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Crimson Sabre episode 5 recap

The sect leader puts the boy in the boiling cauldron. Suyet Yee watches Wan Yee playing with the chickens at his parent’s grave. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee she knows when she leaves tomorrow she may not see him again. She asked him what kind of food does he likes. He said he likes the sour and sweet fish that his mother always cooked. She’ll cook him some food he likes for farewell. The next morning, a stall owner gave his wife a fish. Wan Yee took out her pin and wanted to exchange for the fish. The stall owner’s wife assumes Wan Yee wants to buy the fish for her lover, she sold the fish to her. Wan Yee cooked the fish and asked Suyet Yee to taste it. Wan Yee thanked Suyet Yee to let him do something for him. Suyet Yee thanked Wan Yee for taking care of the house for him. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee the chicken is cute. She used to raise a duck and a chicken in the chicken but her uncles told her that they dirty the house. One time they accused the duck of getting in their way so they stepped on it. She cried and make him repay but they stepped on other ducks and chickens. Suyet Yee sighed that Wan Yee’s family doesn’t spare human’s life so does animal’s life. Wan Yee knows that some things can’t be fixed but she assures him that he won’t see her tomorrow.

The next morning, Wan Yee came back to search for Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee painted words on his parent’s grave and thought about his family got killed and Wan Yee spending time with him. Suyet Yee drinks wine and said he can’t be soft hearted and have to kill the Wan family. Why is Wan Yee is a Wan. Wan Yee held the umbrella for Suyet Yee during the rain. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee he never knew what is happiness. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee the more he kills others the more he will be hurt. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee that it is useless for her to sew her a sweater because it isn’t his sister and she won’t be alive. Wan Yee whined that the people who he killed are her family members. Suyet Yee said they deserved to die. Wan Yee asked if everyone deserved to die. Wan Yee said her uncle is kindhearted and have never harmed anyone. Is she also deserving to die. Suyet Yee told her if she doesn’t leave, he will also kill her. Wan Yee cried and said she will leave, she doesn’t want to see cold hearted person like him. Wan Yee made a vow she will never see Suyet Yee again, if she breaks it heaven will punish him. Wan Yee ran and tripped. Suyet Yee followed her and apologized. Suyet Yee told her that no one ever cares for him, besides his family she is the only one. When she left, he was scared of never seeing her again. Wan Yee hugged Suyet Yee and said she is also scared of never seeing him again. She knows she made a vow but if she could stay with him, she will let heaven punish him. Suyet Yee told her if heaven punish her, then let him take the punishment.

Suyet Yee hugged Wan Yee on the bed and gave her his pendant and promised he will never think of another girl. The next morning, Wan Yee cried that even if they never meet each other again, he will always be in her heart. Wan Yee sad in the teahouse looking at the jade. Hong Yeuk got angry and looked at Wan Yee’s pendant. Wan Yee pointed a sword at Wan Yee and said she had a kid with Suyet Yee and keep on tagging him and how did she got that pendant. Wan Yee told Hong Yeuk that Suyet Yee gave her the pendant. Hong Yeuk told Wan Yee that Suyet Yee won’t be with her and where’s he. Hong Yeuk laughed and said she will scratch her face with her sword. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee who is this woman. Suyet Yee said he followed her to humiliate her. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee if she kills her, then he won’t be hurt. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee he killed her family members if he wants to kill her then do it. Hong Yeuk was about to kill Wan Yee. Suyet Ye threw rocks at Hong Yeuk. Hon Yeuk told Suyet Yee he is heartless. He should be by Wan Yee’s side or else whenever she sees her she will kill her.

Wan Yee told Suyet Yee to tell about himself. Suyet Yee saked her if she wants to know why Hong Yeuk despite her. Suyet Yee said he has hurt Hong Yeuk. Wan Yee said he wanted to revenge and it was caused by her family. Suyet Yee leads Wan Yee to her house. Suyet Yee and Wan Yee visits Jian Nan. Wan Yee wishes the sun never set.

The priest fought with the doctor while he transfer energy to the boy. The doctor played chess with the priest.

Suyet Yee and Wan Yee sit by the lake. Wan Yee told Suyet Yee that happy days pass so fast.

Wan Yee drinks tea with Suyet Yee. She cried and said she knows he will kill her family. Wan Ye said some of her family members are innocent. Wan Yee asked Suyet Yee if her mother and sister deserved to die. Suyet Yee promised he will forgive the ladies. Wan Yee said not all of her male members re guilty. Wan Yee thanked Suyet Yee and fainted. The doctor congratulates Suyet Yee that Wan Yee is pregant. Suyet Yee laughed that god loves to play him. Wan Yee returned th pendant to Suyet Yee and left. Suyet Yee followed Wan Yee and told her that he won’t let her leave him. The pendant belongs to her. Ever since he gave her the pendant,he already consider her as his wife.

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