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Crimson Sabre episode 7 recap

The majesty’s priest stole the sword while the priest lookout for the guy. He pointed a sword at the priest but it strikes back thanks to the protective jacket. The boy talked to the doctor and the priest. The priest told the doctor that the boy not only knows how to play chess but also solve the martial arts. The priest told the boy to bow to the doctor to be his master. The doctor asked the priest for a gift. The priest gave the boy his protective jacket. The boy wonders where is Suyet Yee.

Suyet Yee visits Wan Yee and chat about their baby. A girl played on the swing and about to fall, Suyet Yee flew and they watched the grass on the other side of the wall. The girl told Wan Yee that Suyet Yee knows how to cheer her up that’s why she loves him so much. She asked her if she can come with her when she gives birth to the baby. Wan Yee fainted and gave birth to a girl. Wan Yee’s father told Suyet Yee to wait a few more months before they leave. The five masters said they plan to retire from the martial arts world and announce it at the conference a few months later. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee that they will leave a few months later. He promises they will live a peaceful life.

Some martial artists laughed and wondered why Wan Yee gave birth with her family’s enemy. The five martial artists made an announcement their retirement. The majesty’s priest came and ordered Suyet Yee to give out his map of treasure. Suyet Yee told the majesty’s priest, he thought of leaving the martial arts world but since he came, he will teach him a lesson. The majesty’s priest told Suyet Yee he relies on Wan family and is not a hero and he bids farewell. Hong Yeuk’s hair fall down. The priest laughed at Hong Yeuk came to congratulates Suet Yee. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk he only loves Wan Yee. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee to kill her or she won’t live him living happily. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk he won’t kill her and she can leave. Hong Yeuk laughed that if he doesn’t kill her he will regret.

Wan Yee brought wine she bought from the market to him. Wan Yee’s mother told Wan Yee to take care. Suyet Yee promised Wan Yee he will take her home once a yaer to visit her family. Suyet Yee drinks the soup and got a headache. He accuses Wan Yee of poisoning him. Suyet Yee told Wan Yee that her mother won’t but her father and uncle will. Suyet Yee said he got affected by sleeping powder.

The five masters surrounded Suyet Yee and ordered him to give out the map of treasure. Wan Yee’s brother locked Wan Yee in the room. Suyet Yee fought with the five masters. Wan Yee begged her brother to help Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee got injured. The five masters broke Suyet Yee’s organs and locked him in the dungeon. Suyet Yee said he is the map of treasure. Suyet yee said he burnt it. The master said even if Suyet Yee drew it, they wouldn’t know if it’s real or not. Wan Yee’s brother drinks and took a nap. Hong Yeuk dresses in black and stood in front of Wan Yee’s room. Wan Yee is willing of not seeing Suyet Yee again if Hong Yeuk saves him. Hong Yeuk stood on the top of the dungeon. The master told Suyet Yee if he tells him where’s the map, he will release Wan Yee. Suyet Yee promises them. Some sects from seven states and demanded the five masters to hand out Suyet Yee.

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