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A message from me!

Hey guys! It’s Jac here!

So this is my drama blog where I do drama recaps. I’ve been watching asian dramas and wuxia series since I was eight. My parents love asian dramas and so do I. I kinda used my knowledge of what I learned from my parents about wuxia series to do drama recaps. And I’m glad that I still have and chat with many awesome drama blogger friends, tvb friends mostly.

I’ve cleaned up my twitter followers. Asian twitter was too much for me to handle especially when there are some beefs between other asians. I cleaned up my followers to feel better and I don’t enjoy always reading negative things especially about calling out other asian women. Maybe asian activism isn’t for me.

Twitter is where I updates about movies and dramas I like and interact with likedminded fellow drama bloggers and friends. I rather focus on updating about movies and dramas I like and livetweet on twitter.

I’m going through a lot in real life and this drama blog is where I relax and escape from it. I don’t need negativity on social media.

I watched new tvb series Apple Colada and liked it and felt it was relaxing but I miss watching wuxia series. So I found Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999 and Crimson Sabre 2000 and wondered which one I should recap but I chose to recap Crimson Sabre since it has historical context combining with wuxia elements. Plus it is the prequel of Duke of Mt.Deer. What I find similar between Duke of Mt.Deer and Crimson Sabre is princess Chang Ping and the plot of figuring out the map and searching for the treasure.

There is a few wuxia series blog I follow these days and they do drama recaps mostly cdramas and update news.

A Virtual Voyage

Drama Panda

Alright, I’ll continue to do my drama recaps. See you later!

❤ Jac!

Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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