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Crimson Sabre episode 19 recap

The sect member checked the chest and didn’t see anything. The sect member wants to go with Ching Ching to see Tit Sau. Sing Chi carries Ah Kau in the woods. Sing Chi uses the frog to suck out the poison from Ah Kau. Hong Yeuk told Tit Sau that Ching Ching has betrayed her. Tit Sau told Hong Yeuk she sent Ching Ching to bring the chest. Last night she drank with Ching Ching and said the fabrics in JiangNan are so pretty so she gave Ching Ching the badge. Hong Yeuk laughed that Tit Sau has been affected by love. Hong Yeuk said Tit Sau has broken the rules and still is a sect leader. Hong Yeuk wants to have a conference with the sect.

Ching Ching thanked Tit Sau. She told her that Sing Chi uses all his energy to save Ah Kau. Ching Ching said Ah Kau wanted to find Suyet Yee but got poisoned by Hong Yeuk.Tit Sau said Hong Yeuk got mad that she couldn’t be the sect leader. She doesn’t want to be the leader post in the confrence tomorrow. After knowing Ching Ching, Tit Sau finds there are other more important things than being the sect leader. If she could travel with Ching Ching then it will be great. Tit Sau touched Ching Ching’s arm and said besides quitting the sect leader post, she is also willing to die for her.

The post sect leader came to check up on Ah Kau. The post sect leader let Sing Chi takes care of Ah Kau. The post sect leader told Tit Sau’s sect member he sent him to send a letter to Hong Yeuk but Hong Yeuk used it and harmed Ah Kau. The post sect leader told the sect member to cause conflict between Tit Sau and Hong Yeuk so they can fight each other. The post sect leader told the sect member he can be the leader of the sect and he will tell the majesty about him. At the conference, Hong Yeuk criticized Tit Sau of always protecting and hanging out with Ching Ching.

Tit Sau said she is tired of being the sect leader and can leave now. Tit Sau said she will wait till the sects come and will decide who will be the new sect leader. Hong Yeuk wanted to kill Ching Ching. The sect members fought with Hong Yeuk. Sing Chi transfers energy to Ah Kau. The sect leaders went to Tit Sau’s sect. The sect member took Ching Ching out in the woods and about to kill her. She threw a pin at him and left.

Sing Chi fought with Tit Sau’s sect member and fell in a hole. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi he has good fate since he didn’t die as he fell down. Suyet Yee asked Sing Chi where did he get the saber. Sing Chi came closely to Suyet Yee and wondered if he’s Suyet yee. The sects came. Tit Sau fought with the sect. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee about his father and how he saved him. Sing Chi demonstrated the martial arts he taught him. Suyet Yee said Hong Yeuk took the punishment and stayed in the forbidden place with him and feed him. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee that he’s been staying in this cave for sixteen years.

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