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Crimson Sabre episode 31 recap

The eunuch suggests the majesty to collaborate with the prince of Qing. Ah Kau told Chongzhen that the prince is cunning and she heard he killed his brother, he won’t be loyal to them. The eunuch said it is only a rumor. The eunuch said everyone knows that the majesty got killed by Sing Chi then he spread rumors to help the assassins get rid of Ming. Chongzhen said he isn’t confident in collaborating with the prince. He will wait and see. The eunuch said he worried that the rebels will get bigger and Sing Chi is the lead of the sect. Ah Kau assures she knows how to deal with this.

The post sect leader told Ah Kau that if she wants to get rid of the rebels, she must first get rid of Sing Chi. Ah Kau said she has put aside the romance, if Sing Chi wants to rebel then he is her enemy. Ah Kau said if she was the general, she would search for the treasure. Ah Kau read the poem on the map and found it familiar.

Suyet Yee tries to figure out the poem. Wan Sin read the poem and it reminds her of the sad story of Han Xin. Lau Bong didn’t make use of Han Xin and Han Xin died from hate. The doctor wonder if the treasure is related to an official in the palace. Suyet Yee doubts the majesty has given the treasure to his most treasured official. He wonders who is the poem talking about. The doctor told Sing Chi to go into the palace again. Sing Chi took Ah Kau’s painting and found the poem similar to the poem on the map of treasure. Wan Sin said a story of Ming Captain who got killed by the emperor for a small issue. The Ming Captain told his son to be loyal to the government. Sing Chi thinks that the emperor wrote this poem for the Ming Captain’s son to keep memories for his father. Suyet Yee said the emperor gae the Ming Captain a mansion but he didn’t dare to stay there. The emperor sees the Ming Captain know his place so he built a mansion. The Emperor of Yan went to War with the Ming Emperor and killed the Ming Captain. The Emperor gave the treasure to the Ming Captain. Sing Chi wonders if the treasure is in the mansion. Sing Chi and Ching Ching think the mansion is in Nanjing.

The sect member told Sing Chi he found a deserted City where the mansion used to be place. The mansion got a few new owners and used to be a brothel. There was a plague fifty years ago and now it’s abandoned. Sing Chi looked at the map of treasure and found out the treasure is below the kitchen. Sing Chi went in the underground and didn’t find any treasure. He saw a jade. The sect members think that Ah Kau took it. Sing Chi told the sect members that even if Ah Kau did it, they can’t find her now. This person is cunning and he doesn’t want them to fall into her trap.

A sect member told the other sect members that he saw Sing Chi hiding something. He suspects Sing Chi stole the treasure. The sect members think that Sing Chi collaborated with Ah Kau.Ah Kau wants to stay alone in the woods. Sing Chi showed Ah Kau her jade and asked her what does she have to say. Ah Kau said she went in the underground but she found out that treasure has been stolen. Sing Chi pointed a sword at Ah Kau that she is lying. If she doesn’t return the treasure he will kill her now. Ah Kau said if she did find the treasure, she wouldn’t wander alone in the woods. When she saw the painting, she knew it was about the Ming Captain but the mansion have been destroyed. She has to read the old novels and it took a long time to figure out where the mansion is but she came late and someone already took the treasure. He doesn’t need to believe her, but if he kills her, he will never be able to know who stole the treasure.

The sect came and accused Sing Chi and Ah Kau for steeling the treasure. The sect members said Sing Chi wants to give the treasure to the majesty and share the treasure and have his girl. Sing Chi said he came here to investigate where the treasure is. He wants them to give him one month to find the treasure. If he can’t then he will kill Ah Kau first. Sing Chi and Ah Kau fought with the sect and left.

In the temple, Ah Kau put the fabric on Sing Chi’s arm but he avoided her. Ah Kau asked him if he doesn’t want her to help him why did he save her. Sing Chi said before this case is solved, he won’t let her die. She asked him if she doesn’t know where the treasure is then he won’t save her. Ah Kau told him that he knows she is innocent or he wouldn’t stand up for her. Sing Chi said the truth will tell it all. Ah Kau told Sing Chi he also been accused so he knows the feeling. If he doesn’t see it, then don’t be sure. Ah Kau put in the fabric on Sing Chi’s arm and said she only guesses who stole it and she won’t tell until she is sure. Sing Chi said they are in danger and she didn’t even tell him so they won’t find the truth. Ah Kau said the eunuch has many spies so he found out where the mansion is located. Ah Kau said the eunuch may not have the map but someone else may. Sing Chi remembered that the prince have read the map of treasure. Ah Kau said the prince is very smart, she heard that he asked the majesty to lend him a manuel and he only read it once and memorized. Ah Kau suspect that the prince has memorized the map of treasure and then dug the treasure.

The eunuch congrats the prince of having the treasure. The eunuch told the prince that the sects think Sing Chi stole the treasure so they collaborate to kill him.

A sect member pretends to be injured and told Suyet Yee that he chased Ah Kau but fell into her trap but Sing Chi. The sect member froze Tit Sau, Wan Sin, Ching Ching, and Suyet Yee. The sect member told Ching Ching and Ah Kau dug the treasure and ran. Suyet Yee said they have misunderstood. Last night Sing Chi discuss with him that he suspects Ah Kau has the treasure so he went to investigate. The sects don’t believe it. The sects want to see if Sing Chi will leave his master and friends after finding the treasure with Ah Kau.

The sect received a picture of a sword with six letters. Sing Chi and Ah Kau sneaks in the prince’s mansion. The prince told him to come. The prince drank and thanked Sing Chi for the treasure. The prince told Sing Chi that the Ming has fallen and why doesn’t he work for him. Sing Chi refuses to let the Hans fall into the Qing. The prince yelled. Sing Chi and Ah Kau sneaks in the room and the priest hit him. Sing Chi asked the priest where is the prince. The priest told Sing Chi he has to use his stick to steal his sword and his lady. The prince left on his sedan chair. Ah Kau and Sing Chi fought with the priest. Ah Kau threw a pin at the priest. The sect surrounded Ah Kau and Sing Chi. Ah Kau told the priest to take the treasure while they handle them. The sect fought with the priest.

Ah Kau and Sing Chi ran. Ah Kau and Sing Chi fought with the priest. Sing Chi grabbed Ah Kau’s hand buy the hill. The priest kicked Sing Chi. Sing Chi and Ah Kau fell down the hill. Sing Chi swam and grabbed Ah Kau in the lake. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi where they are and they must die here. Ah Kau smiled and said she feels the happiest at this moment. She used to think what to do next but now she is almost dead and don’t have to think about it. She doesn’t have to think who she is. Sing Chi said he is still her brother while she is still the Ah Kau he knew. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau why did she have the knife. Ah Kau said she knows he is not with her anymore so she kept the knife to think about him. Sing Chi told Ah Kau to not worry, he will not let her die here. Sing Chi swam with Ah Kau to the ther side. He transfers energy. Ah Kau got upset and said they are back to their own selves. She works for the government while he works for the general.

Tit Sau whistles. The snake bit the guard. The guard unlocked Tit Sau and died. Tit Sau unlocked her friends. Tit Sau threw powders and left while letting Suyet Yee, Ching Ching, and Wan Sin handle the sect.

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