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Apple Colada episode 10 recap

Eliza told the class there’s an art exhibition for kids this sunday and she encouraged them to go. Raymond refuses to do volunteer work. Raymond told Eliza that he works in the fruit market day and night and if she wants him to lose sleep to volunteer. Raymond asked Eliza what’s important about learning english and art. Eliza gave the class an assignment of translating those exhibits in english. If they are not going, then they would be considered absent.

At the smoothie store, Matt told Eliza everyone has a jinx. He compared her and Raymond like Black Ants and termites, and cat and mice. Matt told Eliza that Raymond was raised in the fruit market and not interested in going in other places. Matt asked Eliza if she wanted to show Raymond how the world is like. Eliza or else Raymond will return to the fruit market after completing his classes. His potential will be a waste. He will never change. Matt told Eliza she wants to change Raymond from Fruit Market Prince to Prince Charming. Matt asked Eliza why does he care for Raymond so much? Eliza told Matt it is her duty as a teacher to train and love every student. Matt’s mother told Matt that Eliza is a good girl and he should pursue her.

Bong chat with Karman and introduces himself to her mother. Bong told Karman’s mother he caught a robber this morning so he’s free. Bong helped Karman cut the boxes of fruits. A customer told Karma’s mother the bean curd skin and egg sweet soup she gave him last time was nice. Karman’s father drove him out and told his wife that she managed Eliza’s store to flirt with the customer. Karman gave a bottle of rabbit congee and gave to his father.

At the exhibition, Eliza told Raymond she told him to serve the food and to eat them. Raymond served fruits for a girl. The girl told him that mom said to not eat from strangers. Raymond said the room is full of strangers but why did she pick on him. The girl told Raymond that mom told him not to talk to strangers, she walked away. Raymond served fruits to a boy. The boy told Raymond to put two pieces of watermelon on his abstract art. Eliza praised the painting in front of the kid’s parents. Raymond told them that the painting looks like aliens. Coco took Raymond out and told him if he has kids, he wouldn’t mind what his kids does no matter how poor it looks. Coco believes someday her dad will be back. Raymond left.

Eliza told Alice she doesn’t need to worry. Hongkong people loves to eat and will still eat even if they have the flu. Eliza thought of what Raymond said and wakes up. Alice told Eliza that she will play the queen while Soho, a popular actor will play the emperor. Alice said this is her best opportunity for her comeback. She must compete against Bing Bing. Eliza told Alice she will make her a pearl barley and red bean to give her energy.

The employees told Alice that the shooting is canceled because it is raining at West Kowloons. After filming, the staff criticized Alice and called her a veteran. He told her that she came back after more than ten years so she doesn’t really know what to do but she is lucky to have a job. Bing Bing slapped Alice again and again. Alice received a text and picked up her phone. Alice picked up her phone again. She yelled at the staff and took off her costumes and tell them to pick other actress who is willing to be slapped by that hateful woman. Raymond and his workers helped Eliza moved the goods during the rain. Alice dressed in her white costume wearing a wig and came toward Eliza during the rain. Jazz got scared yelling there’s a ghost. Alice fainted. A staff rung the door bell and took back the wig and said she quits but why did she took the wig with her, it is expensive. Alice asked him if he didn’t come to take her back. The staff told her to be bright, she is not young and she is a veteran. Don’t think she is an A class actress. If she is useful then people will compete to have her. Alice cried.

Alice and Tommy ring the abacus and greeted the customers to buy fruits in their stores. Alice apologized that she made a mistake and she gave an apple for the lady to try. The lady found it crispy and good and ordered two boxes. During the meeting, Master Or proposed the store owners to participate in a wooden cart race. A store owner said he can manage but those old people can’t push the cart. Matt’s father suggested Raymond and Jazz to participate. Master Or asked Matt’s father and the store owners to let Alice back in the store.

Raymond and Jazz play games while Eliza explains about the wooden cart. Raymond told Eliza he grew up in the fruit market and no one understands the wooden cart more than he does. Raymond and Jazz went to Double Eight for a massage. Jazz asked Double Eight why she puts a cctv on. Raymond said he told her to do that cause it’s dangerous to be alone. Raymond watches Eliza practicing pushing the cart. Eliza pretends to injure her leg. Raymond pushed the cart while Eliza is sitting on it and both had a fun time. At the fruit market, Eliza got up and said she’s fine.

Master Or spoke at the Yung Shu Tao Festival. Raymond, Jazz, Eliza, and Alice dressed in fruits and compete in the cart race. They won the cart race. Brother Kent came. A gangster seduced Brother Eight. Matt’s parents watches Karman dancing on the stage. Crystal chased Matt on the stage and asked him where’s Double Eight. Matt’s father told Matt’s mother than dancing is a waste of time, Karman should do something more useful. Tommy performed martial arts. The host told Tommy that he’s good at breaking coconuts with his hands, but they don’t have coconuts so they give him durians.

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