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Crimson Sabre episode 22 recap

Ah Kau told Sing Chi to wish Ching Ching well on her behalf. Ah Kau said Ching Ching is pityful, she is an orphan and now she wants to kill her father to revenge for her mother. She hopes Suyet Yee can find Wan Yee so he and Ching Ching will reunite. Ah Kau wants to return to her hometown. Sing Chi told Ah Kau to hang out in JiangNan. Sing Chi received a letter from the general thanking him for the treasure.

Suyet Yee sails on the sea and thought of Wan Yee. Ah Kau looked at the beautiful view. Sing Chi is worried about he can’t find Wan Yee. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he will take care of Ching Ching forever. Sing Chi said he only sees Ching Ching as his sister. Ching Ching looked at the butterfly and tripped. Sing Chi held Ah Kau’s hands and said she is kindhearted and she is the one he is supposed to take care forever. Sing Chi caught a butterfly for Ah Kau. the Priest hugged Ah Kau. The priest told Sing Chi to drop the Saber to have a duel with him. Sing Chi dropped the saber in the sea. Ah Kau’s maid picked up the saber and flew out of the sea. Sing Chi uses the saber and have a duel with the priest. Suyet Yee received a letter to see Wan Yee. Ah Kau and her maid fought with the priest. The priest left.

Suyet Yee went in the woods and saw Wan Sin. The five grandpas threw powder and took Wan Sin. Ching Ching told the five grandpas that Suyet Yee accused them of breaking his organs. The five grandpas blamed it on Hong Yeuk. The five grandpas said Wan Sin and Sing Chi are naive listening to Suyet Yee. The five grandpas asked Suyet Yee where’s the map of treasure. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching that the five grandpas used her to get the map of treasure. Ching Ching asked Suyet Yee where’s her mother. Suyet Yee told the five grandpas if they releases Wan Yee, he will give them the map of treasure and they can take his life.

Wan Sin brought Sing Chi and his friends to the dungeon. Ching Ching said she wants to kill Suyet Yee. Wan Sin told Ching Ching the five grandpas bury her but luckily Sing Chi came. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee that Wan Yee is dead. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching to kill him since he harmed her mother. Ching Ching uses her sword to kill Suyet Yee. Sing Chi grabbed Suyet Yee and fought with the five grandpas.

Wan Sin told Suyet Yee she saw the five grandpas throwing Wan Yee in the well and told her mother that he kidnapped Wan Yee. She waited sixteen years to tell him. Suyet Yee fainted. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee if Ching Ching kills him then she will be an unfilial daughter. Ah Kau said if Ching Ching knows she blamed her father, she will regret. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee to reunite with Ching Ching for Wan Yee. Ching Ching told the five grandpas she got an idea of being with Suyet Yee and ask him about the map of treasure. Sing Chi brought Suyet Yee to the cave. Suyet Yee looked at the tombstone and liked it. Suyet Yee said he set up a trap for the five grandpas. Sing Chi said which is why he got the saber. Suyet Yee touched the tombstone and hopes Hong Yeuk won’t come.

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