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Crimson Sabre episode 29 recap

Ching Ching asked her father Suyet Yee why didn’t he set up the bomb thoroughly so this crazy woman would die. Hong Yeuk yelled that she set up this trap. Ching Ching told Hong Yeuk that her father set up this trap because he doesn’t want to see her. Ching Ching yelled and begged in front of Sing Chi “Miss Ha please gives me left me live!”. Hong Yeuk got mad and closed her fist and thought of when she looked at the jade. She said she will kill her. Sing Chi punched Hong Yeuk. Hong Yeuk said she didn’t beg Wan Sin, she found this cave. When she came to search for Suyet Yee, he and Wan Sin has left. Hong Yeuk laughed and said only she can live with Suyet Yee. The eunuch couldn’t find Suyet Yee, Hong Yeuk remebered she used to rescue Suyet Yee here so she returned and found this cave. Hong Yeuk threw bottles of wines. She got mad Suyet Yee pretends to be death. She broke the cemetary and the bomb exploded. Hong Yeuk yelled that Suyet Yee betrayed her and he should die. Ching Ching said her father loves her mother and he rather die than looking at Hong Yeuk. She should find a cave to die lonely. Hong Yeuk told Ching Ching she is right, she lives worse than dying. She should kill Wan Sin first. Hong Yeuk threw the bomb and left.

Wan Sin called Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee thought of Wan Yee hugging him in the rain. Suyet Yee told Wan Sin, there’s always a way to find a hideout. If Hong Yeuk find her, she will be in danger. Suyet Yee said he has created a new martial arts technique but he can’t use it so he will teach her. Wan Sin practices martial arts with a sword. She tries to cut the sac of sands in three moves. Suyet Yee held Wan Sing’s hand.

Ching Ching told Sing Chi if she were her father, she would hide in a place that Hong Yeuk won’t know. Sing Chi thought of Suyet Yee could be staying in the house that his father built for him. Wan Sin argued with Suyet Yee that she couldn’t match up those two moves. Suyet Yee yelled at Wan Sing to not be distract. Wan Sin left. Wan Sin practices swordfights. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee she found out she can practice swordfights when she blindfold her eyes so she won’t be distracted. Suyet Yee told Wan Sin that he told her not to get distracted because she can get killed. Suyet Yee said the mid autumn festival is the day he visits his family’s grave. The guards showed the painting of Suyet Yee and Wan Sin asked the store owner if he seen them. The store owner said he isn’t sure but she looks like the girl who just shopped but she looks older. The guards told Hong Yeuk.

Suyet Yee stood in front of Wan Yee’s grave and asked her why didn’t she wait for hm. He ran. Wan Sin asked Suyet Yee why doesn’t she consider her as Wan Yee. Suyet Yee said he only loves Wan Yee, even if she looks like her she can’t replace her. He has used her to complete his martial arts. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee even if he has never liked her, she is willing to stay by him because she only loves him. Hong Yeuk and the guards surrounded Suyet Yee and Wan Sin. Hong Yeuk threw at the flute. Suyet Yee said she is not Wan Yee but Wan Sin. Hong Yeuk said any lady by him will die. Hong Yeuk pushed the sword in Wan Sin and said she won’t let her die easily, she must let her blood drop one by one. Wan Sin fainted. The guards took Suyet Yee away.

Sing Chi and his friends arrived at the house. Sing Chi found Wan Sin fainting and he transfer energy. Wan Sin told Ching Ching to save Suyet Yee. The guards has taken him. Hong Yeuk visits Suyet Yee in the cellar and said to stop going against god’s will. Wan Yee and Wan Sin have died. There’s only her now. The eunuch said if he tells him the secret of the map of treasure, he will release him. Hong Yeuk promises she will take care of him. Suyet Yee told the eunuch he can tell him the secret of the map of treasure but he must kill Hong Yeuk. Hong Yeuk held Suyet Yee’s hand and fought with the guards. The guard pointed a sword at Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk flew and left. Sing Chi and his friends came.

In the room, Sing Chi asked Ching Ching if she can see how Suyet Yee treats Wan Sin. He knew him since he was a child, he saved him though he is not related to him. He is cold on the outside but is not a cold person or else Wan Sin wouldn’t sacrifice her life to save him. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching to not let her father being lonely forever, he is her father.Wan Sin wakes up and told Suyet Yee she is happy he took care of her. Ching Ching called his father and took care of Wan Sin. Suyet Yee ate the food which Ching Ching cook and found it good.

Ah Kau ran and asked Chongzhen about his decision of borrowing the Qing’s troop. Ah Kau begged Chongzhen to take back the letter. The eunuch told Chongzhen he already sent the letter, and he can’t break the promise. Chongzhen told Ah Kau to focus on world’s problem.

Wan Sin told Suyet Yee that practicing swordfight is the happiest moment in her life. She is happy learning the top martial arts and being a top martial artist. Suyet Yee couldn’t believe he could be the top flute player. Wan Sin wants him to play a song. Suyet Yee played a song. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee she knows he can’t forget Wan Yee, and he is thrilled he played a song for her. Wan Sin said one moment like this let her see the world. Ching Ching feels better seeing Suyet Yee and Wan Sin together.

Suyet Yee promises Wan Yee that when he finished taking care of Ching Ching, he will follow her. Ching Ching apologizes to Suyet Yee for blaming him for killing he mother. Wong Tsan ate with Sing Chi that Chongzhen has contacted The Qing to borrow the troops. He should tell the general about it.

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