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Crimson Sabre episode 14 recap

Sing Chi’s friends uses the frog to heal him. Sing Chi understands that perhaps Ah Kau did it to revenge for her father. Ching Ching criticized Sing Chi for falling for Ah Kau and he told her to be careful. Sing Chi searched for the saber and told Ching Ching to return it. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that he still owes her ten thousand taels and the saber cost four thousand taels and the saber belongs to her father. She doesn’t need to waste time to steal it.

Ah Kau and the sect member found a needle on the sect member’s body. At the restaurant, Sing Chi heard rumors about him murdering a sect leader. Ching Ching bought three dolls while hanging out in the city.

A sect leader surrounded Sing Chi and accused him of killing his sect members. The sect fought with Sing Chi and his friends. Tit Sau flew and told Sing Chi if he doesn’t have the gut to kill then she will help him do it. She threw poisonous needles. The sect leader accused Sing Chi of collaborating with Tit Sau and her sect and left.

Tit Sau asked Sing Chi to hand out his sword and manuel. Ching Ching complimented Tit Sau. Ching Ching said she would not only give her the treasure but would also risk her life for her. Sing Chi told Tit Sau he wants to investigate the case before giving her the saber. Ching Ching touched Tit Sau’s hand and said if Sing Chi refuses to return it to her, she can give it to her. Tit Sau threw a bomb and held Ching Ching and left.

Tit Sau blew off the candle and fought with Sing Chi. Tit Sau went in the room and wanted to use Ching Ching to defend her.The sect member froze Tit Sau. Tit Sau told Sing Chi that Ching Ching been affected by poison. If he hands out the sword and manuel, she will give him the antidote. Ching Ching thanked Tit Sau for thinking about her. Ching Ching said the frog sucked out the poison for her. Ching Ching teased Tit Sau she is pretty and wouldn’t dare to kill her. She suggests her to be her ninth wife. Tit Sau said she wished but she is busy and she suggests her to visit her sect. Tit Sau said if she leaves then Ching Ching will be in danger. The other sect won’t forgive him unless he collaborate with her sect. Sing Chi told Tit Sau she doesn’t need to worry about him.

In the restaurant, Sing Chi and his friends heard from the sect they are going to get rid of him in the organization tomorrow. Sing Chi suspect there’s a mole in the sect.

Sing Chi and his friends disguised as sect members to sneak in the organization. They need the password. The monk and the sect member yelled at other sect members and accused them of being moles and asked them to tell them the password. Ching Ching stared at Ah Kau and teases Sing Chi that the girl in his dream has arrived. She teased Ah Kau she looks familiar. She teased her of being beautiful. Ah Kau’s sect member yelled at them of being in the other sect. The sect cheered to revenge Sing Chi. Ah Kau made a speech thanking sects but her martial art skills is weak so she couldn’t revenge for her father. Ching Ching said Ah Kau cried before she even talk which made others sympathize for her. A sect member teaches Ah Kau how to immobilize others. The sect member discuss that sing Chi collaborate with Tit Sau’s sect and Suyet Yee has passed away. The sect cheered to go to Tit Sau’s Sect to kill the demon.

Ching Ching can’t wait to see the sects fight with Tit Tau’s sect. The sect member doubt it’s either Suyet Yee and Sing Chi who kill the victims with the saber.The monk and the sect member asked Ching Ching how can she be sure that the body that Sing Chi burry is Suyet Yee.

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