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Crimson Sabre episode 33 recap

The servant asked Ah Kau to please eat the meal or he can’t explain to the eunuch. Ah Kau said she can eat it but he must tell the eunuch to meet her. The prince of Ming and the five grandpas barged in the majesty’s room. Ah Kau dressed up as an eunuch and fought with the guards. The five grandpas told Ah Kau to go home. They have to guard the majesty’s room. Ah Kau asked the five grandpa under who’s order. The five grandpas apologized for being disrespectful and they fought with Ah Kau. Sing Chi came. Ah Kau told him to kill those rebels.

The prince wants the majesty to let the Qing in. Chongzhen refuses to borrow the Qing soldiers. The prince ordered Chongzhen to give up his throne. Chongzhen said though he can’t keep his dynasty, but he knows what’s important. If he borrows the soldiers from Manchu, it will harm the people. He doesn’t mind being dead but he can’t hand over his dynasty to the Manchu. The prince ordered the five grandpas to kill Chongzhen. Sing Chi barged in and told the five grandpas he promised Ching Ching to let them live if they don’t do bad things anymore. The prince told the five grandpas he will promote them if they kill Sing Chi. Sing Chi fought with the five grandpas and froze them. The prince begged Sing Chi to forgive him. The eunuch came in and killed the prince and the five grandpas. The eunuch blamed the prince to let the rebel in. Chongzhen forgive the eunuch for saving his life.

CHongzhen wants to talk to Sing Chi in private. Chongzhen can’t believe he saved him. He also feel sad for his father. Sing Chi told Chongzhen if his father wasn’t framed, then he wouldn’t be in this state. Chongzhen asked Sing Chi what rewards would he want. Sing Chi told Chongzhen even if he reward him one thousand times, it can’t replace his father. Sing Chi told Chongzhnen he saved him for the people. He doesn’t greed. Sing Chi told Chongzhen to cherish his last few days as the majesty. Ah Kau thanked Sing Chi. Sing Chi told Ah Kau that the Manchu will come in the palace and fight with the Ming tomorrow. She encouraged her to leave. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to cherish Ching Ching. Sing Chi happily meet Ching Ching. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi if he seen her five grandpas in the palace. Sing Chi apologized that the eunuch killed the five grandpas to silence them. Ching Ching told Sing Chi she blames the five grandpas for being greedy causing them to lose their lives.

Sing Chi and sect fought with the soldiers. Sing Chi stood on the top of the gate by the flag and welcomed the general to the palace. The general promises Sing Chi he will get Chongzhen’s head to revenge for his father. The soldiers killed the maids. Ah Kau told them to forget it. Fate has been decided, and they don’t need to cause more death. They can leave. Chongzhen sat and told the concubines he regrets listening to the bad guys and killed the good officials. Chongzhen gave his concubines each a poison wine. Some concubines refused to drink and begged him to forgive them. Chongzhen killed his concubines. Ah Kau came in and Chongzhen chopped her left arm. Ah Kau told him to let them leaves. Chongzhen said it’s not that he doesn’t want to forgive them but they will be raped by the Manchu.

Ah Kau told Chongzhen that let fate chose if they want to live. They shouldn’t kill anymore peole. Ah Kau told Chongzhen to leave the palace. Chongzhen said he can’t leave the palace. Sing Chi won’t spare his life. Ah Kau told Chongzhen she will ask Sing Chi to spare his life. Chongzhen refuses to beg Sing Chi. Chongzhen yelled at Ah Kau if she wants to stay with Sing Chi. Chongzhen held his sword and about to kill Ah Kau. Sing Chi stopped Chongzhen and hugged Ah Kau. Ah Kau told Sing Chi she is princess Chang Ping. Now he understands why she can’t leave the palace to travel with him. Ah Kau held Sing Chi’s hand and begged him to not harm Chongzhen. Chongzhen told Sing Chi he won’t beg anyone. If he wants to kill him then kill. Chongzhen said he has never lust other women but he blames the rebel has harmed him. Sing Chi told Chongzhen that he has listened to the bad guys and killed innocent people. Sing Chi asked Chongzhen how many innocent people did he killed and how many people had a good life. Sing Chi told Chongzhen to blame himself. Chongzhen was about to kill himself but the post sect leader took him out. Ah Kau begs Sing Chi and fainted. Chongzhen regrets failing the people. He wants to kill himself. The sect leader pointed his sword at himself and dies. The general broke in the palace. Chongzhen got scared and died.

Wan Sin asked Ching Ching if she doesn’t mind Sing Chi brought Ah Ah Kau home. Ching Ching said Ah Kau is injured and in a bad state. If Sing Chi was that cold hearted, she wouldn’t fall for him. The sect member and the monk told Ching Ching and Wan Sin that Chongzhen hung up himself. Ah Kau wakes up and told Sing Chi that she has a dream of Chongzhen flew and she wonders if he is dead. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he blames her. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi even if she didn’t tell him her identity, wouldn’t he kill Chongzhen. Ah Kau said she doesn’t have a choice. Ching Ching dips in congee for Ah Kau.

The eunuch greets the general Li Zicheng who becomes the majesty. The eunuch brought the former prince of Ming tied up. The prince said Chongzhen listened to the bad guys. He just hopes the general can treat the people well. The prince bit the eunuch’s hand. The official called the eunuch a rebel. The general ordered the eunuch for execution. Sing Chi and the official beg the general Li Zicheng to treat the previous Ming’s family well.

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