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Crimson Sabre episode 3 recap

There’s a lack of food and soldiers got ill and ate congee and leaves. The general blames himself. The storage got fired. The Qin soldiers fought with the hans.. Suyet Yee grabbed the head of the other general and told the soldiers that he burnt the warehouse to warn that Hans are not easy to being bullied. The Qin soldiers retreat. Suyet Yee told the general he prefers to be called brothers than hero. The soldiers checked on the victims.

The general’s son died from illness. Suyet Yee uses martial arts on the general’s son and he woke up. The general’s son said he can’t die, he has to help his father going to war. Suyet Yee told the general about he bury his family. Suyet Yee told the general he will transfer energy to his son then he can practice the martial arts for three years.

The general worries about the lack of food in the winter. The majesty’s eunuch gave the general a letter to go to war. The general sighed about the soldiers lack of food and the emperor listening to the bad guys. Suyet Yee gave the general a cheque of five thousand and a map of treasures. The general plans to settle with the Qin. The captain whispered to the majesty’s eunuch what the general said.

Sung Tsing Emperor got mad at the general wants to settle. The official encouraged the emperor to go to war. An official bowed to the emperor that he told the general to go to war many times but he didn’t listen. The emperor got mad. The eunuch told the official that this is his chance to get rid of the general. The eunuch gave the majesty’s eunuch a letter. The majesty threw the edict at the eunuch and told him to explain why the general didn’t receive food in three years. The eunuch persist he did distribute food to the general. The majesty’s eunuch gave the majesty a letter of the general’s betrayal and collaborating with the Qin. The officials looked at the stamp and confirm it is the general. The majesty eunuch told the majesty that the general kept the food somewhere in three years and drew a map of treasures. The officials begged the majesty to give the general a dead sentence.

Suyet Yee teaches martial arts for the general’s son. Suyet Yee told the general, after he revenge for his family, he will work for the government. As the eunuch reads the edict, Suyet Yee fought with the soldiers. The general told Suyet Yee to stop. The general told the eunuch he is not afraid of gossip and he knows he is innocent, he will come with him to the majesty. The general’s son told the general he is not afraid and will go with him to the palace. Suyet Yee slapped the eunuch and said whoever frame the general, he will kill him. The general asked the captain about betraying him. He will tell the majesty. The eunuch ordered the guard to search for the map of treasure. The people cried for the general while he passed by in the cage. A person spread rumors that the general collaborate with the Qin. Some bandits plan to steal the map of treasure. Some bandits threw rocks and fought with the soldiers. The general told Suyet Yee not to save him because he has to meet with the majesty. But he should save his son.

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