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Crimson Sabre episode 35 recap (Finale)

The soldiers begged Li Zicheng to release Chen Yuan Yuan. Li Zichen refuses to hand over her to Ng Sam Kwai. The official took of his hat in request for Li Zicheng to leave Chen Yuan Yuan. Li Zichen was about to kill the official, Sing Chi held his hands. The official took off his hat for Li Zichen gto spare Sing Chi. Li Zicheng forbids Sing Chi to step in the palace. The official gave the map of treasure to Sing Chi. He drinks wine with Sing Chi and his friends. The kids sang a song that the official wrote about welcoming Li Zicheng and don’t have to pay tax. The official spit blood and died. He told Sing Chi that he feels ashamed toward the people. He said he drank poisonous wine. He rather die to repent his mistake.

Wan Sin told Sing Chi that Ah Kau is the former princess of Ming, if she’s been found then there will be news. Ching Ching feels ashamed until they find Ah Kau. The priest attacked Wan Sin in the woods. The priest grabbed the female disciple and said he came here to catch Sing Chi and Suyet Yee but he has the fortune to meet them pretty ladies. The majesty’s priest threw a net at Tit Sau. He took Ching Ching, Tit Sau, and the female priest away. The priest touched Tit Sau and Ching Ching’s face. He stands up waiting for Sing Chi and Suyet Yee. Ching Ching told the majesty’s priest he always win and lose and then win and lose. The priest was about to hit her with his sword. He laughed and said he will rape them so they lose their names. The majesty’s priest was about to rape the female disciple. Wong Tsan and the disciple came and fought with the majesty’s priest and got injured. The priest came. The majesty’s priest punched the priest. Ah Kau, who is the priest’s new disciple checked up on him. The majesty’s priest said the priest did a good thing for him, Ah Kau is prettier than his three ladies. The majesty’s priest said he will finish the priest then rape Ah Kau.

Suyet Yee wonders about the majesty’s priest’s motive of kidnapping the girls but releasing Wan Sin. The priest pointed a sword at the priest. The priest told the majesty’s priest to kill him. The priest realized that the majesty’s priest wants to use him to stop Sing Chi’s power. The priest bumped himself in the cauldron. Sing Chi checks up on him. The priest told him to kill the majesty’s priest. The majesty’s priest told Sing Chi to choose to heal the priest or kill him. Sing Chi transfers energy for the priest. The majesty’s priest told Sing Chi to take his time while he have fun with the girls. The majesty’s priest touched Ah Kau. The sect members came and fought with the majesty’s priest. Sing Chi fights with the priest. The doctor transfer energy for the priest while Sing Chi fights with the majesty’s priest. Suyet Yee and Wan Sin watches. Suyet yee said it looks like the majesty’s priest know the key to the saber. Suyet Yee recites the steps. The doctor asked Sing Chi why does he keep on reusing the same steps. The doctor pushed the priest and he pushed the sword toward the majesty’s priest. The majesty’s priest laid flat dead.

Sing Chi and his sect wishes the doctor to long live. The doctor laughed and hoped that everyday will be crowded like today. Ching Ching asked the priest how did he accept Ah Kau as her disciple. The priest said Ah Kau stayed at where Chongzhen suicide. He persuaded her three days and night. After saving her, he found out she is Princess Chang Ping from the previous dynasty. But after they left the palace, something big happened. Ng Sam Kwai has brought the Manchu soldiers to fight Li Zicheng because he was mad at him stealing Chen Yuan Yuan. Li Zicheng has left the palace.The sect members sighed that they are better at living their wandering lives than interfere with those palace politics. The doctor gave Wong Tsan his new sect leader post.

By the beach, Sing Chi asked Ah Kau if she is still upset over Chongzhen’s death. Ah Kau said she thought carefully that everything has its consequences. Not everything can be be controlled. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that she is happy meeting him and they won’t be enemies from now on. Sing Chi said their mutual enemies is the Manchu. Ah Kau said one day she will drive away the Manchu and return the land to her Ming. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to not neglect what he have for what happened in the past. Now Ching Ching is the one for him. Ching Ching same and told AH Kau that she is wrong, she is the one for him. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to not lie to himself, he has never forgotten Ah Kau. Ching Ching told Ah Kau that since they are not enemies, she should return to Sing Chi. Ah Kau told Ching Ching she is wrong, she has made her decision. Ah Kau took her hat off showing her baldness. Ah Kau said she has worship the god. Ching Ching is hte one who will stay by Sing Chi. Ah Kau wishes Ching Ching and Sing Chi happiness.

Wan Sin and Suyet Yee told Sing Chi and Ching Ching to sit. Wan Sin said she and Suyet Yee plans to stay in the mountain. Wan Sin gave Ching Ching her paren’ts jade to give to her kids. Wan Sin asked Ching Ching if she have thought carefully. Ching Ching said her mother will be in Suyet Yee’s heart but he still cares of Wan Sin whereas she knows that Sing Chi loves Ah Kau but she is blessed to live with him. Wan Sin said there’s are upsetting things in life but we shouldn’t regret.

Sing Chi and Ching Ching bids farewell to Suyet Yee and Wan Sin and plans to travel around the world. The prince surrounded Sing Chi and his friends as they leave by the shore. The prince told Sing Chi that if he doesn’t work for him then he won’t let him leave and the Manchu will be in danger. Sing Chi doesn’t know if the prince truly wanted to be his friend but he knows he is brave. He doesn’t break his promise. If he doesn’t believe he has started a new life then he doesn’t know what to say. Sing Chi left with his friends in the canoe. The prince retreat and said Sing Chi is a gentleman and he doesn’t want to pus him.

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