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In the Realm of Fancy episode 3 recap

Ao Gum asked himself in front of the mirror what’s he’s doing. It is okay he looks ugly but Chur Wun is a princess and matches with Lei Xuan. Now he made her upset, how can he solve this? Chur Wan feels shaky while she’s doing her hair. Lei Xuan feels shaky while he’s writing a calligraphy. They and the maid and Ao Gum’s mother walked outside. They watches Ao Gum breaking the mirror with an axe. Chur Wun told Ao Gum she doesn’t think the mirror can be fixed.

Ao Gum cleaned the mirror the whole night at the beach. Ao Gum stopped an official in the middle of the road. Lei Xuan greets the official. The official asked Lei Xuan why did he let the court be so dusty. Lei Xuan said it is a good thing since there’s no cases so the world is peaceful. The official brought Ao Gum in. Ao Gum interrogated Lei Xuan and asked him there’s many roads to take but why did he blocked other people’s road. Ao Gum said he was about to pack up but he wasn’t aware the official will come this way. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum he should step aside when the official came. He could have step aside, why did he blocked the way. Ao Gum said he could have went the other way but there’s no way to avoid the official. Lei Xuan said Ao Gum went first and can’t tell the official to step aside. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum he just wanted to save people. The official accepts Ao Gum’s statement and finds him innocent.

The official visits Lei Xuan and told him he could have stayed in the palace but decided to stay here. Lei Xuan likes the quiet environment here. The official told Lei Xuan that if this place is peaceful then there wouldn’t be someone who use the goddess name to con others. The official said if anything happens he will put the blame on him. The maid told Chur Wun that her father is here. Chur Wun looked in the mirror. Chur Wun greets her father. Chur Wun asked her father if there’s anything different about her. She has done her hair in different style. She asked him if it looks prettier. She and Lei Xuan has exposed bad guys. Chur Wun said she’s a grown up, everyone is busy so she is taking care of herself. Chur Wun told her father he is always busy in the palace and it’s been four months he haven’t returned home. She is always alone. She is bored so she visited Lei Xuan. Chur Wun and Lei Xuan looked in the mirror. Chur Wun thanked Ao Gum for fixing the mirror. She told him to look in the mirror and they look different now. Lei Xuan told Chun Wur that pretty girls look pretty in the mirror. Pretty girls have nice hearts which is the prettiest in the world. Chur Wun looked in the mirror and smiles.

During the night Ao Gum saw the soldiers wanted to kill the horse. He fought with them and got arrested. Chur Wun’s father asked Ao Gum what does he want him to do and why does he always block him. Ao Gum told Chur Wun’s father that he is willing to take the blame but the horse is innocent. Chur Wun told Ao Gum that if his horse gets scared of small thing, he would be in danger during the war. Lei Xuan said though the horse is useless but it doesn’t deserve to die. Chun Wur’s father said he brought fifty thousand soldiers to war and those useless horses are poultry for them. Ao Gum said there’s no more wars and those horses help him win the war. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun’s father that Ao Gum cares for the horse and he can calm down. Chur Um’s father told them that they sympathize like a girl and he doesn’t want to argue. He orders the soldier to tie up the horses. Ao Gum prayed for god to save the horses. No ones want to die.

Chur Wun brought sweet dessert for her father. Chur Um’s father ate the dessert found it taste delicious and sweet. He asked her if she knows to cook other food, then she can cook for him. Chur Wun said if he has the time to return home. Chur Wun’s father said he is busy with work and she should be understanding. She knows he really loves her. Chur Wun inserted her hand and said since he loves her the most, he promised to buy her a special hairpin. Chur Wun told her father she doesn’t blame him for not remembering it but she isn’t as important as his work. Chur Wun’s father told Chur Wun as long she isn’t mad he can give her what she wants. Chur Wun wants his horses. Chur Wun’s father laughed and said he should have known she came prepared.

Ao Gum releases the horse and thanked Chur Wun. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun she has saved a life with her words. She is like a goddess.

The five officials returned to Lei Xuan’s house. Chur Wun’s father yelled at the officials for not staying in the palace. Chur Wun came and greets the brothers. During dinner, Chur Wun picked up lettuces for her father. The five brothers ate the meals at the restaurant and said they have fresh food. Chur Wun’s father got mad and told Lei Xuan that people with small views are willing to be officials in a small town. Chur Wun’s father said some people don’t know how to work their way up and be an official just to have fun and eat. Chur Wun’s father said he’s been an official for forty years, they have to know how to read to have a future. Chur Wun’s father said when they become officials, they can help the people. Chur Wun’s father told a brother to recite a poem. A poor elder heard the poem. Chur Wun’s father got mad the brother can’t finish the poem. Chur Wun’s father yelled that a person who doesn’t work hard is a useless person just like that poor elder. Chur Wun’s father said he hates lazy people and he doesn’t deserve a coin. The soldiers drove the poor elder man out.

Ao Gum helped the elder man up. Ao Gum gave food to the elder man. Lei Xuan apologized to the elder man. Lei Xuan gave the elder man a new bowl. Lei Xuan told the elder man he seems like a gentleman, why did he come to town. The elder man said he didn’t come to beg for money, he just wanted to listen to the poem. The elder man brought Ao Gum to his temple. He dug out potatoes and gave it to him.

Chur Wun’s father asked the five brothers what they have done. Chur Wun’s father said lazy people won’t have good achievement just like the poor elder man who is useless. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun’s father that everyone have their own path, a person who works hard may not have high achievement. Chur Wun’s father said he’s right, there are some knowledgeable people who just hang out. Lei Xuan said some people think they are always right. Chur Wun said he already helped them, they only need to work hard. Lei Xuan asked about poor people who have heard of the poem. Flashback of the elder man said he was farming and the government force everyone to learn the poem so he learn it. He can recite the poem. He earned tenth place. Chur Wun’s father said if he is educated, he must take the exam. He obviously didn’t work hard. There was a war and he taught the soldiers to go to war. He saw the the people are hungry and doesn’t have clothes and even children doesn’t have clothes. He doesn’t bear to kill them. He sees more harm by going to war. Because he didn’t kill the people, he got punished to a lower rank. He used his money to build a bun restaurant. Then the government wants to open another building so they tore down the business. Chur Wun’s father said teh captain won the war and got promoted. He became a secretary of state. Lei Xuan said the high rank officials get to enjoy their life while the lower rank got their land taken but no one cares for them. Chur Wun’s father said he only knows that if they work hard, they will enjoy their fortune. Lei Xuan said the person who suffer is the elder man.

Chur Wun’s father watches the elder man recites the poem and the food stall owner drove him. He digs up gold on the ground in his temple. He is thrilled he doesn’t have to be a poor man.

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