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Safety in asian drama spaces!

I created this asian drama blog due to my love of hk dramas and wuxia series. One thing I love being an hk drama fan and wuxia fan is I am surrounded by many likedminded asians. Yeah thank you tvb bloggers for welcoming me. I used to be a normal drama fan who chatted with many asians about wuxia and hk dramas and then created my own blog. But at least some drama bloggers told me they were glad I created this blog because there needs more hk drama blogs and wuxia blogs. Yeah I work really hard to find certain asian dramas and recapping them.

Yeah I made some likedminded asian guys and girl friends through tweeting and blogging about asian dramas. I also had some decent asian men commenting on my blog about wuxia series. I knew some awesome asian americans who blog kdramas also.

I’m a pretty shy girl and feeling safe being friends with mostly asians especially online when there are many creeps out there. I’ve been censoring myself on twitter on who I interact with since there are many creepy men out there who enjoys doxing asian women. I’m a pretty confident and strong girl. Even some asians from asian reddit chat with me about wuxia and asian dramas since we have mutual interest. Recently there are trolls who try to divide asians. Asian community is very divided. I couldn’t care there are different types of asians. I just follow different types of asians to see their views but no way I would let non asians taking over or speaking over asian community. Make it a space space for asians to talk about asian issues.

There are always creeps out there and I should be aware of it. Most of the time I just censor stuff and interact with other asians about asian dramas. I also censor stuff on my drama blog to make it safe.

I feel safest being surrounded by likedminded asians.


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