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In the Realm of Fancy episode 5 recap

Lei Xuan told Ao Gum and Chur Wun compared Chur Wun’s father being her to a war. Now it’s more peaceful when Chur Wun’s father leave. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if he hates her father that much. Lei Xuan said he is just saying how he feels. Lei Xuan said when Chur Wun’s father is here, they always eat fish, now he wants more light food. Lei Xuan ate congee.

The maid criticized Ao Gum’s mother of cooking dried mushrooms. While the Ao Gum’s mother went shopping for more ingredients, the maid ate the dried mushroom in the pot. The maid said Ao Gum’s mother isn’t generous but at least she knows how to cook. Ao Gum’s mother went to the kitchen and tripped. The maid helped her. During dinner, Chur Wun smiled and told her maid she is rarely quiet. Ao Gum’s mother brought the bowl of mushroom and told Lei Xuan that the mushrooms are missing. The maid said last time she only tasted the abalones, this time she didn’t want to taste the mushroom since she can find dogs to eat it. The maid accused Ao Gum’s mother of eating the mushrooms. She showed her clothes are dirty. Ao Gum told Lei Xuan that her mother wouldn’t eat it. The maid said Ao Gum’s mother didn’t say anything which means she admitted it. Lei Xuan believes Ao Gum’s father isn’t like that. The maid said Ao Gum’s mother is a good person but came from poor background and don’t know how to appreciate good food. Sometimes she’s full and she’s hungry so they can be understanding. Ao Gum’s maid said though she’s poor but she also work hard as a maid. Lei Xuan told her he never consider her as a slave. The maid said it’s hard to beware of thieves. Ao Gum’s mother wants to die to prove her innocence. The maid said let Ao Gum’s mother die. Lei Xuan hit his hand on the table and said he trusts Ao Gum’s mother. He is very hungry. He told Ao Gum’s mother to buy more ingredients.

Ao Gum told his mother to sigh to him. Ao Gum’s mother feels useless that Ao Gum isn’t successful. Ao Gum’s mother said if she can’t think for herself, he will be criticized. Chur Um’s maid is also a maid but why Ao Gum’s mother must be bullied. Ao Gum’s mother blames herself. Lei Xuan joked to Chur Um he is trying to figure out to make the maid mute. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if he knows who ate the mushrooms. Lei Xuan said it is definitely not Ao Gum’s mother. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if he suspects her maid. Lei Xuan said there’s no proof he can’t say it. Chur Wun said if there’s evidence, she won’t protect her maid. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan to look in the manuel.
Ao Gum bowed in front of Lei Xuan and Chur Wun and begs them to investigate the case for his mother. He knows he comes from poor background and uneducated. He has to be mature to help her mother. Lei Xuan gave Ao Gum the manuel to solve the problem himself. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan he gave Ao Gum the manuel so he can become a gentleman. Lei Xuan told her not to put him so high. He gave him the manuel so he doesn’t bother him . Ao Gum’s mother brought the basket of more ingredients. Lei Xuan told her to go out and eat. She wants to cook for dinner. Lei Xuan told the maid not to show her lips. Ao Gum read a line in the manuel that bad guys have to be punished.

Ao Gum and Chur Um and her maid went out to eat mushrooms. The maid ate it fast. The maid told Chur Wun that those mushrooms were healthy, her lip is back to normal. Ao Gum pray and stood in front of the maid that the trial is fair, bad guys will be punished. The maid looked at him thinking he thinks the mushroom made her look prettier. The maid got stomach ache and went to the restroom. Ao Gum told the maid to admit her mistakes or she will be punished again. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if she is naive. She doesn’t understand. Ao Gum said she found a line in the manuel that bad guys will be punished. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum he knew he could do it. It depends on his strength. Ao Gum told the maid to apologize to Ao Gum’s mother that she did ate the mushrooms, the the spell will be broken. The maid ache her stomach and said she didn’t do it. Lei Xuan told the maid if she doesn’t admit it she will go to the restroom continuously. The maid admits she ate the mushroooms and wiped her hands in Ao Gum’s mother’s clothe. Chur Wun told her maid to apologize to Ao Gum’s mother or the spell won’t be broken. Ao Gum’s mother told her to go to the restroom first while she will cook congee for her.

Lei Xuan told Chur Wun a secret that the maid ate too much wild mushroom so she threw up. He knows she is greedy so she ate lots of mushroom for her to be full. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun that it’s just they have to use the spell at the right moment. Lei Xuan lets Ao Gum keep the manuel but have to depend on hismself from now on. Ao Gum understands he must work hard to comprehend the manuel. Chur Wun praised Lei Xuan for motivating Ao Gum to work hard using the manuel but he won’t take credit. Lei Xuan said a gentleman doesn’t take credit for his work. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan she has plans for tomorrow going on the mountain and watching the beaches and clouds. Lei Xuan receives a letter that his brother passes the exam. Chur Wun went with Lei Xuan to visit his brother. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan how does she feels going with him. Chur Wun wonder how Lei Xuan’s brother. Lei Xuan said his brother is the most intellectual among his friends. The first time he met him in the palace, he knew he is a special person. Lei Xuan went out to eat with Ao Gum while letting Chur Wun and her maid eating alone at the restaurant. Lei Xuan wonder if his friend has changed.

Chur Wun and her maid watches a man performing with his snake. The snake scared Chur Wun. The man hugged Chur Wun. The maid confronted the maid for harassing Chur Wun. The man grabbed Chur Wun and demanded her to pay for the medical bills for stepping n his food. Yu Yurk Tung grabbed Chur Wun’s hand. He told the man he’s only a scholar. Yu Yurk Tung pray and the snake returned to his hole. He told the man he respects him for making a living. He doesn’t need to sacrifice his life for the snake. The man pours two wines in the cup and one has poison and he aasked Yu Yurk Tung to choose one. Yurk Tung mixes the two cups of wine and said though he was rude, he didn’t deserve to die. If he picked the wine without the poison, he will cause him to die. But if he picks the wine with the poison, he will feel lonely on the road. If they met each other by fate, then they should drink together. The man threw the cup and left. The maid thanked Yurk Tung of saving them. There are many bad guys in town and the place they want to go is too far. Yurk Tung leads Chur Wun and the maid. Yurk Tung stared at Chur Wun. The maid asked Yurk Tung she can poke his eyes. Chur Wun said their motel is a few blocks ahead, he can go home. Yurk Tung stood in front of Chur Wun. The maid punched him and about to poke his eyes. Ao Gum stopped her and asked her if she really wants to poke his eyes. Lei Xuan greets Yurk Tung and complimented his martial arts is still good.

In the motel, Yurk Tung said he drove the snake away by creating a scent when wiping his hands together. The maid said though he is skilled, he still lust Chur Wun and staring at her breast. Yurk Tung apologized to Chur Wun. Yurk Tung thought of his fiance Chun Yee Shuet. Yurk Tung heard a woman told Yee Shuet that she works to have money for Yurk Tung to take the exam while he just relax and study. He tore the paper. He went to chop woods. Yee Shuet read the poem and found it really good. She cooked for him and gave him money. Yurk Tung asked Yee Shuet how did she made that much money. She can’t make that much by just selling fabrics. Yee Shuet said she sold her necklace which her mother gave to her. Yurk Tung told Yee Shuet to pawn the pearl necklace back since it is her mother’s treasure. Yee Shuet told Yurk Tung if he works hard then one day he will become like a pearl. Yurk Tung prays in front of his ancestors and promised to work hard to compensate for his fiancee hard work. Chur Wun told Yurk Tung so he found her pearl necklace is the same. Yurk Tung wanted to request Chur Wun of buying the same pearl for him. Chur Wun gave her pearl necklace to Yurk. They walked on the mountain. They saw two kids killing a pair of birds. Yurk Tung went home and saw his white fabrics and his fiance dead.

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