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Crimson Sabre 2000 episode 1 recap

A lady Hong Yeuk stepped on the sands and snake and became a nun. Hong Yuek’s master told the her the rule of being the leader of the sect is to chop her hand and can’t get married and have to put this metal on her hand to practice the most evil martial arts. She will be the tenth leader of the sect and live a lonely life. Hong Yeuk’s maser received a box of hand. Flashbacks of Hong Yeuk’s master took a bath and Lung Tin barged in. Lung Tin fought with the guards to run away with the elder lady. Lung Tin got arrested by the guard and told Hong Yeuk’s maser if she doesn’t leave with him, she will regret. This incident has caused her to be late to the sect leader appointment and delayed to one moth. Lung Ting broke the rule and got kicked out of the sect and was sent down to the mountain. During the ceremony, Lung Ting fought with the guards. Hong Yeuk’s master got ready to get one hand chopped, Lung Ting came and said he has the sword and the manuel and why does she still wants to be a nun. He fought with the guards. Lung Tin got arrested and told the lady master as long as she lets the elder lady leave with him, he will return the manuel. He will leave with Hong Yeuk’s master. The lady master told Lung Ting that it’s not that she won’t let the elder lady go with him, it is she doesn’t want to leave with him. Hong Yeuk’s master ordered the guards to send Lung Ting down the grave of snakes. He managed to escape and no one knows where’s the manuel.

Her hand got left in the jar as other former sect leaders. One day her hands got lost and received a letter to meet her in ten years and he will return her hand. She waited for him for fifty years but he hasn’t returned. The elder lady told the Hong Yeuk that there’s still ten days for her to think before she regrets. Suyet Yee fought with the guards and came up to the elder lady. The elder lady asks him he’s not Lung Ting, who is he. Suyet Yee said he is Lung Ting’s disciple. There’s no more Lung Ting. After got bitten by snakes, Lung Ting’s face got ruined. After practicing martial arts from the manuel, he eavesdrop on her three times but didn’t have the courage to meet her so he died with regrets. Suyet Yee fought with the guards and said his purpose to come here is to get the remaining two swords.

Hong Yeuk’s master watched Syuet Yee fighting and had an illusion of seeing Lung Ting. She asked him if he really wanted the sword. If he passes three trials then she will give it to him. Suyet Yee passed the first trial of swordfights. Suyet Yee swam in the water following Hong Yeuk and they fought on the snow. Hong Yeuk fell in the water. Suyet Yee jumped in the water and kisses her. Hong Yeuk admits to her master that she lost.

The elder lady brought Suyet Yee to the cave of snakes and tell him to get the swords. Suyet Yee fought with the snake with his sword and escaped the cave. The elder lady told her guards they don’t need to chase him, he got bitten by the snake and will die in an hour. Hong Yeuk watches Suyet Yee affected by poison and about to chop his left hand. Suyet Yee came and asked why he’s doing it. Suyet said he has to keep his life to revenge his enemy. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet why didn’t he ask her for the medicine. Hong Yeuk made Suyet Yee swears that he will only marry her. Suyet Yee made a vow if he has another woman, Hong Yek and hee will die together. Hong Yeuk gave him the bottle of medicine and told him not to forget his vow.

Hong Yeuk watches Suyet Ye playing the flute. Hong Yuek bowed in front of her master that she can’t be the sect leader. The elder lady asked Hong Yek that she is still a virgin but does he have an admirer and that person is Suyet Yee.The elder lady told Hong Yeuk to leave. She doesn’t want her to regret like her. Hong Yeuk cried and thanked her master. The elder lady told her to leave before this morning or else she will kill her. Suet Yee sits by the waterfall.Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee to leave with her. Suyet Yee said he won’t leave without finding the two swords. Hong Yeuk said the two swords is in the cave of snakes and she can’t make anymore mistakes. Suyet Yee refuses to leave without the swords.

Yeuk and Suyet Yee went in the snake cave. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yeuk to take off his clothes and put the medicine all over his body. Hong Yeuk puts powder all over Suyet Yee’s body and hugged him and kisses him and said she belongs to him. Hong Yeuk touched Suyet Yee’s jade and found it pretty and asked him to give it to her. Suyet Yee said his mother gave him this jade and he can’t give to anyone else. Suyet Yee got the sword and found a map on the snake status’s mouth. Hong Yeuk and Suyet Yee fought with the sect members. Hong Yeuk stands on the rock by the waterfall and waites for Suyet Yee.

Two years later, Wan Yee swings and watches the people rowing on the dragon canoe. Wan Yee’s father warned the servants to not let anyone in the house. He told Wan Yee and her sister to go to their room. Wan Yee’s father waits for a martial artist to come. Wan Yee opened the window and watch the flying lantern.

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