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Crimson Sabre episode 13 recap

Ching Ching asked Sing Chi why didn’t she save her? Does he want her to die then get the treasure. Ching Chig kicked some poor people’s bowl and said they blocked Sing Chi’s way. The poor people left. A sect came and asked Sing Chi where’s Suyet Yee. They have to revenge for their member where Suyet Yee has killed. Ching Ching said they can revenge on Suyet Yee. Sing Chi talked to the sect in the house and said Suyet Yee is dead. The sect leader told Sing Chi that he has to revenge on him since Suyet Yee is dead. Sing Chi told the sect leader to punch him in ten moves and if he fails then he must forget the conflicts. Sing Chi won. The sect leader angrily left.

Sing Chi and Ching Ching and the sect member and the monk went to a house during the night. Sing Chi looked around and found his friends disappear. Sing Chi went in the room and saw a body covered with a white fabric. Ah Kau appears with a funeral clothing. Ah Kau pointed at the body and asked Sing Chi if he knows who is that person, it is her father. Ah Kau pointed a stick at Sing Chi and said she must revenge for her father. The sect told Sing Chi that he killed the sect leader. Ching Ching told Ah Kau that the murderer could be them. The sect member revealed the injury is caused by the saber. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi how did he convinced her father to let go of the conflict. Ah Kau fought with Sing Chi and pointed a sword toward her belly. Sing Chi pushed the sword. Ah Kau cried in front of her father that she can’t kill Sing Chi and rather die. Sing Chi told the sect to give him one year to find the murderer. Sing Chi fought with the sect. The sect members cheered to revenge for the sect leader and fought with Sing Chi. Ah Kau told the sect to released Sing Chi’s friend.

Sing Chi and his friends went to drink tea and eat. Ching Ching teased Sing Chi that she finds Ah Kau pretty and don’t have the nerve to kill her. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to be careful that Ah Kau puts poison in his bun. Ching Ching laid in bed and asked Sing Chi how did he convinced the sect leader to change his mind. Sing Chi told Ching Ching and his friends but rather not tell out to keep the name for the sect leader. Sing Chi can’t figure who framed him. Ah Kau cried and did a funeral for her father. Ah Kau cried and said though she didn’t spend enough time with her father in her hometown, she knows her father loves her a lot. Every year, her father spends a few months with her and taught her martial arts and don’t want her to focus on martial arts. And she is proud to have her as a daughter. But she can’t believe she can’t see her father one last time. The sect member told Ah Kau he found Sing Chi in a hotel. Ah Kau told the sect member before she kills Sing Chi, she won’t die easily.

Ching Ching blew in poison and sneaked in Sing Chi’s room and about to use a knife on him. Sing Chi froze her. Ching Ching told Sing Chi he wanted him to watch out for Ah Kau. Sing chi accused Ching Ching of wanting to steal his map of treasure. Ching Ching got angry and left. Ah Kau put some poison in the wine and fought with Sing Chi. A sect member attacked Sing Chi from the back and he punched him and got injured. Ah Kau told the sect member to leave. Ah Kau tries to kill herself with the sword. Sing Chi pushed the sword. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau if she dies, who will revenge for her father. Sing Chi told Ah Kau to practice martial arts to revenge for her father. Ah Kau took back her sword and said one day she will kill him. Ching Ching teases Sing Chi for letting Ah Kau leave. Sing Chi threw up poison.

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