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Crimson Sabre episode 20 recap

Tit Sau’s sect fought with the sect. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi to leave. Sing Chi saw water dripping down the rock and uses his power to push the rock. Suyet Yee reminds Sing Chi that the more he’s hot temper, the more it affects his energy. Sing Chi uses his power to break the rock. Tit Sau fought with the sect. Sing Chi pushed back Tit Sau and the sect. Sing Chi brought Suyet Yee. The sect member told Ah Kau that the sect thinks Sing Chi is a spy. Sing Chi told the sect that Suyet Yee fell in the five masters’ trap and got his organs broken and he got his legs chopped by Hong Yeuk. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi to kill the sects. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee to let the sect check his body. The sect leader checks Suyet Yee’s pulse and said his organs are broken and couldn’t stand up or kill other people. The sect accused Sing Chi of killing other people with his sword. Sing Chi uses a sword and made a saber mark on a dead body and said as long as the person doesn’t fight back then it is easy to fake the mark. As long as that person is close to them and they don’t suspect then it is easy for them to do it. Sing Chi said that person wants Tit Sau’s sect fight with the other sect. Ching Ching came and pointed out the sect member wanted to kill her. And he wanted to be the sect leader. The post sect leader killed the sect member. Sing Chi uses forces to suppress the sect member’s energy.

Sing Chi chats with Ah Kau. Ah Kau told Sing Chi he can be glad that they now find out that Suyet Yee didn’t kill those sect and reunited with Ching Ching. Sing Chi went in the room and didn’t see Ching Ching and Suyet Yee.

Suyet Yee told Ching Ching that the person he loves the most is Wan Yee and wouldn’t let anyone touch her. Ching Ching pointed the sword at Suyet Yee and accused him of raping her mother and tortured her to death. Hong Yeuk laughed and said Suyet Yee is a playboy and have tricked many innocent girls. Hong Yeuk said Ching Ching is the daughter of that mistress and him. Ching Ching pointed a sword at Hong Yeuk and told her not to insult her mother. Hong Yeuk said Suyet Yee has raped her. Ching Ching pointed a sword at Suyet Yee and said she will revenge for her mother and the innocent girls. Sing Chi came. Ching Ching took her hat off then her hair fell down. She told Suyet Yee she is Wan Yee’s daughter Wan Ching Ching and isn’t related to him. One day he will die under her sword. Tit Sau looked at Ching Ching and was surprised she is a girl and asked her why did she trick her. Ching Ching said there’s lots of stuff she can’t explain but she wants to know why there’s always someone who prevent her to kill Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk laughed that this is so intriguing. There’s a daughter who wants to kill her father and a sect leader who broke the rule and fell in love. The sect member took Hong Yeuk away. Ching Ching told Sing Chi she can protect Suyet Yee now but not tomorrow. Tit Sau spit up blood.

Ching Ching packed up her stuff. Ching Ching told Sing Chi she never said she is a male but Tit Sau should blame herself for not having an eye. Ching Ching said she won’t aplogize, Tit Sau can’t be a sect leader when she can’t even tell she’s a male or female. Just teach her a lesson. Tit Sau asked Ching Ching why is she leaving so fast. Don’t worry since she is in her territory she will protect her but from now on don’t let her see her again. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that Tit Sau doesn’t want to see her, she can leave. Tit Sau bowed in front of her ancestors feeling ashamed and wanted to kill herself with a knife. Sing Chi stopped her.

Tit Sau sighed that the previous sect leader worked hard to have the name for the sect but she ruined the sect by falling in love. Sing Chi told Tit Sau if she dies then the sect will be gone. She should have confident and run the sect to make up for her mistake.

Sing Chi helped Suyet Yee up. Sing Chi told him that Ching Ching said her five grandpas told her that he raped her mother and gave birth to her. Sing Chi said Wan Sin told him that Wan Yee got murdered by the five grandpas.

Ah Kau played the flute by the mountain. Sing Chi sighed that Suyet Yee used to be so brave and wander around the world. Now he’s crippled and must feel miserable. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he can uses martial arts to heal Suyet Yee. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee to give it a try. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee that he can heal his legs but he can only walk but can’t use martial arts. Suyet Yee said it is good enough. Sing Chi is not sure but Suyet Yee told him to give it a try. Sing Chi uses his martial arts to heal Suyet Yee’s legs.

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