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In the Realm of Fancy episode 1 recap

People on the street warned Lei Xuan not to buy incense sticks and lanterns on the street. Lei Xuan said he will buy it all. Stall owners fight for him. Ching Ao Gum pushed them. They left. Ao Gum asked Lei Xuan why did he still buy them even though he knew those were fake. Lei Xuan said those were tricks and if he must con them he must use better tricks. Ao Gum and Lei Xuan went in the temple. Ao Gum piggyback Lei Xuan walking on the ladder. The wind blew. A man held a pink slipper and claimed it belongs to a goddess. Ao Gum helped a wife who’s feet stepped on the blocks. He gave her his shoes. The priest performed his spell that the people have angered the goddess by getting into fights.

Ao Gum got nervous that they have angered the goddess. Lei Xuan doesn’t believe in goddess. Lei Xuan wonders why the wife lost a shoe. Ao Gum’s mother told Ao Gum to take care of Lei Xuan. Ao Gum showed his mother the pink slipper of the goddess. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum to smell the pink slipper. He smelled it and found it smells. Ao Gum said the goddess haven’t washed her feet for several days.

Ao Gum showed the slipper to the people and told the people to pray in front of temple to gain respect from the goddess. Lei Xuan prayed for the goddess to safely come back. The priest’s wife dressed up as a goddess. Ao Gum chases her and asked her why she disguises as a goddess.

Lei Xuan told the priest and his wife that the goddess won’t return because of her slipper, only greedy people like them will. The priest said there was a rumor a hundred years ago about a goddess in the painting, and his grandpa built this temple and it became successful. For the past few years it has been successful and handed to him in the third generation. The temple haven’t been renovated so it is very dirty. He asked people to donate to the temple to renovate the temple. He told his wife to clean the painting. They and his disciple wiped the painting of the goddess causing a hole Tomorrow is the grand opening. So she disguised as a goddess and stand inside the white fabric and the light will shine through her. When it is crowded, she jumped down the underground.Lei Xuan said he suspected when he touched the fabric and it is still ten years old but the tale has been known for a hundred years and her slipper is so stinky and big. The people protest in front of the temple. Lei Xuan painted the goddess while Ao Gum recited the poem. The people pray. Ao Gum told Lei Xuan that he is missing a red knot. Lei Xuan told them to bow. Ao Gum tied the red ribbon.

Ao Gum told Lei Xuan he believes there’s a goddess. Lei Xuan won’t believe there’s a goddess. Ao Gum asked his mother if there’s a goddess. Ao Gum’s mother said Lei Xuan doesn’t believe in goddess since he’s rich while they believe in goddess to give them hope. Ao Gum’s mother said she wishes for him to be smart and healthy.

Ao Gum chopped the tree and whined he is dumb and fail at studying. Some servants dropped the golden sword in the river. The maid told her master about it. Bai Chur Wun washes her feet in the lake and Ao Gum eavesdrop on her. Chur Wun asked him for direction and he fell down the lake. Ao Gum thinks she is the goddess. Ao Gum told Lei Xuan that the goddess is here. Lei Xuan saw the goddess on the painting blinks and he couldn’t believe it and about to tear up the painting. Mo Chan Chi came in and told Lei Xuan and the people he’s the goddess. Ao Gum fought with the priest’s wife and fell. Chur Wun took a bath. Her maid knocked down Ao Gum. Lei Xuan asked Chur Wun to do him a favor by exposing a con.

Lei Xuan came to the temple and told Chan Chi that the goddess is the most beautiful girl in this world. He told the people to listen to Chan Chi. Lei Xuan said if they listen to the goddess she will come to this temple. Chur Wun came and said she came here to punish someone. Chan Chi bowed and apologized he haven’t found this person. Chur Wun punishes Lei Xuan for being rude to her.

Comment: My motivator to recap wuxia series is here.

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