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Crimson Sabre episode 8 recap

Suyet Yee thought Wan Yee came. Hong Yeuk tries to chop the lock. Suyet Yee told her that only the saber can chop it. The sects told the master he wanted Suyet Yee to marry Wan Yee just for the map of treasure. The sect leader told the master to hand out Suyet Yee. The master said Suyet Yee already escaped. Wan Yee ran and told them that Suyet Yee has bee poisoned by the master and got locked up. Wan Yee’s brother said Wan Yee was about to hang herself up and he came in to save her but she ran. The sect leader called the master sly. The master told Wan Yee’s father to lock Wan Yee in her room. The girl in her room watches Wan Yee biting her father’s hand and ran. She fell down the well. The masters said Wan Yee deserve to die. They poured sand down the well. Hong Yeuk threw knives and sneaked in the room and stole the saber. Hong Yeuk fought with the five masters and left. Hong Yeuk chopped the lock and asked Suyet Yee why isn’t he leaving. Suyet Yee said the masters have broke his organs and removed his martial arts. Hong Yeuk threw the poisonous powder at the masters and flew with Suyet Yang. The sects bids farewell to the five masters.

Wan Yee’s mother held the baby and wondered where’s Wan Yee. The master told Wan Yee’s mother that Hong Yeuk rescued Suyet Yee and also kidnapped Wan Yee. The master said he will raise Wan Yee’s daughter and teach her martial arts to revenge for her mother. The masters look for marks. Hong Yeuk returned the swords for Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee that Wan Yee promised her if she saved him, she won’t follow him. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee why didn’t he thanked her and what is so good about that bitch. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee if he remembers his vow. Suyet Yee said this is his punishment but he loves Wan Yee and never betrayed her. Suyet Yee said it is not a bad thing if he dies. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee she won’t let him die, she will make him stay by her. Suyet Yee left and said it doesn’t matter where he goes and she should kill him. Hong Yeuk pushed him. The five masters flew in the house and thanked Hong Yeuk for bringing Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee fought with the five masters and threw the powder and left.

The five masters carried Suyet Yee on the chair and asked him to show where’s the map of treasure. Wan Yee’s brother piggyback Suyet Yee to the mountain. Hong Yeuk passed by. Suyet Yee pretends to have a stomach ache. Hong Yeuk puts in some pills in Suyet Yee’s mouth. The five master’s fell asleep and said ther’s poison in the powder. Hong Yeuk fought with the five masters and left. The five masters generates energy. Suyet Yee took the two sabers and hid. Wan Yee’s brother thought in his mind that he can follow Suyet Yee and have the treasures for himself.

Wan Yee’s brother followed Suyet Yee and hopes that the five master die. Suyet Yee visited the boy. Suyet Yee told the boy to practice martial arts then he can revenge for his father. Wan Yee’s brother tripped and hid behidn the rock. Suyet Yee told him he wil share the treasure. He will get 1 out of 10 shares. He just want to live a peaceful life. Wan Yee’s brother piggyback Suyet Yee. Wan Yee’s brother arrived at the cave. Suyet yee told Wan Yee’s brother to bring food since it will take time for him to burn the ground. Wan Yee’s brother dig the ground. Suyet Yee reads the manuel. Wan Yee’s brother picked it up and laughed. Wan Yee’s brother fainted. Suyet Yee said he has put poison in the manuel. Suyet Yee bury the manuel.

Some sect members surrounded Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee leads them to the treasure and fainted. Hong Yeuk told them that they are affected by poison. She fought with them. Hong Yeuk told him since he crippled, he must marry her so she can take care of him. Suyet Yee told Hong Yeuk that Wan Yee is the one he loves the most. He wont’ marry her. If he wants to marry him, then kill him. Hong Yeuk pointed a sword at Suyet Yee.

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