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Apple Colada episode 8 recap

Customers buy fruits from Alice. Tommy told Jazz and Raymond to split their shares. Tommy told his maid he will hire Gill to replace them next month. Alice’s friend came to see Alice at her store. The maid showed the workers the photo of actress Ting, Alice’s friend. The maid told the workers that the pornstar is Ting not Alice. Alice thanked the maid for clearing her name A couple complained Tommy always have the same fruits. They went to the other store. Raymond and Jazz laughed. Raymond criticized them for skipping classes. Raymond told Tommy if they didn’t have a phd, they wouldn’t sell fruits. Raymond told Tommy even if they don’t know english, they can find a different job. Tommy told them that they are losers. Even if they don’t have a phd, they should learn english. Raymond told Tommy he doesn’t have time, he works everyday. Tommy asked Matt how to get Raymond and Jazz to learn english. Matt told Tommy give them time. Tommy enrolled Raymond in an english class but gave Jazz thirty percent raise to work. Matt told Tommy to let Raymond attend the class ninety percent of the time or his salary would be reduced. Raymond threw a chair at Matt.

Raymond saw Coco in the class. Coco told Raymond that Crystal told her to enroll in the class to get more job opportunity. Eliza told the class Good Morning. Raymond stands up and asked Eliza if she’s a ghost and why does he sees her everywhere. Eliza told Raymond to sit down. Raymond asked Eliza if she thinks he’s a dog. He left the room. Raymond confronted Matt. Matt told Raymond that he bet ten dollars he wouldn’t last after five lessons but he just left. He picked this place so he and Eliza will understand each other. He bet ten dollars because social workers don’t make much. Raymond told Matt that he knows they don’t get along and he still put us together. He doesn’t think they will understand each other. He just want to forget her. Matt told Raymond don’t be so harsh. Eliza may be stubborn and longwinded but she’s a nice girl. Raymond told Matt to count him out, he won’t go to her class. Matt told Raymond he must inform Tommy that there’s no refund. Raymond asked Matt to not to tell his father since they are buddies. Matt told Raymond to go back to class. Raymond told Matt he will work hard to return his favor. Matt told Raymond bye.

Eliza told Raymond to please have a sit. Eliza told the class that it’s rude to tell someone to sit down but it’s polite to say please have a seat. Coco told Raymond that Eliza used him as an example to teach them english. She is thoughtful. Eliza asked Raymond if it’s okay for her to use a command tone. Raymond said solly. Eliza told Raymond it is sorry and roll his tong on r. Eliza told Raymond to keep on repeating. Raymond played games. Eliza told Raymond to repeat the sentence. Eliza told Raymond he is lazy but if he works hard he can make it.

Eliza happily told Alice they made ten thousand dollars this month. Alice sighed to Eliza she pulled two all nighter and only make ten thousand dollars. Alice and Eliza read the news there’s a crop failure for California orange.

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At the restaurant, Raymond asked Jazz to go to the lesson for him. Jazz told Raymond that Tommy raised thirty percent of his salary. Jazz told Raymond he must polish his english to talk to foreigner. Raymond and Jazz saw Brother Chai recommended his signature dish to a customer in english. Eliza told Raymond to have more confidence, when he speak more english he must have more confidence. When he is confident, he will speak english very well. Eliza turned off Raymond’s game. Alice asked Uncle Man what they can do with their crop failure. Uncle Man told Alice and Eliza that the temperature of California will drop to zero and fruits will be damaged. Uncle Man told Alice and Eliza to buy African or Australian oranges or other oranges. Eliza asked if they will taste different. Raymond said of course not, peels of African and Australia oranges are thin and they are sweet and juicy but they don’t taste like oranges. African Oranges are bright. The pulp has different colors. They are juicy and sweet but don’t taste like oranges. US oranges are sweet and juicy and taste very good. That’s why people in Hongkong favors them. Alice said oranges are expensive, they can buy pears. Raymond told them they should offer them pears in the winter.

Matt took Eliza to his mother’s smoothie shop. Matt told his mom to go home and teach Karman to cook while he and Eliza will stay in the shop. Matt’s mom asked Karman what does she wants to learn to cook. Karman said she wants to cook fried eggs with bitter melon. Last time she cooked, dad and Matt said it’s yucky. Karman whined to her mom that dad misses her cooking and she’s far from cooking good. Matt’s mom told Karma she will go home with her. Karman cook in the kitchen and asked her mom when dad will come home. Karman’s mother told her if she were a guy, she would go for her. Karman said she doesn’t have time. Karman’s mom told Karman she is young and have time and don’t married so young. Karman told her mom now she’s free.

Karma’s dad ate the soup and found it so good and sweet. Matt told Karman the fried eggs and bitter melon is so nice. It is different under her mom’s supervision. Karman’s mom picked up fried eggs. Karman and Matt asked their dad about the situation of the shop since there’s a crop failure on California oranges. Karman’s dad asked Karman’s mom what’s the point of running her smoothie shop. Karman’s dad told Karman’s mom she got to put up with people who bullied her and please come home. Karman’s mom said she has to put up with someone for so long so outsiders don’t matter. Karman’s mom left. Matt asked his father why is he always like that. Mom rarely comes home ad she left. Karman’s dad argued that she never took place of being a mother. Matt said taught Karman to cook. Karman’s dad argued Matt always argue with him instead of persuading his mother. Karman’s dad said it makes him mad seeing Karman’s mom flirting with those men and women. Matt said those are her customers. She enjoys chatting with people. Karman gave Matt a bowl of soup and told him to calm down. Karman told Matt she thought their parents would agree with each other but mom left before dinner, he didn’t try to resolve their conflicts but argued with dad. Matt apologized and said dad was immature. Matt told Karman how about they buy two tickets and arrange a room for their parents.

Matt sprayed paint on the wall. Crystal asked Matt if he needs an umbrella. He seems gloomy as if it is going to rain. He needs an umbrella. Matt told Crystal sometimes it’s better not to talk. Crystal told Matt it’s tough, and he cant hold back and he wants her to relieve it. Matt held Crystal’s hand and told her to get a room. Crystal punched him. Crystal said she helped him to relieve it bleeding helps him relieve it. Matt and Crystal sit down and looked at his painting of a wolf eating an apple. Matt asked Crystal if he doesn’t like apples. Crystal said she doesn’t like fruits.

Uncle Man introduced Brother Tai to Alice and Eliza in the restaurant while eating dimsum. Brother Tai said his father loved fruits and bought an orchard after immigrating to Israel. He grew California oranges there. Brother Tai told them they can grow Japan oranges there too. Brother Tai gave them Israel oranges to try. Alice tasted it and found it sweet like California Oranges. Alice told Brother Tai to consider selling oranges to them. Alice and Eliza gave a customer a sample of orange. The customer found it taste good and thought it was California Orange but it was so expensive. Eliza told the customer it is Israel Oranges but taste like California Oranges but it’s cheaper. The customer asked them to give him two boxes. Tommy tasted the orange and told Alice it is California Orange. Tommy told Alice she knows California Oranges are expensive so she presents them as Israel Oranges.

While Eliza is teaching, Raymond play games. Eliza told Raymond to say scream. He says slim. Raymond told Alice he works in the fruit market, why does he have to be polite. Eliza told Raymond he can never be too police. She told the class, in every profession, when they talk appropriately, it shows respects. Eliza asked Raymond if he talks loudly to the customers, how can he run a business. Raymond told Eliza he talks loudly doesn’t mean he’s rude. He always talks like this in the fruit market. How often does he talks to foreigner in the fruit market. Eliza told Raymond that young people pays attention to the customer service, if the service is good they will pay more. Eliza pointed a pen at Raymond’s classmate to say scream. She pointed at him to say I wanted to scream. Raymond held a cup and said I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. The class clapped.

After class, Raymond hugged Matt and wants a kiss. Raymond told Matt to tell Eliza to be careful and check the supplier’s background of selling middle east oranges as California oranges. Raymond told Matt that he works in the fruit market for years and can tell they are California Oranges. Matt asked Raymond why doesn’t he tells her. Raymond said she may think he’s jealous or is tricking her. Raymond kisses Matt on the cheek and left. Matt told Eliza that Raymond said to be careful since the supplier sold California Oranges as Middle Eat Oranges.

Eliza asked Brother Tai what parts of Israel is the oranges growing from. Eliza said the weather there is good to grow watermelon and melon too, but he can grow oranges too. Eliza asked him for the address so she can take a look. Brother Tai asked Eliza if she doesn’t trust him since she asks so many question. Brother Tai said he runs a business and not that desperate to sell oranges. Alice said Eliza doesn’t know how to run a business. She signed it. Eliza took a picture of Alice and Brother Tai together. Alice tol Eliza she asked so many questions and is paranoid. Eliza told Alice it is their first time working together. They must be careful. Alice told Eliza Brother Tai did them a favor and she asked him so many questions.

Bong researched and told Elia that there’s isn’t an orchard in Israel under the name of Cheng. His friend texted him that there’s no orchard similar to California Oranges. Bong told Eliza he asked his colleagues and gangsters and they have heard of Brother Tai. Eliza and Bong touch the keyboard and stood in front of the computer when Alice came. Alice watches the screen showing porn. Eliza said she saw Bong uses her computer to watch porn. She has lectured him. Alice said he’s dirty. Eliza apologized to Bong. Eliza told Bong she will treat him for a drink. Bong said the bar she treats him has many guys from the fruit market while the bar he usually go to has many beautiful girls. Matt came to Bong and Eliza to research the market and and Karman came.

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