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Crimson Sabre episode 2 recap

Wan Yee and her family watches the martial artist sitting in the lantern. Needles flew on Wan Yee and her family. Wan Yee’s father uses his power on the martial artist but went in and saw Wan Yee’s uncle in the lantern. Wan Yee’s father ordered his servant to not mention tonight’s incident and if anyone ask about the uncle, then tell them he died from illness. A safeguard brought two mistress to Wan Yee’s father. The master said he found those two mistress in the brothel served one thousand customers so he burnt the brothel. A mistress said she prayed for Wan Yee’s master in the temple and fainted. Wan Yee’s uncle killed those mistress. Wan Yee blamed how cold blooded her uncle is. Wan Yee’s father slapped her and told her to apologize. The master showed Wan Yee’s uncle the treasure in his tomb. He saw a lookalike of the master hiding under the treasures. Wan Yee’s uncles killed the master as he drinks tea. Wan Yee’s uncle touched the master’s face but it is his real face so he doubts who is the person in the tomb. The martial artist which is Suyet Yee flew out of the tomb and fought with Wan Yee’s uncle.

Wan Yee’s uncle asked Suyet Yee what feud do they have and why does he harm his family. Suyet Yee said fifteen years ago, there was a family eating at the mid autumn festival, there were some assassins who killed everyone in the family. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee’s uncle that he and his family have killed many innocent families. A master said he remembered the fire caused many death and caused their family to be well known. The master said they are bandits and it is normal for them to kill others. Suyet Yee told them that how they treat other families, he will treat them the same. Suyet Yee fought with Wan Yee’s uncles. Wan Yee eavesdrop on them fighting. The sect run around Suyet Yee and fought with him. Wan Yee screamed. Suyet Yee took Wan Yee away. Wan Yee’s uncle held the needles and wondered if Suyet Yee is from the dark sect. The uncle whined that Suyet Yee may Rape Wan Yee and rape her. Suyet Yee’s uncle told his family if Wan Yee is still a virgin then it is fine but if she was raped then kill her.

Wan Yee told Suyet Yee to let her go or let her die here. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee if she wants to die, then he won’t prevent her. Wan Yee watches Suyet Yee laid down the in cave and she touched his nose and freaked out. Wan Yee was about to throw a rock at Suyet Yee but dropped it. Suyet Yee told her that it is lucky she didn’t kill him or she would have died. Wan Yee said do not think she doesn’t dare to but it’s just he doesn’t look like a villain who kill others. Suyet Yee told her he suspects if she is related to them. Suyet Yee fainted. Wan Yee touched blood and told Suyet Yee not to die. She washes her hand on the stream and wiped it on Suyet Yee’s face. Wan Yee touched Suyet Yee’s hand and found it cold and asked him not to die. Suyet Yee yelled to not kill her mother and he told his sister to run. Wan Yee apologized to Suyet Yee.

The master leads the servant and told Hong Yeuk to leave or he’ll wish she get killed by Suyet Yee. The master told Hong Yeuk that Suyet Yee is with a nicer and prettier lady than her. Hong Yeuk pointed a sword and asked the master where did Suyet Yee and that girl went. She threw a sword and left.

Wan Yee poured a bottle of water on Suyet yee’s mouth. Suyet Yee asked Wan Yee why diddn’t she kill him. Is she afraid once he is dead, no one will show her how to come down the mountain. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee she knows her family did many mistakes. Suyet Yee got injured and pointed a sword at Wan Yee and told her she doesn’t need to be good to him, everyone in her family must die. Wan Yee closes her eyes and told him to kill her then she won’t have to look at him killing her family. Suyet Yee threw his sword and told her to leave.

Suyet Yee got out and saw Wan Yee prayed to punish her instead of letting him suffer. Wan Yee walked with Suyet Yee and told him that he’s a good guy but he just doens’t know. Suyet Yee laid down on the grass and asked Wan Yee if she is hungry. He carried a rabbit but Wan Yee told him not to eat it. She lets the rabbit go. Suyet Yee brought some fruits. Suyet Yee asked Wan Yee if there’s no fruits, would she eat the rabbit. Suyet Yee laughed that he met plenty of young girls but it is his first time seeing an amusing girl.

Suyet Yee visits his parents grave with Wan Yee and said eleven of his siblings died here and he is the youngest so they love him the most. His family sells medicine. During Mid Autumn Festival party,his mother gave him a jade to give to his future wife and his sister sewed him a new clothes. During that night, Wan Yee’s family killed Suyet Yee’s family. Suyet Yee’s sister told Suyet Yee to hide in the cauldron and she told him to keep his life to revenge for his family. He saw his sister got raped and died. He met a crazy martial artist who got kicked out of the sect and taught him martial arts from the saber. He believes he can defeat Wan Yee’s uncle in one year. Suyet said a generous general appears and bury his family. When he grows up, he renovated the grave and built the house. The next morning, Suyet Yee search for the general and told Wan Yee to leave.

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