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In the Realm of Fancy episode 2 recap

Chan Chi told the people to catch Chur Wun. Chur Wun fainted. Lei Xuan sort out the books and his hand got twisted. Gao Um massaged Lei Xuan’s hand. Gao Um said maybe Chur Wun will disguise into the goddess. Go Gum told Lei Xuan that the demon used the goddess’s name to hypnotize people. The goddess doesn’t like it so she disguise into Chur Wun. Lei Xuan said then there’s no need for official, and Chur Wun can just catch the bad guys. Lei Xuan said he will have a way to destroy the demon’s plan. Chan Chi scared the maid during the night. Chan Chi did a spell while the maid carried Chur Wun. Chan Chi to burn the woods. Lei Xuan told Chi Chan to open the door. People pray. The fire surrounded Chur Wun. Lei Xuan ordered the guards to break into the door. Chi Chan told Lei Xuan he is late. Lei Xuan asked Chi Chan why didn’t he wait for him so he can bids farwell to the goddess. The tomb shakes and praised Chi Chan for helping him. Chi Chan bids farewell. The tomb told Chi Chan to follow him. Chi Chan trembled. Lei Xuan congrats Chi Chan and said he will spend then thousand taels to burn him. Chi Chan freaked out and told the people to put him down. He admits conning people. Ao Gum brought Chur Wun in. Lei Xuan said he saved Chur Wun and carved the letter on the tomb.

In the court, Lei Xuan asked Chi Chan he has doubts and wondered how he hypnotized others. Chi Chan said he only knows how to use spell but don’t know how to break the spell but the book did show how. Lei Xuan ordered the guards to arrest Chi Chan for using the book to lure the people. Ao Gum hit the drum to wake up Chur Wun’s maid. Lei Xuan yelled at the maid that the sedan chair has arrived. Ao Gum yelled there’s abalone. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum to give him gold. He ring it on the maid. The maid wakes up and asked them where’s he gold.

Lei Xuan told the maid to think carefully what Chur Wan loves the most. Ao Gum said Chur Wun loves Lei Xuan the most. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun to wake up. The maid told Lei Xuan to put more emotion and say some love poem. Ao Gum’s mother told him to play an instrument. Ao Gum asked Lei Xuan why did he wears his shoes backward. Lei Xuan said it makes him think faster. Ao Gum switched his shoes.

The maid carried a box in Chur Wun’s room and screamed there’s a ghost. Ao Gum’s mom knocked on the maid. Ao Gum’s maid said she’s lighting the candle. The maid and Gao Um’s mother showed each other their boxes of candles. They lighten the candles. Gao Um’s mother told Gao Gum that they lighten the candles so the Chur Wun’s shadow will return to her. Lei Xuan stared at Chur Wun on the bed and blames himself for telling her to disguise into the goddess to help him catch the con. Lei Xuan remembers giving Chur Wun a rose. Chur Wun asked him if he loves her, if he loves her then kiss her. Lei Xuan was about to kiss Chur Wun but Ao Gum bumped his head. Lei Xuan asked why are there so many flies that won’t leave. He shakes the cover and it touches the candle causing a fire. Lei Xuan carries Chur Wun and told her not to be scared. He will protect her. Chur Wun wakes up and said she knows he will protect her. Ao Gum put a cover on Lei Xuan and Chur Wun and told them to leave. Ao Gum ran through the fire.

The maid combed hair for Chur Wun and said they’ve had bad luck ever since they came to town. The made freaked out and said she saw a burnt hair. The maid put some flowers’ on Chur Wun’s hair to leave out the scent of the burn. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun he thought the flowers are weird but looking carefully, it looked special. Lei Xuan hangs out with Chur Wun. The stall owner told Chu Wun she looks familiar. Her maid said she’s the goddess. Go Um told him that he’s the one hundred eighty eight person who said this. The people looked at Chur Wun. Ao Gum said Chur Wun is a Bei not a goddess. Lei Xuan wants to put a hairpin on Chur Wun. The maid accidentally touched Chur Wun’s hair. Chur Wun asked if her hair is messed up. Lei Xuan told her to let him put the hairpin. Chur Wun left.

Lei Xuan and Ao Gum waits for Chur Wun during dinner. The maid told Lei Xuan that Chur Wun sent her to tell him that she won’t come for dinner. The maid said Chur Wun doesn’t feel good inside but she doesn’t blame her since he didn’t cheer her up. The maid said dropping the hair pin is a small thing but her burnt hair being showed is a big thing. The maid said Chur Wun always take time to dressed up and even if her hairpin is crooked, she will not go out. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum to buy a huge mirror. Ao Gum brought plenty of mirrors to Lei Xuan. The maid said but there’s none of that size.

Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if he remembers the first time he met her. The first time he visits her was when her mother did her hair for her and he also complimented her hair. She then cherish making her hair. Lei Xuan asked Chur Wun if she remembers when they went in the mountain, she is always the slowest. Her brother also laughed about it. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan she remembers he laughed the loudest and she was happy hanging out with him. Chur Wun said then he went to become a magistrate. She felt lonely. Chur Wun said luckily there’s still the mirror for her to share her anxiety. She looked at the mirror just like having him by her side. It would be nice to find the mirror.

Lei Xuan told Ao Gum he understands the mirror is important to Chur Wun. When the mirror fall down is just like him being pushed down. Ao Gum tied a rope in his body and climbed down the lake. Ao Gum swam down in the water and picked up the large mirror. Chur Wun looked in the mirror and found her face strange. The maid yelled at Ao Gum for upsetting Chur Wun.

Comment I need this ancient series for the meantime. I love ancient series.

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