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Crimson Sabre episode 24 recap

Ah Kau wiped Sing Chi’s forehead while he transfer his energy. The post sect leader reminds Ah Kau to let her love for Sing Chi ruin their plan. Ah Kau told him they will let the martial arts meeting continue and Sing Chi have to die but not right now. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that she saw the post sect leader listened to Ah Kau’s order by the river. Sing Chi and Siu Wai told Ah Kau that Ching Ching said she and the post sect leader plan to harm them. The post sect leader said it is a misunderstanding. Ah Kau worried about Sing Chi’s healthy since the sect conference is coming up.

Sing Chi rides on the canoe with Ah Kau and Siu Wai. Ching Ching looked at them and got angry. Ching Ching told the female disciple to hatch some tea. Ching Ching complained that the female disciple didn’t hatch the best tea. Siu Wai asked Ching Ching if Sing Chi begs her to come along or she begged him. Ching Ching got angry and left. Ching Ching threw rocks on the river. Sing Chi told Ching Ching that Siu Wai was just joking. Since she is so hot tempered how could he take her to see the general. Sing Chi gave Ching Ching a chicken. Ching Ching froze him and asked him for the map of treasure. Ching Ching searched for it. Sing Chi stopped her. Siu Wai told Ching Ching if she were Suyet Yee, she wouldn’t want to have a daughter like her. She doesn’t know what is her motive of stealing the map. The female disciple said Ching Ching has a motive of ruining the organization. Ching Ching said she wouldn’t go. Ching Ching got mad and left.

Ching Ching sneaked in the sect conference. Siu Wai and the female disciple told her she’s a mole. Ching Ching left.The post sect leader told Ah Kau to kill Sing Chi tonight. The post sect leader bowed in front of Ah Kau and said the Ming Dynasty is about to fall. Please let go of the love. If she doesn’t kill Sing Chi, he will kill the majesty to revenge for his father. The female disciple’s brother kidnapped Ching Ching. The post sect leader gave Ah Kau a sleeping powder. The female disciple dresses in black and told Ching Ching she will rape her. As the female disciple took off Ching Ching’s clothes, she fainted. Sing Chi came and searched for Ching Ching. Ah Kau picked up Ching Ching’s clothes and told the post sect leader to use this plan.

Sing Chi fought with a person in the black suit and got dizzy. Ah Kau looked at the map of treasure and held her knife and about to kill Sing Chi. Siu Wai checks up on Sing Chi. Ah Kau stabbed her. Siu Wai looked at the back of Ah Kau and fainted. Ah Kau came and told the post sect leader she kill Siu Wai. She got scared and said she killed her to silence her. The post sect leader told Ah Kau he will go kill Sing Chi. Sing Chi wakes up and asked Siu Wai who has harmed her. Siu Wai said Ching Ching. Siu Wai told him to revenge for her. She died.

Sing Chi carries Siu Wai and yelled for Ching Ching. Ching Ching came and asked who has harmed her. Sing Chi asked Ching Ching why did she kill Siu Wai. He yelled at her where did she get this candle. Ching Ching said she’s been kidnapped by a person the black suit and found a suit to wear. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi if he has any evidence. Ching Ching said she said she didn’t do it but he didn’t believe her but when that stubborn girl said it, he believes her. Sing Chi slapped Ching Ching. Ching Ching left.

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