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Crimson Sabre episode 21 recap

Tit Sau and her sect thanked Sing Chi for saving them and resolving the duel between the sects. The sect member listed the crimes Hong Yeuk did. Hong Yeuk requested to see Suyet Yee before she dies. Suyet Yee came. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee she can feel relieved when she dies since he can walk. Suyet Yee asked Hong Yeuk about her last request. Hong Yeuk told Suyet Yee to kill Wan Yee for her. Sing Chi told Hong Yeuk she got affected by love and turned into hate and has lived with hate and even harmed the people around her. She should regret. Hong Yeuk said Suyet Yee has stayed with her for sixteen years and he is still with her when she dies, it is better than being with Wan Yee. Suyet Yee told Tit Sau that Hong Yeuk committed crimes because of her, he is willing to take the punishment for her. Suyet Yee said he only loves Wan Yee but wanted to take the punishment for Hong Yeuk. Hong Yeuk whined that Suyet Yee only loves Wan Yee. She wants to take the punishment by herself. She told Suyet Yee she wants him to owe her forever. Sing Chi pleads Tit Sau to punish Suyet Yee lightly. Tit Sau forbids Hong Yeuk to step in the sect. Hong Yeuk laughed and told Suyet Yee as long they aren’t dead then their feud won’t be resolved and she laughed.

Sing Chi told Ah Kau he will see if Wan Yee is dead or not. Ah Kau told Sing Chi she wonder when they are going to meet again. Sing Chi told Ah Kau to go with him. Tit Sau played the harp and sighed she used to want to learn to play for Ching Ching. Tit Sau said she used to not understand why Hong Yeuk would ruin her life for love but there are some things she can’t control. Ah Kau said Hong Yeuk loves Suyet Yee without regret. Sing Chi and Ah Kau told Tit Sau to work hard to take care of her sect. Tit Sau bowed and want Sing Chi to be her master. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that he can changes the rule for the sect. Tit Sau told Sing Chi he can have the saber as a gift.

The sects want to have a party for Sing Chi. Tit Sau teased that Ah Kau helped persuaded Sing Chi to accept her as his discple so she will be her master too. Sing Chi made a suggestion of giving the treasure to the government. The seven sect leaders nominated Sing Chi of being their leader. Sing Chi bids farewell to Tit Sau. Suyet Yee looked at the river which he used to watch with Wan Yee and she gave birth to Ching Ching. Sing Chi went to a restaurant, the sects thanked him for treating them. Sing Chi asked the restaurant owner who has treated them. Sing Chi doubt it is his friend the businessman.

Sing Chi meet up with the prince who he thinks is the businessman. He ate with him and said he plans to help the government. The prince suggests Sing Chi to replace the government. Sing Chi helps the government to go against the Manchu. The prince gave Sing Chi his opinion that the current majesty of Qing is a good one and it isn’t a bad thing to let him conquer. Sing Chi worries the people will suffer more.

The prince looked at the map and can’t figure out the poem. The prince drew the map again. The prince gave the priest the map to give it to the majesty. The prince told the priest to get rid of Sing Chi since he isn’t willing to work for the Qing. The priest assure and swears he will kill Suyet Yee and get the saber.

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