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Crimson Sabre episode 28 recap

The flute dropped. Ah Kau persists in checking the rifles but the servants want to come instead. The servants said the post sect leader ordered them to guard her in the room. Ah Kau ran and tripped. Ching Ching smelled the bomb. The guards threw fire arrows at the bomb. Ching Ching came with Sing Chi and told him to run. Sing Chi jumped down the tower with Ching Ching. The tower exploded. Ching Ching fainted. Ah Kau cried and came. Sing Chi carries Ching Ching and told Ah Kau he won’t spare her if anything happens to Ching Ching.

Ah Kau confronted the post sect leader for putting the bomb in the tower. The post sect leader told Ah Kau to think for the Ming. Ah Kau wonder if it is fate since Sing Chi escaped the fire. Ah Kau told the post sect leader don’t worry Sing Chi sees her as an enemy and she won’t let him steal the bomb. Sing Chi transfers energy for Ching Ching. The sect member recite a love poem. The sect member asked Sing Chi if he knows why Ching Ching sacrificed her life for him. she likes him. The monk said if Ching Ching didn’t like him, she wouldn’t risk her life. The sect member told Sing Chi he doesn’t understand woman’s feeling. She picks on Ah Kau and is also jealous of Siu Wai. Sing said she is naive.

Sing Chi held Ching Ching’s hands and thought of Ching Ching. Ching Ching wakes up. Sing Chi held her hands and promised to take care of her. Sing Chi dips plain congee for Ching Ching. On the way to the warehouse, Sing Chi gave Ching Ching a bottle of water. Ching Ching told Sing Chi this is the happiest moment. She lost her parents when she was born, she was never happy until he took care of her. He can’t forget Ah Kau.If he truly love someones, even if she wants to kill her, he won’t forget her. Sing Chi believes Ah Kau didn’t plan the bomb since she cried. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to ask Ah Kau. Sing Chi refuses to go and said he knows who truly loves him. Ching Ching said she doesn’t want him to love her because she is Suyet Yee’s daughter. She would be happy if he forget Ah Kau and truly love her.

Sing Chi came and asked Ah Kau if she knew there was a bomb in the tower. Ah Kau said she planned the bomb. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau why did she have to run to the tower. Ah Kau told Sing Chi they are enemies and can’t be together. Sing Chi said his father got killed by Chongzhen. He vowed he will never work for the government. Ah Kau said others can betray the majesty but she can’t. She told him to go home. Ah Kau got kidnapped.

Sing Chi showed his crew the map of where’s the rifle is located. Sing Chi’s sect threw arrows. Sing Chi and his crew fought with the soldiers. Tit Sau came and helped. Sing Chi told his sect to throw the bomb down the sea. Tit Sau drinks with Sing Chi. Ching Ching apologized and drink with Tit Sau. Tit Sau told Sing Chi the news of Hong Yeuk working for the eunuch. She brought Ah Kau to Sing Chi. Hong Yeuk threw a bomb and kidnapped Ah Kau. Sing Chi said Hong Yeuk wants to use the eunuch to help her find Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk told the eunuch she can tell him about the map of treasure. She requested the eunuch to find Suyet Yee. The prince asked the eunuch when Chongzhen will open the gate and borrow the Qing’s troop.

The eunuch told the officials that he has a plan of using the Qing’s troop to destroy the rebels. Chongzhen stamped the edict of borrowing soldiers from the Qing. The eunuch and the officials bowed and begs the majesty to make a decision. Ah Kau came and begged the majesty to not borrow Qing soldiers since they will overthrow him. The eunuch said if the post sect leader didn’t fail to protect the bomb then they wouldn’t have to borrow soldiers from the Qing. Ah Kau told the majesty that the rebels is not as cruel as the Qing and they only recruit the hans. Ah Kau suggests the majesty to console the soldiers to persuade them to collaborate and she will find a way to defeat the rebel. The majesty said he will postpone and plan about it.

Sing Chi and his friends came to the cave and found a bomb. They asked Hong Yeuk where’s Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk laughed that Suyet Yee and Wan Sin died in an explosion.

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