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Crimson Sabre episode 6 recap

Wan Yee let go and told Suyet Yee that they can’t be together. She doesn’t want one day he will kill her father. Suyet Yee promised Wan Yee that he will let go of the revenge for their child. Suyet Yee puts on the jacket for Wan Yee. In a hotel, Suyet Yee saw Wan Yee’s five masters. Wan Yee disguised into a man. The five masters saw Tibetan monks and other sect members at the teahouse. A magistrate came with his guards. Suyet Yee flew on the roof and eavesdrop on the bandits planning to steal the map of treasures from the Qing. Suyet Yee saw an assassin greets the priest to meet with the eunuch.

The five masters threw rocks at the magistrate and searched for the map of treasures. The eunuch gave the priest the map to give it to the majesty. Suyet Yee came and fought with the priest. The five masters watches Suyet Yee having a duel with the priest. Suyet Yee told the priest, his skill is weak. The priest left. The priest told the eunuch when he takes the saber from Suyet Yee he can steal the map of treasure and defeat him. Suyet Yee returned to the hotel saw Wan Yee’s pendant. Suyet Yee begged the five masters to let her go. Wan Yee said Suyet Yee won’t lie to her since she is pregnant. Wan Yee told the five masters she and Suyet Yee truly love each other while they do bad things. Wan Yee rather die. The master froze her and said she can die but she has to wait till Suyet Yee to die first.

Suyet Yee came in Wan Yee’s house and told the five masters to give him Wan Yee. Suyet Yee fought with the five masters and searched for Wan Yee. Wan Yee fainted. Wan Yee’s mother told Suyet Yee that Wan Yee got used to be loved. If she leaves with him, she will be in danger. The doctor checks up for Wan Yee and said she’s tired and need to sleep. Wan Yee leaned on Suyet Yee that he is so good to her. The five masters plan to steal the map of treasure from Suyet Yee.

The doctor received a letter to attend martial arts conference. The doctor told the priest to take care of the boy for him. The girl made a bet with the priest that if the boy wins the chess game, he will him the jade. The priest played chess with the boy and he was surprised the boy made that move. The girl took the boy to the mountain while the priest thinks of what next move he will make.

Hong Yeuk puts a pill in the priest’s mouth and he fainted. She grabbed the boy in the woods. The boy bits her arm and ran. He slapped the boy. Hong Yeuk grabbed the boy’s neck and told the boy she will see if Suyet Yee cares for Wan Yee or him more. He said she is evil. The boy said even if she found Suyet Yee, he will kill her to revenge for him. The evil priest touched Hong Yeuk and greets her. If she can beat her in three moves, he will tell her what has happened.Hong Yeuk lost The priest generates energy. The evil priest smelled Hong Yeuk and about to rape her. The priest came and asked the evil priest why he came here for. The evil priest told the priest to give him the sword. The priest fought with the evil priest. Hong Yeuk was about to grab the boy. The boy slapped her and ran.

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