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In the Realm of Fancy episode 8 recap

Chur Wun wakes up and asks where’s Ao Gum. The doctor said she just lacks of blood and must rest. Cheung Chung yelled at the maid to leave since Chur Wun needs to rest. Chur Wun begs Cheung Chung to forgive Ao Gum. She was the one who ordered him to do it. Chur Wun said she greeds the pearl. Cheung Chung denied it since she grew up with many treasures. Chur Wun told Cheung Chung to punish her. Cheung Chung said he won’t take this case anymore. Cheung Chung told Lei Xuan and Ao Gum they can go home. Lei Xuan visits Chur Wun. Cheung Chung yelled at Lei Xuan for distracting her. Ao Gum held Lei Xuan up while they walk. The maid puts a coat for Chur Wun.

Cheung Chung brought Ginseng soup for Chur Wun. Chur Wun wonder when she can make this soup. She rather make the soup for the once she loves. Chur Wun said being injured is not as painful as being heartbroken. Chur Wun asked Cheung Chung what kind of love does he think it’s valuable. Cheung Chung said when the couple love each other. Cheung Chung said it’s just like the princess love Yurk Tung but have never looked at anyone else just like he haven’t looked at anyone. Chur Wun told Cheung Chung it is not easy to find someone who will sacrifice for her. Cheung Chung doesn’t agree that a lady should sacrifice her love for her man. If he cares for someone, why would he let her suffer for him. Chur Wun said wealth is just on the outside, the most important is they love each other. Cheung Chung said she is kind and understanding, whoever has the fortune to be loved by her is righteous. Cheung Chung said he made many achievement and it’s time for him to find a spouse. Cheung Chung asked her what does she thinks of him. Cheung Chung mumbles and sweat. The maid helped her lay on the bed. Chur Wun said she feels better now, and he doesn’t need to always visit her. Cheung Chung went to tell the servants to cook for her. The maid told Chur Wun she can tell that Cheung Chung has a crush on her.

The princess complimented Chur Wun as brave. Chur Wun said she doesn’t want anyone to die for her. Chur Wun looked a the pear on the princess. The princess said luckily the empress dowager has this pearl or else she wouldn’t be able to live. The princess said she was ill a few days ago but got well thanked to this pearl. The princess sighed to Chur Wun she worries that Yurk Tung still love her fiancee. The princess said she doesn’t want to force Yurk Tung but she can’t listen to the empress dowager and Cheung Chung. The princess told Chur Wun they are both young but she can live happily. Chur Wun took the princess to watch the fishes in the pond.

Yeung Cheung promises Yurk Tung that after he marries the princess, he will promote Yee Tsuyet as the first wife but he must remember this marriage is under the order of the majesty. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun to come with him and leave since Yurk Tung is getting married. Chur Wun told Yeung Chung she would like to stay to help the wedding and chatting with the princess. Cheung Yung yelled at Ao Gum to go home.

Lei Xuan wonder why Chur Wun wants to stay. The maid gave Lei Xuan a letter from Chur Wun. Cheung Chung gave the princess a red diamond necklace. The empress dowager told the princess out of all the princesses, she love her the most but she also worries about her since she is ill and her parents were dead at birth. Cheung Chung told the princess if Yurk Tung did something to her, he will confront him. The empress dowager told the princess as long as Yurk Tung is good to her, no one will be able to touch him. Chur Wun came to visit the princess. Cheung Chung wants to stay. The empress dowager told Cheung Chung that girls wants to chat alone.

The princess told Chur Wun she wonders if she should get married. Chur Wun looked at the pearl necklace and grabbed it. The maid and Ao Gum brought a big bottle of wine and claimed it’s a gift for Chur Wun. They waited for Chur Wun. The maid left claiming it’s the wrong bottle of wine. Lei Xuan digs the hole and apologized in front of Yee Shuyet’s body.

Yurk Tung reads the poem in front of Yee Shuyet’s tablet. Yee Shuyet’s reads the poem. Yurk Tung hugged Yee Shuyet. Yurk Tung held the wedding clothes and said he will wear it when Yeung Cheung promotes her then he will change it to the clothes she gave him and reunite with him. Yee Shuyet sewed the clothes she wanted to make for him before she died. Yurk Tung said as long as he can live with Yee Shuyet, he is willing to do everything.

Cheung Chung sits alone with Chur Wun on the tower. Cheung Chung said he knows the princess love Yurk Tung so he matches them up. Chur Wun said if he wants someone to be happy, it doesn’t mean he has to force them to be happy. Cheung Chung said Yurk Tung is happy being the prince, and whoever is his concubine will be happy. Chur Wun said she is happy being engaged to Lei Xuan. Chur Wun said though Lei Xuan isn’t a high ranked official but he is understanding. The guard came and told Cheung Chung that the princess is missing.

Yee Shuyet asked Yurk Tung if he remembers why she opened hte contest to choose a groom. Yurk Tung said she doesn’t choose wealth so she choose this poor guy. Yee Shuyet said a poor guy but his brain isn’t poor. He is her precious pearl. Yurk Tung told Yee Shuyet that she has suffered a lot because of him, only her can be his first wife. The princess heard them. Ao Gum fought with Cheung Chung and his guards. Lei Xuan came. Cheung Chung asked Lei Xuan what is his plan to kidnap the princess. Chur Wun said there’s no plan and he will understand when morning comes. The empress dowager came to see who has blocked her way.

Yurk Tung wears his clothing Yee Shuyet made for him. Yee Shuyet said he doesn’t know what she wants. Yee Shuyet said she doesn’t need wealth but she needs him to help the people. Morning rose. Yee Shuyet fainted and told Yurk Tung to promise her to live. Yee Shuyet said she doesn’t regret and she dies. The empress dowager listened. The princess fainted.

Lei Xuan, Chur Wun, Ao Gum, and the maid are willing to take the crime of stealing the pearl. Yurk Tung said he is the mastermind and pleads Yeung Chung to forgive them. Cheung Chung said he will tear up his clothing. The princess told Cheung Chung she was willing to leave the palace alone. Flashbacks of the princess gave Chur Wun the pearl while in return she will help her leave. The princess gave Ao Gum and the maid the pearl. Lei Xuan puts the pearl on Yee Shuyet’s body. Then the princess listened to Yurk Tung and Yee Shuyet’s chat and see how much they love each other. She doesn’t want to be in the middle of their love so she is willing to cancel the wedding. Cheung Chung said them ladies are crazy with love. Cheung Chung ordered the guards to bring the princess in her room while they execute Yurk Tung and his friends.

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