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Crimson Saber episode 34 recap

Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he remembers she told him the story of the flute by the harbor. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that her father gave her the flute. He was always busy so he likes listening to her playing the flute when he is depressed. She remembered she used to play the flute for her father. But too bad now the world is in chaos and she doesn’t know where her father is and she didn’t bring the flute with her. Sing Chi sneaks in the palace and stole the flute.

Ah Kau had a nightmare that his father feels ashamed and suicide. Ah Kau woke up and eavesdrop on the monk told the sect leader that he feels pity for the post sect leader to die along with Chongzhen. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi why did he lied to her, Chongzhen has hung himself up. Sing Chi asked Ching Ching what did she tell Ah Kau. Ah Kau fainted. Sing Chi told Ching Ching to let go and he carries Ah Kau. Ching Ching cries and picks up the flute.

Ching Ching plays the flute. Sing Chi told ChingChing to return the flute. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that this is her flute and she found it, how can he prove this flute belongs to Ah Kau. Ching Ching said Ah Kau said this flute so she has to return to her, so if she said he belongs to her then she has to return him to her. Sing Chi asked Ching Ching if she wants Ah Kau to die. She knows Ah Kau is injured but she told her the news of her father is dead. If anything happens to Ah Kau, he won’t forgive her. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi when did he see her said it, and even if she said it, she didn’t lie. Eventually Ah Kau will know that her father is dead. Sing Chi said Ah Kau is injured and can’t be hurt more. Ching Ching told Sing Chi he defends Ah Kau. When she was almost dead, did he cares for her. He only knows how to take care of Ah Kau. He has never looked at her. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi if he dares to make a vow he doesn’t care for Ah Kau. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to not tell her that he loves them both. She rather take it all or nothing. Ching Ching said she can’t split her heart. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi who does he choose. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to not worry. She is fine. He can worry about Ah Kau and her being in terrible state. Sing Chi slapped Ching Ching two times. The flute broke. Sing Chi told Ching Ching he didn’t meant it. He understands how she feel. Ah Kau is being injured so he can’t leave her. He promises when Ah Kau is well, she will leave her and married Ching Ching. Sing Chi promises he won’t disappoint her. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi when he leaves Ah Kau, can he forget her. He knows he can’t so why does he still wants to marry her. Ching Ching left and said she doesn’t want to see him again.

The sect member and the monk followed Ching Ching and cheers her up. Wan Sin told them to let her handle it. Wan Sin asked Ching Ching if she caused Sing Chi to be mad so he slaps her. Wan Sin told Ching Ching that she is not naive but cocky. She doesn’t want to drag the love so she made him mad so he slaps her. So she can leave him and wish them happiness. Ching Ching hugged Wan Sin and said she doesn’t know what to do. Ever since Ah Kau lost an arm, Sing Chi took care of her and even sneaked in the palace to steal the flute for her. She knows he will never forget Ah Kau. Ching Ching said Ah Kau is more miserable and need Sing Chi more than her. Wan Sin told Ching Ching that Sing Chi is naturally kind and won’t leave her. She knows he will marry her but she doesn’t want him to stay with her but has another woman in his heart. Ching Ching said it’s only this way that Sing Chi will forget her and take care of Ah Kau. Wan Sin hopes she won’t regret this decision.

Suyet Yee told Sing Chi that Ah Kau needs him. Ching Ching’s personality is stubborn like him and only can love one person. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi to wait after Ah Kau is well and think about it. A restaurant owner sent Suyet Yee a letter from Hong Yeuk. In Ching Ching’s house, Hong Yeuk pointed a sword at Ching Ching. Hong Yeuk said he has put a needle on Ching Ching and she can only live for three days. Hong Yeuk only has one wish is to marry him. Suyet Yee promises Hong Yeuk but she must release his daughter. Hong Yeuk wants Wan Sin to stay until she marries Suyet Yee. Ah Kau searches for Sing Chi and picked up her broken flute. The monk and the sect member told Ah Kau that Ching Ching got jealous and broke the flute and got slapped by Sing Chi. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that Ching Ching didn’t tell her about her father’s death, she overheard the sect member and the monk talking about it. Ah Kau showed Sing Chi her flute which she fixed. Ah Kau said she can fix the flute but she can’t play the song again. Ah Kau told Sing Chi as long as he remember the song she played for her then she’ll be happy. Don’t force what he can’t do. Ah Kau left and wrote a letter to Sing Chi that Ching Ching is fated to be with him and he should cherish her.

Tit Sau told Sing Chi that Hong Yeuk has kidnapped Ching Ching. Suyet Yee and Hong Yeuk gets married. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee he never treated her well and if she’s that hateful. She stole the treasure for her and betrayed her sect. She never regret it because she hopes they could run away together. She waited for her for seven days and night. She searched for him but found out he is with Wan Yee. she took the punishment of being bitten by snakes which ruined her face. She has waited for more than ten years. Suyet Yee said he has disappointed three women, Wan Yee, Wan Sin, and Hong Yeuk. He doesn’t regret marrying her. Hong Yeuk said she is not happy since he marries her because of Ching Ching. She is satisfied. She only have one request is for him to kiss her then she will give him the medicine. Hong Yeuk kisses Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk threw the bottle of medicine to Wan Sin. Wan Sin fought with Hong Yeuk. Suyet Yee threw up blood. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching he has brought her mother’s ashes and she must remember to bury his ashes with her mother. Ching Ching cries and told Suyet Yee he won’t die. Wan Sin kisses Suyet Yee and said they will live and die together. Wan Sin fainted on Suyet Yee. Sing Chi uses the frog and transfer energy for them. Ah Kau threw Wan Yee’s ashes on the sea and said he won’t keep her ashes because she will be in his heart. Wan Sin promises she will treat Suyet Ye, Sing Chi, and Ching Ching well.

Ching Ching told Sing Chi she knows he truly cares for her but the person in his heart is still Ah Kau. He is a hero so he can’tgo against his conscience to cheer her up. She will go with him to the palace to find Ah Kau. Hopefully after that he will think carefully who he wants to stay with the rest of his life.

The official told Sing Chi that the majesty fell for Chen Yuan Yuan and neglected his duties. Sing Chi told the official to go with him to search for Ah Kau in the palace. The official told Li Zichen that Chen Yuan Yuan is a concubine of Ng Sam Kwai and the rumor will make him regret. The official told the majesty to return Chen Yuan Yuan to Ng Sam Kwai so he can feel relieved.

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