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Crimson Sabre episode 27 recap

The post sect leader asked Ah Kau if her injury is fine. He told her that Sing Chi had two chances to kill her but he didn’t. Though he truly loves her but they are enemies. The post sect leader begs Ah Kau to forget Sing Chi and consider it as a dream. Ah Kau told the post sect leader it is not his fault, it is god’s will. The eunuch witnessed the post sect leader of neglecting protecting the majesty letting Sing Chi in. Ah Ku took the blame. Ah Kau spoke for the post sect leader to the majesty. The eunuch suggests the majesty to kill Sing Chi soon. Ah Kau assures she will kill Sing Chi for the majesty’s safety.

Sing Chi drinks wine in the woods. Ching Ching took off his wine and told him to not drink. Ching Ching held a tanghulu and told Sing Chi to cheer her up. In the restaurant, she grabbed his chicken and turned it into a fan and chicken. She took some tissues out of the bottle of wine. Ching Ching bought a painting of him and told him to smile. Ching Ching got mad and tore the painting. Sing Chi laughed.

While, Sing Chi is celebrating with his friends, a foreign woman reserved the restaurant. Sing Chi and his friends drink and refuse to move. Sing Chi pushed the table. Ching Ching looked at the lady and about to fight her. She held her gun, and Sing Chi threw the chair. The french men had a duel with Ching Ching. If she wins she will receive golds but if she loses she has to let him kiss her. Ching Ching fought with the frendchman. Sing chi told Ching Ching what moves to make. She won the fight. Sing Chi returned the gold for them to uses for their medicine. The frenchmen and the soldiers surrounded Sing Chi and blew their rifles. Sing Chi threw the tiles at them and ran. The frenchman shot at the monk’s leg. Sing Chi took the bullet out of the monk.

Sing Chi fought with the soldiers and found a box of bomb. Ching Ching pointed the sword at the servant and asked why there’s a box of bomb. The servant got scared and said the government wants to collaborate with the frenchmen to use the bomb against the general. Sing Chi plans to use the bomb against the emperor. A sect member told Sing Chi the hideout of the french. While the french drink, the villagers yelled there’s a fire. The sect members threw water at the french. Sing Chi froze the troops but didn’t find any rifles. Ah Kau came and told Sing Chi she has moved the rifles. Ah Kau ordered the post sect leader to release the sect member. She told Sing Chi sinec he didn’t kill her, she returned the favor. She walked pass Sing Chi.
Ching Ching told Sing Chi that it is good that he can’t steal the rifle so he can see Ah Kau again and again. Sing Chi stood on the plain and thought of Ah Kau. Sing Chi saw Ah Kau and asked for her identity. Sing Chi told Ah Kau that he isn’t as tricky as her but he has more conscience than her. He told her to protect her rifles or he’s afraid she will lose it. Ah Kau said it depends on his ability. She left.

The sect member made a firecracker. The sect member tested the fire cracker and it flew down. The sect member added a wing on the firecracker. Ching Ching drove the sect member away and didn’t see the firecracker in the box. She followed Sing Chi and wants to go with him. Sing Chi promises Ching Ching he will be back. Sing Chi sneaked in the frenchhouse and took out the wing firecracker.

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