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Apple Colada episode 9 recap

Matt and Eliza teamed up to research the market. Bong and Karman went to the market Bong held Karman’s hand and smiled and told her to pose as husband and wife. He showed a picture of Alice and Brother Thai. Bong and Karman saw Brother Thai buying vegetables. Bong called Eliza and Matt. They chased Brother Thai. Bong and Karman chats. Bong told Karman it would be good if he could try the food she cooks.

Alice’s oranges arrived. Alice hugged the boxes of oranges. Eliza told Alice that Brother Thai didn’t return from Israel. He sells vegetables in Kowloon City. They are being conned. Alice looked in the boxes and saw big and small oranges. The owners sit and told Alice that they oranges she sold them is bad quality. Alice blamed on Tommy for complaining about them. Matt’s father asked Alice if she bought bad quality oranges. Eliza apologized and said she will put away the oranges and take responsibilities. Raymond showed Alice and Eliza a news video of Elders interviewed fallen sick from eating the oranges. Tommy told Alice that everyone in the market grew up eating fruits. She needs to watch out since everyone hates him. Eliza thought of her father. Eliza bowed and apologized to the store owners. Matt’s father told Eliza if she can’t pay ten thousand dollar losses then she surrenders the store. Alice took responsibility of trusting the wrong guy and left the store for Eliza.

Eliza gave Alice a pack of money to pay for her debt. Eliza said she mortgaged the flat and borrowed money from the loan shark. Alice told Eliza to take the money back and redeem the flat. Bong told Eliza and Alice that his colleagues searched for Brother Thai but haven’t found him yet. Jazz checked on the fruits and told Raymond he can’t wait to watch the soccer game. Raymond criticized Jazz and told Jazz to continue to count the fruits and put the remaining fruits in the fridge. Alice cooked oatmeal for Eliza. Alice told Eliza that now she’s alone she must take care. Eliza told Alice not to blame herself. Eliza said she worked overnight and find Alice’s food so yummy. Alice told Eliza to eat some more, she may not be able to eat it again. Alice told Eliza she will film again and will let the producer beg him.

Raymond told his dad he can’t attend his mom’s birthday since he has to attend his english lesson. Raymond kisses his father and said Goodbye. Jazz saw Raymond with a girl and he distracts Tommy. Tommy drove his van and saw Raymond gives money to a girl. Tommy confronted Raymond.

At the bar, Raymond drinks with Math. Eliza took the wine and told Raymond he didn’t come to class today. Eliza told Raymond his father paid for his class and he skipped it. Does he knows he failed his father. Raymond told Eliza he only comes to class when he’s interested and if he needs to make an account for her. Raymond left. Matt told Eliza to let Raymond chill and his father already yelled at him. During dinner, Tommy told his family to not save food for Raymond. Tommy told his family that his wife and he bought fruits and found Raymond as a baby by the pier before they went in the ferry to Hongkong. They saved the baby but the baby saved them and brought smiles to his wife. Raymond saw his dad punching on the pole and he asked him to stop it. Tommy asked Raymond why didn’t he go to his mother’s funeral. Tommy asked Raymond if he accepts him as his father and if he accepts his mother. Raymond told his father that his grandma told him to be a good boy or no one will love him when the baby is born. Raymond cried and said he didn’t want the baby to be born since he didn’t want a brother to compete but he didn’t expect his mother would die. He didn’t want his mom to die. Raymond hugged Tommy. Eliza cried.

Actress Bing Bing sits next to Alice in the dressing room. Bing Bing told Alice they are going to work on a game show. During the game show, a staff helped Bing Bing out but let Alice answered the question wrong. Alice answered some of the questions such as fruit questions right. The staff talked to Alice in a corner and told her to let Bing Bing win since he promised to not let her be wet. The balloons are big and getting ready to burst. Alice answered the last question right but the balloon burst on her and she got wet. The staff told Alice she lost the mark for saying it wrong the first time. Being Bing bids goodbye to Alice.

David gave Alice a ride and it rained David told Alice it’s a shame she does’t work in the fruit market anymore. Alice told David if he seen her movies, he would think she work better as an actress. David said he did an interview about victims being poisoned by the fruits. David wiped the face for Alice while holding an umbrella. Alice felt touched.

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