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In the Realm of Fancy episode 4 recap

Ao Gum’s mother brought yellow buns to Chur Wun’s father and the five brothers. Chur Wun’s father picked up a bun and asked the five brothers if the bun is so gold like a mountain of gold. Chur Wun’s maid said the bun is burnt. She can pick one and he can do better than her. The five brothers discuss about a fire arrow that acicdentally flew in another territory causing the land to be burnt. Chur Wun’s father asked the five brothers what would they do to solve it. A brother said he would apologize. A brother said they would compensate for them. A brother said he would attack to win. Lei Xuan said attacking the weak won’t have any benefit. Lei Xuan asked what would they compensate for those people who got injured. Chur Wun asked her father if he has a way. Chur Wun’s father asked a brother how much does the land cost. The brother said it costs ten thousand taels. Chur Wun’s father said they will repay him ten times more. Chur Wun’s father said they won’t be criticized for bullying and they can have some merits. Lei Xuan said there are many things can’t be solved with money. Chur Wun’s father said if they apologized they will lose faces. If they give them money, people will sees them as educated. Chur Wun’s father told Chur Wun to pack up to go home with him.

Ao Gum’s mother told Ao Gum she cooked four chickens with two pounds of chicken wings with oysters for three days and night. Ao Gum is satisfied with smelling the food. Ao Gum’s mother told Ao Gum that they have to know their situation and greed leave to falldown. Ao Gum wondered why the elder man became poor. Ao Gum’s mother said the poor elder man haven’t picked up food for the past few days.

Ao Gum visited the poor elder man in the temple. The elder man showed Ao Gum his gold. He found the golds by digging. He said he haven’t eat, he’s been guarding the golds. Ao Gum told him to buy good food. Ao Gum told the elder man to dig a hole and hides the golds. The waiter criticized the elder man of not being able to afford food. The elder man ordered then buns. The elder asked Ao Gum he’s poor and how can he eat many good food. They will know he has golds. The customers stared at the elder man. The elder man is afraid someone will know he has golds. The elder man worries about his gold and rushed back to the temple and told Ao Gum to pay for the buns. The elder man counted the golds. Ao Gum brought buns for him. The elder man asked him when did he come.

Chur Wun sighed if she knew they would leave early, she wouldn’t pack so much stuff. The maid told her that this place is tight and dangerous, it’s better if they leave early. She almost got burnt by Chi Chan. The maid said Lei Xuan was just lucky for picking up the manuel. They have to be careful of demons. Chur Wun looked at the drawing of her and Lei Xuan. Chur Wun reads the manuel of her feelings with Lei Xuan. If they are fated to be a couple but they have different tastes. If they stay together, there’s hope of love but if leave each other they will be hurt. Ao Gum brought food for the elder man at the temple. The elder man is scared of other people stealing golds. He and Ao Gum locked the doors. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan a question from the manuel. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun to not read this manuel anymore. Ao Gum told Lei Xuan that something happened to the elder man. Ao Gum went in the elder man’s temple. The elder man said he spent the night digging this large hole. He digs more holes so people won’t know where’s the gold is located. Chu Wun made desserts for her father and told him to not make him come home. Chur Wun’s father sighed that Lei Xuan’s previous two generations were high ranked official so he married Lei Xuan to her. Lei Xuan came and asked Chur Wun’s father why must they give golds to the victims of the burnt land. He asked him they must paid ten times of the price of land.

The elder man search for the gold. Lei Xuan, Chur Wun and her father eavesdrop the elder man keeping his gold. Chur Wun’s father suggests Ao Gum to take away the gold from the elder man. Ao Gum wishes there was a miracle saving the elder man. Chur Wun remembered the fate was written in the manuel. Lei Xuan reads the poem that a person who has many objects but can’t pass through the door, his mind will be confused. The maid sneaks in the kitchen and ate abalones. She found it fresh but missing some flavors. The maid ate half of the pot of abalones. She left. Ao Gum’s maid asked her why she’s in the kitchen. She checked the abalones and confront her of eating her abalones. The maid said when she came here, it was already like that. She didn’t see her eating abalones. Ao Gum’s mother said there’s only her. She told her to compensate for her abalones. The maid told Ao Gum’s mother that her son may have ate those abalones. Does he dare to swear she never gave her son some. Lei Xuan came. Ao Gum’s mother told Lei Xuan that Chur Wun’s maid ate her abalones. Lei Xuan told her to forget it. Ao Gum’s mother said Chur Um’s father will leave in a few days. Chur Um told her that she doesn’t think her father will mind. Chur Um’s maid smiled and looked in the mirror.

Ao Gum blew a scent of abalones toward the maid. The maid steps out of the room and asked Ao Gum why is he being sneaky in front of her. Ao Gum told her to look in front of his eyes. The maid asked him what he can’t do. Lei Xuan said he believes she is innocent. The maid said she is innocent. She didn’t eat the abalones. She closed the door. She sneaks in and ate some extra abalones. Ao Gum’s mother caught her and got freaked out. She ate some peppers. Ao Gum said she got affected by a sleeping powder. Lei Xuan said he is testing it, if it works he will use it on the elder man.

Lei Xuan and Ao Gum watch the elder man crawling and picking up gold. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum to talk to him while he’s doing the spell. The elder man fainted. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum to picked up water. The elder man grabbed Lei Xuan’s neck. Lei Xuan told him to calm down. He laid down. He dreamed of when he first found gold. The elder man wakes up and asked Ao Gum where’s his gold. He dug out a few golds. He asked Lei Xuan to eat with him. The elder man said it’s enough gold. The elder man ate with Ao Gum that if he has plenty of gold, he would be scared of losing them or people stealing them. The elder man told Ao Gum he can keep the golds but if he has golds, he rather use it all. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun’s father some people love fame but some loves freedom. The elder man invited the visitors in the temple to eat dog’s meat. After today, he will be back being poor then they have to take care of him.

Lei Xuan told Chur Wun’s father that people want simple things but because he is a high ranked person, he forgot. Lei Xuan brought Chur Wun’s father to eat. Lei Xuan tasted the food and found it tastes good. Chur Wun’s father tasted it and understand it is the taste of the people. Chur Wun’s father told the five brothers to taste the food and they found it good. Chur Wun’s father said he used to think what he did was what the people need but he never thought what people needed.

Chur Wun’s father sighed he’s leaving tomorrow. He plans on using golds to build the farmland for the victims. Chur Wun’s father told Lei Xuan to not think he will hand over his daughter to him. If she loses a string of hair, he won’t let it slide. Lei Xuan and Chur Wun bid farewell to Chur Wun’s father. The maid covered her face with a tissue and she revealed her red lips for eating too much peppers. Chur Wun’s father asked Lei Xuan if he remembers what he told him.

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