword. The priest fought with the evil priest. Hong Yeuk was about to grab the boy. The boy slapped her and ran.

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Crimson Sabre episode 5 recap

The sect leader puts the boy in the boiling cauldron. Suyet Yee watches Wan Yee playing with the chickens at his parent’s grave. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee she knows when she leaves tomorrow she may not see him again. She asked him what kind of food does he likes. He said he likes the sour and sweet fish that his mother always cooked. She’ll cook him some food he likes for farewell. The next morning, a stall owner gave his wife a fish. Wan Yee took out her pin and wanted to exchange for the fish. The stall owner’s wife assumes Wan Yee wants to buy the fish for her lover, she sold the fish to her. Wan Yee cooked the fish and asked Suyet Yee to taste it. Wan Yee thanked Suyet Yee to let him do something for him. Suyet Yee thanked Wan Yee for taking care of the house for him. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee the chicken is cute. She used to raise a duck and a chicken in the chicken but her uncles told her that they dirty the house. One time they accused the duck of getting in their way so they stepped on it. She cried and make him repay but they stepped on other ducks and chickens. Suyet Yee sighed that Wan Yee’s family doesn’t spare human’s life so does animal’s life. Wan Yee knows that some things can’t be fixed but she assures him that he won’t see her tomorrow.

The next morning, Wan Yee came back to search for Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee painted words on his parent’s grave and thought about his family got killed and Wan Yee spending time with him. Suyet Yee drinks wine and said he can’t be soft hearted and have to kill the Wan family. Why is Wan Yee is a Wan. Wan Yee held the umbrella for Suyet Yee during the rain. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee he never knew what is happiness. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee the more he kills others the more he will be hurt. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee that it is useless for her to sew her a sweater because it isn’t his sister and she won’t be alive. Wan Yee whined that the people who he killed are her family members. Suyet Yee said they deserved to die. Wan Yee asked if everyone deserved to die. Wan Yee said her uncle is kindhearted and have never harmed anyone. Is she also deserving to die. Suyet Yee told her if she doesn’t leave, he will also kill her. Wan Yee cried and said she will leave, she doesn’t want to see cold hearted person like him. Wan Yee made a vow she will never see Suyet Yee again, if she breaks it heaven will punish him. Wan Yee ran and tripped. Suyet Yee followed her and apologized. Suyet Yee told her that no one ever cares for him, besides his family she is the only one. When she left, he was scared of never seeing her again. Wan Yee hugged Suyet Yee and said she is also scared of never seeing him again. She knows she made a vow but if she could stay with him, she will let heaven punish him. Suyet Yee told her if heaven punish her, then let him take the punishment.

Suyet Yee hugged Wan Yee on the bed and gave her his pendant and promised he will never think of another girl. The next morning, Wan Yee cried that even if they never meet each other again, he will always be in her heart. Wan Yee sad in the teahouse looking at the jade. Hong Yeuk got angry and looked at Wan Yee’s pendant. Wan Yee pointed a sword at Wan Yee and said she had a kid with Suyet Yee and keep on tagging him and how did she got that pendant. Wan Yee told Hong Yeuk that Suyet Yee gave her the pendant. Hong Yeuk told Wan Yee that Suyet Yee won’t be with her and where’s he. Hong Yeuk laughed and said she will scratch her face with her sword. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee who is this woman. Suyet Yee said he followed her to humiliate her. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee if she kills her, then he won’t be hurt. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee he killed her family members if he wants to kill her then do it. Hong Yeuk was about to kill Wan Yee. Suyet Ye threw rocks at Hong Yeuk. Hon Yeuk told Suyet Yee he is heartless. He should be by Wan Yee’s side or else whenever she sees her she will kill her.

Wan Yee told Suyet Yee to tell about himself. Suyet Yee saked her if she wants to know why Hong Yeuk despite her. Suyet Yee said he has hurt Hong Yeuk. Wan Yee said he wanted to revenge and it was caused by her family. Suyet Yee leads Wan Yee to her house. Suyet Yee and Wan Yee visits Jian Nan. Wan Yee wishes the sun never set.

The priest fought with the doctor while he transfer energy to the boy. The doctor played chess with the priest.

Suyet Yee and Wan Yee sit by the lake. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee that happy days pass so fast.

Wan Yee drinks tea with Suyet Yee. She cried and said she knows he will kill her family. Wan Ye said some of her family members are innocent. Wan Yee asked Suyet Yee if her mother and sister deserved to die. Suyet Yee promised he will forgive the ladies. Wan Yee said not all of her male members re guilty. Wan Yee thanked Suyet Yee and fainted. The doctor congratulates Suyet Yee that Wan Yee is pregant. Suyet Yee laughed that god loves to play him. Wan Yee returned th pendant to Suyet Yee and left. Suyet Yee followed Wan Yee and told her that he won’t let her leave him. The pendant belongs to her. Ever since he gave her the pendant,he already consider her as his wife.

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Crimson Sabre episode 4 recap

Suyet Yee held the general’s son and threw needles at the bandits. The second bandit died. The eunuch looked at the map of treasures. The euuch laughed and told the captain he will tell the majesty that the bandits stole the map. The general’s son had a nightmare of people wanting to kill the general. Suyet Yee asked the general’s son if he is the majesty would he believe his father or the eunuch. The eunuch locked the general. The eunuch told the general that the majesty said he won’t meet him. The eunuch accused the general of hiding the food and collaborating with Qing. The general asked the eunuch if he created a fake letter. The eunuch told the general that the majesty gave him a death sentence. The general is not scared of death but worried about people suffering.

Suyet Yee and the general’s son saw the execution paper posted on the wall and the general’s son screamed. Suyet Yee told the general’s son to live to revenge or his father. A elder woman yelled at the general for being a Han traitor and he has to eat him. Suyet Yee and the general’s son watches the general being beaten by the people. A servant told Hong Yeuk that he saw a man carriying a sword which looks like a snake and is with a kid who looks being mute. The general’s son got tired and laid on the tree. Hong Yeuk chased the general’s son. The general’s son used his martial arts. Hong Yeuk grabbed his neck and tries to scare him with a snake. The general’s son bit Hong Yuek. Hong Yeuk threw a snake at the general’s son. Suyet Yee came and told Hong Yeuk that this isn’t his son. Suyet Yee fought with Hong Yeuk. Hong Yuek punched the general’s son and he got poisoned. Hong Yeuk gave Suyet Yee a bottle of a medicine and poison.

Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee that as long as he lets her follow him then she will tell him give the general’s son the medicine and they can live happily together. Hong Yeuk leaned on Suyet Yee and he pushed her. Hong Yeuk angrily told Suyet Yee she will sleep and when she wakes up she will tell him where she wants to go. Suyet Yee pour water on the general’s son mouth. He told Hong Yeuk he won’t tell her about the kid’s identity. Hong Yeuk poured the pills. Suyet Yee picked up the pills and asked Hong Yeuk which pill is it. Suyet Yee asked the general’s son to swallow it. Suyet Yee asked Hong Yeuk where’s the general’s son and he warned her he won’t spare her if anything happens to the general’s son.

The general’s son jumped down the cliff. Suyet Yee picked him up and hugged and asked him if he thinks he dies then Hong Yeuk won’t scold him, he promised his father he will take care of him. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee to marry her then she will save the kid. Hong Yeuk laughed and told Suyet Yee as long as he suffer, she will be satisfied She doesn’t care if he loves her or not but she won’t let him leave her. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk that he won’t marry her. Hong Yeuk was about to throw the bottle of medicine. Suyet Yee pointed a sword at her. Hong Yeuk threw the bottle and laughed.

The kid got a stomach ache. Suyet Yee carries him. Suyet Yee carries the kid and fought with the legendary doctor. The doctor transfer energy to the kid. Suyet Yee kneel and begged the doctor to cure the kid. The doctor asked Suyet Yee if the kid is a close relative of him. Suyet Yee said the kid is the general’s son. Suyet Yee told the doctor that the kid couldn’t bear seeing his father being beaten to death so he became mentally ill and mute.

The doctor’s daughter dips in food for the kid. The doctor said the girl was an orphan who lived with his grandfather. Her family owes money from a jerk and he sold her to a rich family to be a maid to repay her debt. The mute man saved the girl and got injured. The doctor saved the girl and brought her to his home. Suyet Yee leaves the general son for the doctor to take care. Suyet Yee held the kid’s hand and said he has an important task to accomplish but he will come back after finishing it. The general’s son chased Suyet Yee and tries to yell and he cries. The girl gave the boy a bowl of food and told him if he doesn’t eat he will die, if he dies then Suyet Yee won’t see him again. The boy eat the bowl of food.