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Crimson Sabre episode 9 recap

Hong Yeuk whined to Suyet Yee she betrayed her sect to be with him but he broke his vow. Suyet Yee said he would be willing to die for Wan Yee. Suyet Yee asked what is so happy about life and scary about death. She doesn’t need to worry about him. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee what is so great about Wan Yee. Suyet Yee said Wan Yee isn’t evil like her but she’s better than her at everything. Wan Yee chopped Suyet Yee’s legs and said she will see how can see Wan Yee again. Suyet Yee said even if he crawls, he will see Wan Yee. Suyet Yee said though they are near each other, they are far from each other. Though he and Wan Yee are far each other, they are near each other. Hong Yeuk said let her kill him so she can see how he and Wan Yee understand each other.

The boy sighed that Suyet Yee haven’t visited him in half a year. The girl gave the boy a bowl of food. The boy ran to see Suyet Yee. The doctor told the boy to practice martial arts. The priest played chess with the doctor. The boy pointed a move to the doctor. The boy played chess with the priest and practice martial arts. The boy Sing Chi grows up and beats the priest. Siu Wai set up the chess piece. Sing Chi played chess with the priest. The priest whined Sing Chi always pretend to lose to him. The priest said Sing Chi is smart and he already teach all that he knows. The priest said he has to get the saber back from the majesty’s priest. Sing Chi and Siu Wai eats with the the doctor and the priest before bidding farewell to the priest. The priest told the doctor he hasn’t teach him his martial arts. The doctor said his martial arts is hard. Siu Wai’s grandpa told the doctor to teach Sing Chi his martial arts since he sees potential.

The doctor teaches Sing Chi his martial arts. Siu Wai is impressed with Sing Chi’s power. Siu Wai teases the doctor that if Sing Chi is lazy to practice martial arts, she won’t give him rice anymore. Siu Wai got upset and told Sig Chi she worries once he leaves the mountain, he won’t see her again. Sig Chi and Siu Wai looked at the mountain. Siu Wai told Sing Chi that he used to cry after Suyet Yee left. Sing Chi said he remembered she uses to bring rice to him. Sing Chi told Siu Wai he’s going to find a good husband for her. But if she can’t find one, he can take care of her. Siu Wai said she’s more worried about him. He may married a bitch like Hong Yeuk. Sing Chi wonders if Hong Yeuk kidnapped Suyet Yee. Siu Wai wonders if Hong Yeuk kidnapped Suyet Yee since she knows how to use poison. Sing Chi bids farewell to Siu Wai and told her to dress well so she can find a husband.

Suyet Yee found a skull dropping down. Sing Chi wonders if they have fought with each other to death or got pushed down the rock. Sing Chi read some welcome letters on the wall. He pulled up the saber. He wonders if the dead skeleton is Suyet Yee. He digs the hole and found the manuel. Sing Chi believes someone forced Suyet Yee to show them the treasures so he set up this trap. Sing Ch bows and said he will never forget Suyet Yee’s deed. Sing Chi reads the manuel.

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