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Crimson Sabre episode 23 recap

Sing Chi dressed up as a tiger and scared Siu Wai. Siu Wai hit him. The mute grandpa cooked for Sing Chi. Siu Wai’s grandpa let Siu Wai go with Sing Chi. Suyet Yee has a dream of seeing Wan Yee. Suyet Yee told Wan Sin to leave if she doesn’t want to stay here. Wan Sin said she wants to stay with him. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee she doesn’t need him to fly with her or protect her, she just wants to take care of him. Suyet Yee told Wan Sin to leave. Suyet Yee said anyone who stays with him won’t have good fate. Don’t blame him if she regrets.

The monk and the sect member gave an analogy to Ah Kau that a good teapot has to have many cups and a good man has to have many wives. The monk told Ah Kau that Sing Chi brought a cute girl which is his childhood friend. Siu Wai looked at Ah Kau and said she is nice and pretty so she is fine now for Sing Chi. Siu Wai told Ah Kau to call her sister. Sing Chi told Ah Kau that Siu Wai used to dip rice for him. He wants to find a good husband for her. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he has other wishes after he accomplish this. Sing Chi said Ching Ching is just like her father, they are both stubborn. But he promises to resolve their conflicts. Ah Kau told Sing Chi she will persuade Ching Ching when she sees her. Sing Chi touched Ah Kau’s hands and about to kiss her.

At the restaurant, Ching Ching teased the female disciple since her matial arts is weak she shouldn’t come to the martial arts conference or Sing Chi will have to save her. The female disciple teased Ching Ching that she got rejected by Sing Chi so now she’s mad at her. If Sing Chi sees her eating alone, he may care for her. Ching Ching fought with the female disciple. Sing Chi came. The female disciple teased Ching Ching of being the third girl since Sing Chi have two other girls. Ching Ching is about to slap and she got mad and left. Ching Ching prayed in the temple she misses her mom and wants to die. Her father bullied her and her disciple bullied her. Ching Ching told Sing Chi he has two girls and have never cared for her. Sing Chi told Ching Ching to go with him.

Ching Ching uses her handkerchief to wipeSing Chi’s face. Ah Kau tripped. Sing Chi uses Ching Ching’s handkerchief to wipe Ah Kau’s face. Ching Ching got mad. The female disciple told Ching Ching that even if she follows Sing Chi, it is a waste of time. He is closer to Ah Kau and Siu Wai.Ching Ching grabbed the female disciple’s water and said she must respect her. Ching Ching sleeps in the same room with Siu Wai. Ching Ching asked Siu Wai about Ah Kau. Siu Wai said Sing Chi and Ah Kau makes a good couple and he is lucky.

Some guards kidnapped Ah Kau. Sing Chi fought with the guards. The eunuch greets Ah Kau as the princess Chang Ping. The eunuch said he wants to use her as a pawn to catch Sing Chi. Ah Kau ordered the eunuch to release her. The eunuch said he is on a mission under the majesty. Sing Chi fought with the guards and held Ah Kau’s hands in the dungeon. Sing Chi fought with the guards and jumped with Ah Kau and fainted in the temple. The post sect leader was about to kill sing Chi with his dagger but Ah Kau stopped him. The monk and the sect member, Ah Kau’s maid, and the post sect leader transfer energy to Sing Chi. The priest told the prince that Sing Chi survived because of his protective jacket. The prince held his bracelet and said when his friendship with Sing Chi ends is when it is his time to die.

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Crimson Sabre episode 22 recap

Ah Kau told Sing Chi to wish Ching Ching well on her behalf. Ah Kau said Ching Ching is pityful, she is an orphan and now she wants to kill her father to revenge for her mother. She hopes Suyet Yee can find Wan Yee so he and Ching Ching will reunite. Ah Kau wants to return to her hometown. Sing Chi told Ah Kau to hang out in JiangNan. Sing Chi received a letter from the general thanking him for the treasure.

Suyet Yee sails on the sea and thought of Wan Yee. Ah Kau looked at the beautiful view. Sing Chi is worried about he can’t find Wan Yee. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he will take care of Ching Ching forever. Sing Chi said he only sees Ching Ching as his sister. Ching Ching looked at the butterfly and tripped. Sing Chi held Ah Kau’s hands and said she is kindhearted and she is the one he is supposed to take care forever. Sing Chi caught a butterfly for Ah Kau. the Priest hugged Ah Kau. The priest told Sing Chi to drop the Saber to have a duel with him. Sing Chi dropped the saber in the sea. Ah Kau’s maid picked up the saber and flew out of the sea. Sing Chi uses the saber and have a duel with the priest. Suyet Yee received a letter to see Wan Yee. Ah Kau and her maid fought with the priest. The priest left.

Suyet Yee went in the woods and saw Wan Sin. The five grandpas threw powder and took Wan Sin. Ching Ching told the five grandpas that Suyet Yee accused them of breaking his organs. The five grandpas blamed it on Hong Yeuk. The five grandpas said Wan Sin and Sing Chi are naive listening to Suyet Yee. The five grandpas asked Suyet Yee where’s the map of treasure. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching that the five grandpas used her to get the map of treasure. Ching Ching asked Suyet Yee where’s her mother. Suyet Yee told the five grandpas if they releases Wan Yee, he will give them the map of treasure and they can take his life.

Wan Sin brought Sing Chi and his friends to the dungeon. Ching Ching said she wants to kill Suyet Yee. Wan Sin told Ching Ching the five grandpas bury her but luckily Sing Chi came. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee that Wan Yee is dead. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching to kill him since he harmed her mother. Ching Ching uses her sword to kill Suyet Yee. Sing Chi grabbed Suyet Yee and fought with the five grandpas.

Wan Sin told Suyet Yee she saw the five grandpas throwing Wan Yee in the well and told her mother that he kidnapped Wan Yee. She waited sixteen years to tell him. Suyet Yee fainted. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee if Ching Ching kills him then she will be an unfilial daughter. Ah Kau said if Ching Ching knows she blamed her father, she will regret. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee to reunite with Ching Ching for Wan Yee. Ching Ching told the five grandpas she got an idea of being with Suyet Yee and ask him about the map of treasure. Sing Chi brought Suyet Yee to the cave. Suyet Yee looked at the tombstone and liked it. Suyet Yee said he set up a trap for the five grandpas. Sing Chi said which is why he got the saber. Suyet Yee touched the tombstone and hopes Hong Yeuk won’t come.

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A message from me!

Hey guys! It’s Jac here!

So this is my drama blog where I do drama recaps. I’ve been watching asian dramas and wuxia series since I was eight. My parents love asian dramas and so do I. I kinda used my knowledge of what I learned from my parents about wuxia series to do drama recaps. And I’m glad that I still have and chat with many awesome drama blogger friends, tvb friends mostly.

I’ve cleaned up my twitter followers. Asian twitter was too much for me to handle especially when there are some beefs between other asians. I cleaned up my followers to feel better and I don’t enjoy always reading negative things especially about calling out other asian women. Maybe asian activism isn’t for me.

Twitter is where I updates about movies and dramas I like and interact with likedminded fellow drama bloggers and friends. I rather focus on updating about movies and dramas I like and livetweet on twitter.

I’m going through a lot in real life and this drama blog is where I relax and escape from it. I don’t need negativity on social media.

I watched new tvb series Apple Colada and liked it and felt it was relaxing but I miss watching wuxia series. So I found Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999 and Crimson Sabre 2000 and wondered which one I should recap but I chose to recap Crimson Sabre since it has historical context combining with wuxia elements. Plus it is the prequel of Duke of Mt.Deer. What I find similar between Duke of Mt.Deer and Crimson Sabre is princess Chang Ping and the plot of figuring out the map and searching for the treasure.

There is a few wuxia series blog I follow these days and they do drama recaps mostly cdramas and update news.

A Virtual Voyage

Drama Panda

Alright, I’ll continue to do my drama recaps. See you later!

❤ Jac!

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Crimson Sabre episode 21 recap

Tit Sau and her sect thanked Sing Chi for saving them and resolving the duel between the sects. The sect member listed the crimes Hong Yeuk did. Hong Yeuk requested to see Suyet Yee before she dies. Suyet Yee came. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee she can feel relieved when she dies since he can walk. Suyet Yee asked Hong Yeuk about her last request. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee to kill Wan Yee for her. Sing Chi told Hong Yeuk she got affected by love and turned into hate and has lived with hate and even harmed the people around her. She should regret. Hong Yeuk said Suyet Yee has stayed with her for sixteen years and he is still with her when she dies, it is better than being with Wan Yee. Suyet Yee told Tit Sau that Hong Yeuk committed crimes because of her, he is willing to take the punishment for her. Suyet Yee said he only loves Wan Yee but wanted to take the punishment for Hong Yeuk. Hong Yeuk whined that Suyet Yee only loves Wan Yee. She wants to take the punishment by herself. She told Suyet Yee she wants him to owe her forever. Sing Chi pleads Tit Sau to punish Suyet Yee lightly. Tit Sau forbids Hong Yeuk to step in the sect. Hong Yeuk laughed and told Suyet Yee as long they aren’t dead then their feud won’t be resolved and she laughed.

Sing Chi told Ah Kau he will see if Wan Yee is dead or not. Ah Kau told Sing Chi she wonder when they are going to meet again. Sing Chi told Ah Kau to go with him. Tit Sau played the harp and sighed she used to want to learn to play for Ching Ching. Tit Sau said she used to not understand why Hong Yeuk would ruin her life for love but there are some things she can’t control. Ah Kau said Hong Yeuk loves Suyet Yee without regret. Sing Chi and Ah Kau told Tit Sau to work hard to take care of her sect. Tit Sau bowed and want Sing Chi to be her master. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that he can changes the rule for the sect. Tit Sau told Sing Chi he can have the saber as a gift.

The sects want to have a party for Sing Chi. Tit Sau teased that Ah Kau helped persuaded Sing Chi to accept her as his discple so she will be her master too. Sing Chi made a suggestion of giving the treasure to the government. The seven sect leaders nominated Sing Chi of being their leader. Sing Chi bids farewell to Tit Sau. Suyet Yee looked at the river which he used to watch with Wan Yee and she gave birth to Ching Ching. Sing Chi went to a restaurant, the sects thanked him for treating them. Sing Chi asked the restaurant owner who has treated them. Sing Chi doubt it is his friend the businessman.

Sing Chi meet up with the prince who he thinks is the businessman. He ate with him and said he plans to help the government. The prince suggests Sing Chi to replace the government. Sing Chi helps the government to go against the Manchu. The prince gave Sing Chi his opinion that the current majesty of Qing is a good one and it isn’t a bad thing to let him conquer. Sing Chi worries the people will suffer more.

The prince looked at the map and can’t figure out the poem. The prince drew the map again. The prince gave the priest the map to give it to the majesty. The prince told the priest to get rid of Sing Chi since he isn’t willing to work for the Qing. The priest assure and swears he will kill Suyet Yee and get the saber.

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Crimson Sabre episode 20 recap

Tit Sau’s sect fought with the sect. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi to leave. Sing Chi saw water dripping down the rock and uses his power to push the rock. Suyet Yee reminds Sing Chi that the more he’s hot temper, the more it affects his energy. Sing Chi uses his power to break the rock. Tit Sau fought with the sect. Sing Chi pushed back Tit Sau and the sect. Sing Chi brought Suyet Yee. The sect member told Ah Kau that the sect thinks Sing Chi is a spy. Sing Chi told the sect that Suyet Yee fell in the five masters’ trap and got his organs broken and he got his legs chopped by Hong Yeuk. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi to kill the sects. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee to let the sect check his body. The sect leader checks Suyet Yee’s pulse and said his organs are broken and couldn’t stand up or kill other people. The sect accused Sing Chi of killing other people with his sword. Sing Chi uses a sword and made a saber mark on a dead body and said as long as the person doesn’t fight back then it is easy to fake the mark. As long as that person is close to them and they don’t suspect then it is easy for them to do it. Sing Chi said that person wants Tit Sau’s sect fight with the other sect. Ching Ching came and pointed out the sect member wanted to kill her. And he wanted to be the sect leader. The post sect leader killed the sect member. Sing Chi uses forces to suppress the sect member’s energy.

Sing Chi chats with Ah Kau. Ah Kau told Sing Chi he can be glad that they now find out that Suyet Yee didn’t kill those sect and reunited with Ching Ching. Sing Chi went in the room and didn’t see Ching Ching and Suyet Yee.

Suyet Yee told Ching Ching that the person he loves the most is Wan Yee and wouldn’t let anyone touch her. Ching Ching pointed the sword at Suyet Yee and accused him of raping her mother and tortured her to death. Hong Yeuk laughed and said Suyet Yee is a playboy and have tricked many innocent girls. Hong Yeuk said Ching Ching is the daughter of that mistress and him. Ching Ching pointed a sword at Hong Yeuk and told her not to insult her mother. Hong Yeuk said Suyet Yee has raped her. Ching Ching pointed a sword at Suyet Yee and said she will revenge for her mother and the innocent girls. Sing Chi came. Ching Ching took her hat off then her hair fell down. She told Suyet Yee she is Wan Yee’s daughter Wan Ching Ching and isn’t related to him. One day he will die under her sword. Tit Sau looked at Ching Ching and was surprised she is a girl and asked her why did she trick her. Ching Ching said there’s lots of stuff she can’t explain but she wants to know why there’s always someone who prevent her to kill Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk laughed that this is so intriguing. There’s a daughter who wants to kill her father and a sect leader who broke the rule and fell in love. The sect member took Hong Yeuk away. Ching Ching told Sing Chi she can protect Suyet Yee now but not tomorrow. Tit Sau spit up blood.

Ching Ching packed up her stuff. Ching Ching told Sing Chi she never said she is a male but Tit Sau should blame herself for not having an eye. Ching Ching said she won’t aplogize, Tit Sau can’t be a sect leader when she can’t even tell she’s a male or female. Just teach her a lesson. Tit Sau asked Ching Ching why is she leaving so fast. Don’t worry since she is in her territory she will protect her but from now on don’t let her see her again. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that Tit Sau doesn’t want to see her, she can leave. Tit Sau bowed in front of her ancestors feeling ashamed and wanted to kill herself with a knife. Sing Chi stopped her.

Tit Sau sighed that the previous sect leader worked hard to have the name for the sect but she ruined the sect by falling in love. Sing Chi told Tit Sau if she dies then the sect will be gone. She should have confident and run the sect to make up for her mistake.

Sing Chi helped Suyet Yee up. Sing Chi told him that Ching Ching said her five grandpas told her that he raped her mother and gave birth to her. Sing Chi said Wan Sin told him that Wan Yee got murdered by the five grandpas.

Ah Kau played the flute by the mountain. Sing Chi sighed that Suyet Yee used to be so brave and wander around the world. Now he’s crippled and must feel miserable. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he can uses martial arts to heal Suyet Yee. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee to give it a try. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee that he can heal his legs but he can only walk but can’t use martial arts. Suyet Yee said it is good enough. Sing Chi is not sure but Suyet Yee told him to give it a try. Sing Chi uses his martial arts to heal Suyet Yee’s legs.

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Crimson Sabre episode 19 recap

The sect member checked the chest and didn’t see anything. The sect member wants to go with Ching Ching to see Tit Sau. Sing Chi carries Ah Kau in the woods. Sing Chi uses the frog to suck out the poison from Ah Kau. Hong Yeuk told Tit Sau that Ching Ching has betrayed her. Tit Sau told Hong Yeuk she sent Ching Ching to bring the chest. Last night she drank with Ching Ching and said the fabrics in JiangNan are so pretty so she gave Ching Ching the badge. Hong Yeuk laughed that Tit Sau has been affected by love. Hong Yeuk said Tit Sau has broken the rules and still is a sect leader. Hong Yeuk wants to have a conference with the sect.

Ching Ching thanked Tit Sau. She told her that Sing Chi uses all his energy to save Ah Kau. Ching Ching said Ah Kau wanted to find Suyet Yee but got poisoned by Hong Yeuk.Tit Sau said Hong Yeuk got mad that she couldn’t be the sect leader. She doesn’t want to be the leader post in the confrence tomorrow. After knowing Ching Ching, Tit Sau finds there are other more important things than being the sect leader. If she could travel with Ching Ching then it will be great. Tit Sau touched Ching Ching’s arm and said besides quitting the sect leader post, she is also willing to die for her.

The post sect leader came to check up on Ah Kau. The post sect leader let Sing Chi takes care of Ah Kau. The post sect leader told Tit Sau’s sect member he sent him to send a letter to Hong Yeuk but Hong Yeuk used it and harmed Ah Kau. The post sect leader told the sect member to cause conflict between Tit Sau and Hong Yeuk so they can fight each other. The post sect leader told the sect member he can be the leader of the sect and he will tell the majesty about him. At the conference, Hong Yeuk criticized Tit Sau of always protecting and hanging out with Ching Ching.

Tit Sau said she is tired of being the sect leader and can leave now. Tit Sau said she will wait till the sects come and will decide who will be the new sect leader. Hong Yeuk wanted to kill Ching Ching. The sect members fought with Hong Yeuk. Sing Chi transfers energy to Ah Kau. The sect leaders went to Tit Sau’s sect. The sect member took Ching Ching out in the woods and about to kill her. She threw a pin at him and left.

Sing Chi fought with Tit Sau’s sect member and fell in a hole. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi he has good fate since he didn’t die as he fell down. Suyet Yee asked Sing Chi where did he get the saber. Sing Chi came closely to Suyet Yee and wondered if he’s Suyet yee. The sects came. Tit Sau fought with the sect. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee about his father and how he saved him. Sing Chi demonstrated the martial arts he taught him. Suyet Yee said Hong Yeuk took the punishment and stayed in the forbidden place with him and feed him. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee that he’s been staying in this cave for sixteen years.