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In the Realm of Fancy episode 9 recap

The empress dowager came and yelled at Yurk Tung. The princess begged the empress dowager to forgive Yurk Tung. The empress dowager said she heard everything Yurk Tung said to his fiance. It reminds her of her love for the majesty twenty years ago. She wanted to die with the majesty. The majesty said the empress dowager can’t die with her. The empress dowager wonders why the other concubines and die with the majesty. He rather leave her. She feels that the majesty isn’t deeply in love with her. She also hates him. But when she heard Yurk Tung told Yee Shuyet those things, she understands that if they love each other why would they let him die for her. The majesty is like Yee Shuyet, he doesn’t want her to die for him. He broke the rule letting her live so she ran raise her son. The empress dowager told Cheung Chung he has grown up and the princess is kindhearted and letting go of love. The love between Yurk Tung and Yee Shuyet is inseperable. Though Yurk Tung and Yee Shuyet left each other, they still love each other and care for each other.

Cheung Chung reads the edict to promote Yee Shuyet as the first wife. Chur Wun encouraged Yurk Tung to be a good official. CHeung Chung told Lei Xuan that Chur Wun is a good girl. Many girls fall for him but when he found a girl for him he isn’t so lucky. Cheung Chung asked Lei Xuan if he knows he is fortunate to have Chur Wun. If he hurts Chur Wun, he won’t forgive him. Ao Gum went in the middle. Cheung Chung asked Ao Gum if he knows he can behead him. Ao Gum said he is not afraid for Lei Xuan. Cheung Chung said he’s good for being loyal and brave. Cheung Chung said he went to many wars but he never had a loyal person like Ao Gum. Cheung Chung told Ao Gum he has a loyal fiance and servant. Lei Xuan said he never consider Ao Gum as his friend, he always sees him as his friend. Cheung Chung told Lei Xuan to cherish what he have.

The maid got sea sick. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if she fell on the sea, would he save her. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan he doesn’t know how to swim. Lei Xuan said Ao Gum is good at swimming. Chur Wun asked if she and he fell down the sea, who would he tell Ao Gum to save first. Ao Gum asked Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum there’s a big fish. Chur Wun rather Ao Gum doesn’t save anyone. She rather dies wiht him. As Ao Gum catches the fish, the maid looked and fell down the sea. Chur Wun and Lei Xuan reads the manuel that they have to cherish what they have and go with the flow. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan that if they do not seperate from each other, they don’t need the manuel. Chur Wun rather be like Yee Shuyet and sew clothes. Lei Xuan looked at Chur Wun and said looking at the moon and be with each other is happiness.

Chur Wun wants to sew clothes for Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan smelled the cotton and sneeze. Chur Wun cut her finger with a cotton. The maid sees there are many cotton, and she pretended to sneeze and left. Ao Gum’s mother sneeze and cut her finger. Ao Gum is confident he can do it. He cut his finger. He covered his face and tore all the cotton. Chur Wun thanked the maid, Ao Gum and his mother for tearing up the cotton. The maid whined she worked hard. Chur Wun sewed clothes for Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan smiled and recited a poem for her. The fabric is too small. Chur whined that she has worked hard. She thought if she focused then she will make a good fabric. Lei Xuan said the fabric is good but the color is too old.

Chur Wun read many books searching how to dye the fabric. Ao Gum and Chur Wun search for manuel that explains how to dye the fabric. Lei Xuan asked Ao Gum why is his desk so messy. Lei Xuan said Chur Wun should have bought clothes instead of sewing and dying clothes. Ao Gum told Lei Xuan that he should appreciate that Chur Wun worked hard for him. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum how to dye the fabric. Ao Gum climbed down to find some rocks and flowers to dye. Chur Wun looked at Ao Gum’s scratched hands. She wrapped his hands with some fabric. Ao Gum’s mother said Ao Gum also picked up the cotton himself. Ao Gum said Lei Xuan told him what to materials to find. Ao Gum, Chur Wun, and her maid dye the fabric while Ao Gum’s mother cook. Lei Xuan, Ao Gum and his mom, Chur Wun and her maid ate dinner and got a stomach ache. Lei Xuan asked them if they know that there’s poison in the dye.

Lei Xuan came to a store to buy a dye. A lady complained the blush is fake. Lei Xuan explains how to make a blush and said it is legit. The lady asked Lei Xuan to hand her his handkerchief. She put wiped her red lips and told Lei Xuan to compare her blush with the color on her lipsticks. The lady returned the blush and told the store owner se must have been conned. She expects a real brand of blush next time. A crazy man followed the lady and said he really loves her while holding a knife. Lei Xuan came to stop him. He punched Lei Xuan. The lady’s servant threw the crazy man. The lady touched and kisses Lei Xuan’s hand.

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