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Crimson Sabre episode 30 recap

Ah Kau waited for Sing Chi and told her that Chongzhen wants to borrow twenty thousand troops from the Manchu. If Manchu successfully invades the Ming, the Ming will fall. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to assassinate the majesty of Qing. Sing Chi said if he dos it, it is for the people not her.

Suyet Yee discusses with Sing Chi that if he wants to revenge his father, he should kill Chongzhen but the world will be in chaos. But it isn’t a good thing to collaborate with the Manchu Emperor. The Manchu Emperor has schemed to kill his father so he would still revenge for his father if he kills him.

Sing Chi and his friends saw a customer complained he didn’t like the type of tea so he uses his tea. The sect member told them that person is an eunuch. Sing Chi eavesdrop on the roof and jump in and pointed a sword at the eunuch and asked him why is the eunuch meeting with Manchu Emperor. The eunuch said the Ming’s eunuch sent a letter to the Manchu majesty. Sing Chi read the letter that the eunuch told the Manchu Emperor to be careful that Princess Chang Ping will scheme to prevent them to collaborate. The monk wonder who is Chang Ping and she has the power to cause Ah Kau to rebel against her love. Sing Chi plans to send the letter to the majesty and take the chance to assassinate him. Sing Chi gave the letter to the Manchu Emperor. Manchu Emperor read the letter and laughed that the eunuch worried too much and Chang Ping is a girl and can’t do any harm.

Sing Chi heard the Manchu regret scheming and killing his father. The Manchu Emperor said Sing Chi’s father is a great general and could have worked for him but he is too honest to work for him. The officials told the emperor that Chongzhen has listened to bad guys and killed many useful officials which is why they work for him now. Now the Qing is in chaos, it is the right time for them to attack. The emperor plans to let the general’s troop fight with Chongzhen’s troops while he takes over Ming. After he becomes the majesty, he will not increase taxes so the people can have a good meal.

Sing Chi sneaks in the majesty’s room and saw the prince has an affair with the concubine. The concubine greets the majesty. The majesty saw a pair of shoes and asked her who does it belong to. The prince killed the majesty from the back. The majesty told hte prince that the concubine is only one of his concubines but his relationship with him are brothers. The majesty asked the prince if he remembered they are going to take over the world together, they can’t break their bond for a girl. If he likes the concubine, he can give it to him. The prince apologized and killed the majesty. The prince told the concubine that the majesty is cunning and only said that in defense, he will eventually scheme to revenge him. If he doesn’t kill him, they will die. The concubine suggests him to take over the throne. The prince said he only have the skills to help, he will let their son be the majesty.

Sing Chi came and told the prince he planned it carefully. He also doesn’t believe he is the majesty’s brother and also his brother. Sing Chi thanked the prince for revenging for him. The prince told Sing Chi they are brothers. Sing Chi steps back. Sing Chi said he is only a commoner and don’t want to climb up. Sing Chi told the prince he made friends with him to use gather his father’s men to fight for him. The prince said he planned to use him but after getting to know him, he envies him. Since the majesty is dead, and he became the sect leader why don’t they collaborate and share this land. Sing Chi told hte prince he also killed his brother. Since Chi pointed a sword at the prince. The prince said the sworn to be brothers but unfortunately he is a Manchu while he is a han. The prince told Sing Chi to kill him. Sing Chi told the prince they sworn to be brother but now he won’t kill him to return this favor. From now on, they will go on their own ways. If he ever harm the hans, he will take his life. Sing Chi left. The prince yelled there is an intruder who is here to assassinate the majesty. The guards fought with Sing Chi. The priest fought with Sing Chi.

The monk and the sect member wait for Sing Chi. They saw Ching Ching and asked her why she’s here. Ching Ching came and fought with the priest. Ching Ching grabbed the priest and told Sing Chi to leave. Sing Chi left. The priest pointed a sword at Ching Ching. The priest told Ching Ching he his lucky to have her summit to him. Sing Chi heard the priest ordered the guards to put Ching Ching in his room. Ching Ching laid on the bed. The priest said he is enjoying it and about to rape her. The priest said he has to try Sing Chi’s girl to see if she is different from other girls. The sect member and the monk set up the fire. Ching Ching bit the priest and he slaps her. The people yelled there’es a fire. The sect member held the white cover. The priest threw a needle at him. Sing Chi sneaks in and took Ching Ching. The monk fought with Sing Chi without his clothes. Sing Chi pointed his sabre at the priest and left. The guards fought with the sect member and the monk. Sing Chi fought with the tibetan monks. Tit Sau came and she left with Sing Chi.

The prince told the priest he is giving him the mission of killing Sing Chi. The officials nominate the prince to be the majesty. The prince said he will temporarily take this post until they found a good candidate.

Tit Sau told Sing Chi and his friends that she searches for Ching Ching and helped Sing Chi fighting. The female disciple and Tit Sau changed Ching Ching’s clothes for her. The monk played chess with the sect member and bet she got her clothes taken off. Tit Sau told Ching Ching that the sect member didn’t see her clothes being taken off. Ching Ching jumped down the stream. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that she has been raped by the priest. Sing Chi told Ching Ching that the monk saw her clothes wasn’t proper. Sing Chi told Ching Ching that she sacrifices her life for him. He understands her feelings for him. He promises he will take the blame for her. Ching Ching leaned on Sing Chi if he kept his promises and if he will continue to bully her. If he meets another girl who is prettier than her, would he fall for her. If he meets Ah Kau again would he fall for her. Sing Chi said sure not. Ching Ching bit Sing Chi’s hand so he can keep this promises. Sing Chi said he not only has to keep this promise but also remember it.

Suyet Yee came with the doctor and visit Ching Ching and Sing Chi. Sing Chi told the doctor that the Qing majesty got killed by his brother the prince. The doctor thinks this is the chance for the general.

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