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In the Realm of Fancy episode 7 recap

Chur Wun read Yurk Tung’s poem and asked Lei Xuan if Yurk Tung wants to kill himself. Lei Xuan said Yurk Tung wants to die for love. Lei Xuan said Yurk Tung is deeply in love but they can’t let him die. They have to cherish their lives. The maid said Yee Shuyet is dead and the princess is in love with him and why doesn’t Yurk Tung marry her. Chur Wu read the poem and wonder if when he smiles he meet someone else but he will forget his old lover. Ao Gum said if he doesn’t die then he will marry the princess which means he will make a mistake.

Lei Xuan worries that not following the edict means dead. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan she understands how Yurk Tung feels. He made a good match with Yee Shuyet but didn’t realize he is lonely. If one day Lei Xuan leaves her, she will still follows him. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun, he doesn’t want her to do silly things. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan, she doesn’t want him to be lonely. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun that when he suicides, he be able to reincarnate. If she can’t reincarnate then who will he be with? If he dies, she must continue making a living. Lei Xuan said he wouldn’t know what does Yee Shuyet want.

Lei Xuan reads the poem that Yee Shuyet rather not have wealth. Lei Xuan reads the poem being changed. He knocked on Ao Gum’s door and read the poem but the poem changed to normal. Chur Wun said it means to tell Yurk Tung to not die. The maid thinks he had a dream. Ao Gum thinks he has an illusion. Chur Wun understands he is frustrated about this incident, she told him to rest. Lei Xuan reads the poem and showed it to Ao Gum but it changed back to normal. Lei Xuan reads the manuel that if he is kindhearted enough, he can see Yee Shuyet’s soul.

Lei Xuan and Ao Gum prayed in front of Yee Shuyet’s grave. Lei Xuan asked Yee Shuyet if she has any wishes she haven’t completed, please appear so he can help. Ao Gum leaves so he won’t disturb he and Yee Shuyet. Lei Xuan heard a breeze and yelled at Ao Gum. He told Ao Gum to hide in one place. Ao Gum left and think he can clean up tomorrow. Lei Xuan heard a breeze and freaked out and went home. Ao Gum asked Lei Xuan if he’s scared. Lei Xuan reads the poem. Yee Shuyet then continues the poem and opened the door. Lei Xuan freaks out. Yee Shuyet told him to not be scare of her. Lei Xuan said it’s because he helped her and Yurk Tung married each other so he can see her. Yee Shuyet begs Lei Xuan to help her husband. Lei Xuan told Yurk Tung that he saw Yee Shuyet in his dream. Yurk Tung told Lei Xuan he lied for his own good. He told him to go home and keep Chur Wun.

Lei Xuan and Yurk Tung greets Yeung Chung and saw Chur Wun with him. The empress dowager looked at Chur Wun closely. The empress dowager asked Yurk Tung if he knew after he left, the princess was very ill. Lei Xuan told empress dowager that Yurk Tung left to visit his fiance at home. The empress dowager asked Yurk Tung if this time he truly wants to marry the princess and tell her personally. Yurk Tung visits the princess. Yurk Tung said flowers have to bloom and trees have to grow branches. He is willing to marry her and hopes he takes care before the marriage. The princess asked him why did he change his mind. Yurk Tung said he used to have a fiance but now she has passed away. The princess told Yurk Tung he is not cold blooded and his wife's body isn't cold. Was he forced? Yurk Tung denied it and said she appreciates being loved by her. The princess asked him if he truly loves her and if he could look at her in the eyes.

The empress dowager told Chur Wun that the princess was ill but now she has settled. Yeung Chung asked Chur Wun why did she go with Lei Xuan. Chur Wun said she knew Lei Xuan since she was a kid. Yeung Chung said but Lei Xuan doesn't think far. Yeung Chung said Lei Xuan is only a small official. If one day he orders him to lead the war, he will tremble. Yeung Chung said speaking of the war, he has grabbed the pearl. Yeung Chung showed Chur Wun a pearl which has a power to reincarnate. He plans to give it to the empress dowager. Chur Wun said this one thousand years pearl take a long time to possess the power.

The princess told the empress dowager she wants to cancel the wedding because Yurk Tung doesn’t love her. If he truly loves her, he wouldn’t tell her that. She knows he still misses his wife. The princess is afraid Yeung Cheung forced Yurk Tung to marry her. The empress dowager said Yurk Tung left so he isn’t afraid of Yeung Chung plus she has a good personality, even the most native person would fall for her. Lei Xuan and Ao Gum reads they can use the pearl to make the officials reincarnate to persuade the empress dowager. Ao Gum plans to steal the pearl.

Yee Shuyet begs Lei Xuan to help her reicarnate so she can see Yurk Tung. Lei Xuan thinks of a way that Ao Gum won’t be caught while sneaking in the palace. Lei Xua ntold Ao Gum he will go with him since he can put him back and he can also use illusion. A guard saw Ao Gum and Lei Xuan in the black suit and yelled for intruders. Lei Xuan uses illusion on him. Ao Gum and Lei Xuan sneaked in Empress Dowager’s room searching for the pearl. The guard opened the door. Lei Xuan uses illusion. Ao Gum and Lei Xuan leaves the room. Yeung Chung asked who’s there. Ao Gum fought with the guards. Yeung Chung took of his mask and said it’s Ao Gum. Yeung Chung hit him in the dungeon and asked him who’s his partner. Lei Xuan was about to say he did it. Ao Gum hit him on his head. Lei Xuan fainted.

Ao Gum wakes up and want to admit that he did it. The maid came and told Lei Xuan and Chur Wun that Yeung Chun wants to execute Ao Gum. The maid knocked down Lei Xuan. Yeung Chung threw an arrow at Ao Gum. Chur Wun took the arrow for Ao Gum. Yeung Chung checks up for Chur Wun. Yeung Chung yelled at the doctor to cure Chur Wun or he’ll execute him. Ao Gum sighed in the cellar hoping Chur Wun is alright. The doctor took off the arrow from Chur Wun’s body.

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