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Crimson Sabre episode 4 recap

Suyet Yee held the general’s son and threw needles at the bandits. The second bandit died. The eunuch looked at the map of treasures. The euuch laughed and told the captain he will tell the majesty that the bandits stole the map. The general’s son had a nightmare of people wanting to kill the general. Suyet Yee asked the general’s son if he is the majesty would he believe his father or the eunuch. The eunuch locked the general. The eunuch told the general that the majesty said he won’t meet him. The eunuch accused the general of hiding the food and collaborating with Qing. The general asked the eunuch if he created a fake letter. The eunuch told the general that the majesty gave him a death sentence. The general is not scared of death but worried about people suffering.

Suyet Yee and the general’s son saw the execution paper posted on the wall and the general’s son screamed. Suyet Yee told the general’s son to live to revenge or his father. A elder woman yelled at the general for being a Han traitor and he has to eat him. Suyet Yee and the general’s son watches the general being beaten by the people. A servant told Hong Yeuk that he saw a man carriying a sword which looks like a snake and is with a kid who looks being mute. The general’s son got tired and laid on the tree. Hong Yeuk chased the general’s son. The general’s son used his martial arts. Hong Yeuk grabbed his neck and tries to scare him with a snake. The general’s son bit Hong Yuek. Hong Yeuk threw a snake at the general’s son. Suyet Yee came and told Hong Yeuk that this isn’t his son. Suyet Yee fought with Hong Yeuk. Hong Yuek punched the general’s son and he got poisoned. Hong Yeuk gave Suyet Yee a bottle of a medicine and poison.

Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee that as long as he lets her follow him then she will tell him give the general’s son the medicine and they can live happily together. Hong Yeuk leaned on Suyet Yee and he pushed her. Hong Yeuk angrily told Suyet Yee she will sleep and when she wakes up she will tell him where she wants to go. Suyet Yee pour water on the general’s son mouth. He told Hong Yeuk he won’t tell her about the kid’s identity. Hong Yeuk poured the pills. Suyet Yee picked up the pills and asked Hong Yeuk which pill is it. Suyet Yee asked the general’s son to swallow it. Suyet Yee asked Hong Yeuk where’s the general’s son and he warned her he won’t spare her if anything happens to the general’s son.

The general’s son jumped down the cliff. Suyet Yee picked him up and hugged and asked him if he thinks he dies then Hong Yeuk won’t scold him, he promised his father he will take care of him. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee to marry her then she will save the kid. Hong Yeuk laughed and told Suyet Yee as long as he suffer, she will be satisfied She doesn’t care if he loves her or not but she won’t let him leave her. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk that he won’t marry her. Hong Yeuk was about to throw the bottle of medicine. Suyet Yee pointed a sword at her. Hong Yeuk threw the bottle and laughed.

The kid got a stomach ache. Suyet Yee carries him. Suyet Yee carries the kid and fought with the legendary doctor. The doctor transfer energy to the kid. Suyet Yee kneel and begged the doctor to cure the kid. The doctor asked Suyet Yee if the kid is a close relative of him. Suyet Yee said the kid is the general’s son. Suyet Yee told the doctor that the kid couldn’t bear seeing his father being beaten to death so he became mentally ill and mute.

The doctor’s daughter dips in food for the kid. The doctor said the girl was an orphan who lived with his grandfather. Her family owes money from a jerk and he sold her to a rich family to be a maid to repay her debt. The mute man saved the girl and got injured. The doctor saved the girl and brought her to his home. Suyet Yee leaves the general son for the doctor to take care. Suyet Yee held the kid’s hand and said he has an important task to accomplish but he will come back after finishing it. The general’s son chased Suyet Yee and tries to yell and he cries. The girl gave the boy a bowl of food and told him if he doesn’t eat he will die, if he dies then Suyet Yee won’t see him again. The boy eat the bowl of food.

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