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The asian drama and movie streaming site been recently shut Down in October 16, 2018. It was my main go to site to watch kdramas. I found it by watching My Girl 2009. An hk drama fan recommended me to watch some korean romance comedies My Girl, Full House, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. DramaFever kinda made my life easier finding some old and new kdramas to watch.

I used to interact with DramaFever on their facebook fanpage and got to know the staff and the fans. When I first created my twitter account, I first followed DramaFever and tweeted at them. They followed me back a few days later. Then I got to interact and tweet with DramaFever Staff and fans. I got to know some kdrama bloggers and fans from them. Those were the time before DramaFever was sold to Warner Bros. Fun times. I also knew some of my closest asian american girl friends who are both DramaFever Staff and fans. I sometimes give some ideas to DramaFever and bloggers and vloggers on kdrama topics. Some of my closest dramaFever bloggers and buddies are YamiHelen, DapowerZ, Zoe Kpoptv, and NancyZDramaland. It was good time networking with DramaFever.

Now DramaFever is gone, I would recommend watching kdramas and cdramas on Viki, or youtube, or on other sites you can find. You can also buy them on Yesasia.

❤ Jac

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