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Crimson Sabre episode 18 recap

Sing Chi avoided taking ten moves and fought back with the sects and took one weapon from a sect leader and won. Sing Chi told the sect leaders he will take one month to investigate the case. Tit Sau showed the rice to Hong Yeuk and said she suspects Suyet Yee is locked in the forbidden place. Hong Yeuk said she can tell what happened. Hong Yeuk fought with Ching Ching. Tit Sau fought Hong Yeuk back. Hong Yeuk said Tit Sau doesn’t deserve to be the sect leader and listened to Ching Ching. Hong Yeuk told Tit Sau she haven’t confronted her about hiding Suyet Yee in the forbidden place. Hong Yeuk laughed and said if she didn’t fall in love then she would have been the sect leader. The sect members told Tit Sau though Hong Yeuk offended her what she said isn’t wrong, she should lead Ching Ching and Sing Chi down the mountain. Tit Sau said she wanted to keep Ching Ching and Sing Chi to find Suyet Yee. Sing Chi said it can resolve the conflicts between the sect.

Ah Kau meets with Sing Chi during the full moon. A sect leader fought with the sect leader. Ah Kau told the sect leaders that Sing Chi that he found evidences for her father’s death but she must give him a bit of time to investigate. The post sect leader told Ah Kau to make a vow of not seeing Sing Chi again for the sect’s good. Ah Kau made the vow and cried. Ching Ching teased Sing Chi of seeing Ah Kau last night and she asked him if she’s skinny or fat. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that Ching Ching is good at faking being victim. Sing Chi said he likes Ah Kau. Sing Chi told Ching Ching if she doesn’t care then don’t bother, even if he choose other girls he won’t choose her. Ching Ching left and told Sing Chi to remember what he said and one day he will regret.

Sing Chi eavesdrop on Hong Yeuk eating rice. Hong Yeuk asked Sing Chi if he is tired of eavesdropping her. Even if she hid Suyet Yee, she wouldn’t be naive enough to lead him. Hong Yeuk wakes up late and received an anonymous letter of where she hid Suyet Yee and bring him the treasure in three days or he will expose her. Ching Ching teased Sing Chi that he promised Ching Ching to find the murderer in one month but what if he can’t find it. The sect members told Tit Sau they should interrogate Hong Yeuk but it wouldn’t be a good look if it was Ching Ching’s idea. The sect members told Sing Chi and Ching Ching if they went down the mountain then the sect wouldn’t arrive to Tit Sau’s sect. Tit Sau said she can deal with it.

Ah Kau followed Hong Yeuk and got punched by her and got injured. Sing Chi checked up on Ah Kau. Hong Yeuk laughed and said Ah Kau been affected by her poison and will die in two hours. Sing Chi fought with Hong Yeuk. Sing Chi transfer energy for Ah Kau. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to leave since Hong Yeuk won’t forget this. Hong Yeuk told Tit Sau’s sect there is an intruder. Ah Kau told Sing Chi he doesn’t need to transfer energy to her, he can leave. Ah Kau said this full moon may be the last time they will see together. Ching Ching eat. She went the basement and saw Sing Chi transferring energy to Ah Kau. Ah Kau fainted.

Hong Yeuk went with the sect to check in Tit Sau’s room. Hong Yeuk wants to check the basement. Ching Ching told Tit Sau that Hong Yeuk was really mean and wanted to check the basement and said only they are scared of her. Tit Sau told Hong Yeuk that only the sect leader can come in the basement. Tit Sau told Hong Yeuk to leave. Tit Sau gave the order to block the gateway. Ching Ching got mad and punished Tit Sau to drink the whole bottle of wine. Ching Ching puts Tit Sau, who got drunk, on her bed. She stole her badge and told Sing Chi she found a way to help him but he must remember he owes her a favor. Ching Ching held the badge and ordered the sect members to carry the chest. The sect members came in front of Tit Sau’s room. Ching Ching pushed the chest and the sect members surrounded her.

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