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Crimson Sabre episode 25 recap

The female disciple searched Ching Ching’s clothes. Sing Chi picked up the map of treasure. Sing Chi pointed a sword at Ching Ching. Sing Chi said he promised Siu Wai he would revenge for her. Ching Ching said he doesn’t want him to kill her due to being naive. She wants some time to investigate this case. Ah Kau asked the post sect leader why must he harm Ching Ching. Sing Chi did a funeral for Siu Wai and promised to revenge for her. Ching Ching visited Siu Wai and told her to tell her in her dream who is the murderer so she can revenge. Sing Chi told Ching Ching he didn’t kill her, it doesn’t mean he will forgive her. Ching Ching said someone could have put the map of treasure in her clothes and Siu Wai could have mistaken someone else for her. If he finds evidence of her killing Siu Wai, he will kill her. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi to make a vow to kill the murderer if he finds the real murderer.

Sing Chi saw some death troop on his way. Sing Chi transfer energy for a soldier. The soldier wakes up and freaks out and yells to not kill him. He slept. The post sect leader told Sing Chi, the five grandpas could have killed the soldiers for the map of treasure. Sing Chi doesn’t think so because there are many soldiers. He wonders why there’s no wine. Sing Chi thinks the person is from the palace who wants to kill the general. Sing Chi thinks there’s a mole. Ah Kau ordered the guard to move the goods somewhere else. Ching Ching followed Ah Kau. Sing Chi received a letter to meet in the full moon. Sing Chi saw a mark of the general on the tree.

Sing Chi checks in the boat and saw boxes of wines. The sect member breaks the wine and saw a sleeping powder. A man told Sing Chi that the goods have been carried away by the safeguards. The official told Sing Chi that he never heard of those safeguards.

Ching Ching followed the fortune teller who talked to Ah Kau. Ching Ching saw a girl telling her she’s not Ah Kau and save her. The real Ah Kau got hit by a knife from the back. Ching Ching ran with her and hid in the grass. The fortune teller greets Ah Kau who is Princess Chang Ping. Ah Kau saw blood in the temple. Ching Ching hid with the real Ah Kau behind the cover. Ah Kau pointed a sword at Ching Ching and the real Ah Kau.

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