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Crimson Sabre episode 12 recap

Sing Chi asked the masters why are they so greedy. Sing Chi threw the knives on the floor and flew and took his shirt back from Ching Ching. Ching Ching held her shirt and thought of Sing Chi in her room. Sing Chi gave the prince the chest of gold back. The prince gave the chest of gold to Sing Chi. The prince leads Sing Chi to the general. Tsi Sing chat with Wong Tsan and the doctor and Sing Chi. Sing Chi gave the general Tsi Sing the chest of gold.

Tsi Sing came to the tribe. A captain argued with another captain whether to behead a soldier. Tsi Sing stabbed himself for the soldier for encouraged soldiers stealing the food. Tsi Sing told the soldier if he do it again he will behead him. The soldiers rooted for Tsi Sing. Tsi Sing sighed to the prince and Sing Chi that Sung Tsing Emperor uses bad guys and Ming will eventually will fall. Sing Chi told the general that the Qing killed his father so they must beware. The prince goes hunting with Sing Chi. Sing Chi threw an arrow at the deer. The prince asked Sing Chi if he wants to work for the government. Sing Chi doesn’t have the motivation. The prince wants to be buddies with Sing Chi. They put three arrows on the grass and bow in front of it. The prince told his guards that his can use Sing Chi to gather news of Ming or he can kill him.

Sing Chi fought with the other disciple and greets him. The doctor told Sing Chi it is good he practiced the martial arts of Suyet Yee. Sing Chi gave the doctor a map of treasure. Wong Tsan wonders if the map of treasure is related to the rumor of the previous emperor hiding the treasure from the palace in a secret place. Sing Chi is on quest to find the treasure. Sing Chi stayed in a hotel. Someone puts poison on the dish why the servant picked up his stuff. Sing Chi chocked and laid on the bed. Ching Ching touched Sing Chi. Sing Chi grabbed Ching Ching’s hand. Ching Ching told Suyet Yee to give back the map of treasure since it belongs to her father. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to give her ten thousand golds then she will leave. She will follow him until he finds the treasure.

The next morning, Sing Chi told a villager to tell Ching Ching to stop following her since he won’t marry her and he doesn’t have gold. Ching Ching ordered the same food as Sing Chi in the restaurant. Ching Ching drinks and choked. The servant told Ching Ching to compete in other places. The wine doesn’t suit her. Ching Ching yelled at the servant that the food is sour and smells. A monk fought with a sect member. Ching Ching teased them of being scared of each other. They fought with each other. She and Sing Chi will be the judge. Sing Chi punched both of them. The monk and the sect member drinks with Sing Chi. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that Sing Chi is Suyet Yee’s disciple. The monk and the sect member bowed in front of Sing Chi since Suyet Yee used to save them. The sect member gave Sing Chi his golden frog. The sect member and the monk chased Ching Ching for encouraging them to fight. Ching Ching threw an object with them and whined that Sing Chi wouldn’t help her. Sing Chi told Ching Ching he doesn’t know her why would he help her. Ching Ching told them they can’t harm her because she is Suye Yee’s daughter. Sing Chi told Ching she didn’t accept her father and now do.

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