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In the Realm of Fancy episode 10 recap

Lei Xuan saw a red lipstick mark on the costume. The lady told him that it won’t be washed off. Lei Xuan brought ink bags for Chur Wun. Chur Wun smelled Lei Xuan’s costume and asked why there’s perfume scent. Lei Xuan said when he bought the dye, the store owner accidentally spilled the dye on him so he washed it for him. Lei Xuan smelled his clothes and told Ao Gum to wash his clothes. Lei Xuan wonders why the lady put the lipstick mark on his handkerchief. Ao Gum caught the handkerchief and showed it to Lei Xuan and said there’s a lipstick mark. Lei Xuan said it is the mark of a leaf. He recited a poem and the leaf flew into the dye and stamp it into the fabric. Lei Xuan threw his handkerchief under the bucket of leaves.

The maid found a bucket of water. Chur Wun and Ao Gum’s mother each found three buckets of water. They need one more bucket of water and picked the bucket that has the handkerchief. Ao Gum told Chur Wun he wants a red fabric. Lei Xuan complained the red looks like dead. Chur Wun mixes the fabric with blue and yellow colors. Ao Gum suggests Chur Wun to mix seven colors to have a rainbow colors. Chur Wun doesn’t like the bronze color it turns out. Ao Gum is willing to wear the clothe. Chur Wun found a lipstick on the handkerchief and asked Lei Xuan why there’s a lipstick on his handkerchief. Ao Gum said it is a leaf mark. Ao Gum’s mother and the maid denied and are sure it’s lipstick mark. Lei Xuan said he drew the lipstick mark. Lei Xuan said yesterday he saw a pretty blush and wanted to buy for her. He thought of her red lipsticks so he drew on the handkerchief.

Chur Wun looked at the handkerchief and said her red blush isn’t as pretty as this red color of the lipstick mark. Lei Xuan said it is a fresh red. Lei Xuan said his red is made of when the flowers blooom which is why they are expensive. Chur Wun wants the red blush. Lei Xuan told Chur Wan he will buy for her the red fabric. Chur Wun wants to go with him to the store to buy the red blush. Lei Xuan threw the handkerchief but it flew back on his head. Ao Gum returned hte handkerchief to Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan said it looks likes a leaf mark to him but a lipstick mark to the ladies.

Lei Xuan brought Chur Wun to the store to buy the red blush. He yelled at the store owner to not mention about the incident last time. The lady saw Chur Wun walking with Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan pretends to twist his legs and told Chur Wun to go ahead in the teahouse. He threw the handkerchief. The lady picked up a handkerchief and some servants flirted with her. Ao Gum told Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan told Ao Gum not to be nosy. The lady’s servant punched the servants. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan that it loooks like he knows someone is going to save her. Does he know that lady? The lady returned the handkerchief to Lei Xuan and told him he must cherish it and not throw it. During dinner, Ao Gum’s mother asked Chur Wun if the lady is that pretty. The maid told Ao Gum to be Chur Wun’s safeguard. Chur Wun said the red color on that lady’s lip is pretty. The blush suits that lady. Lei Xuan mumbled and said if the lady wasn’t generous, she would have killed him.

Chur Wun looked in the mirror and wondered why the red lipstick doesn’t match her but when the lady put it on, she looks beautiful. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun that it suits her and even if she doesn’t wear it, she still looks pretty. Chur Wun said the lady matches with him. The lady looked in the mirror and said Chur Wun and Ao Gum matches each other but doesn’t have the same quality as her. The lady saw a red mark on her face and she got mad. The servant came and told the lady it’s time for her to visit someone. Lei Xuan eats alone and heard the servant talking about him pretending not knowing the lady. Lei Xuan yelled at the servants. The servants mentioned about someone who drinks and hide from the girls afraid asking him for money. Lei Xuan said he has to honestly tell her.

Lei Xuan visits the lady. The lady ate with Lei Xuan and told the servant to hang out with that person. The lady’s servant took Yuyet Yee out. The lady told Lei Xuan that she understands his situation that he has a beautiful fiance so he doesn’t want her to know they knew each other. The lady said Chur Wun is very nice and not petty. Yuyet Yee sings about the stars. Yuet Yee told the servant to catch the stars with her. The lady complimented Lei Xuan about his achievement as a scholar. The lady said that Lei Xuan doesn’t like to be an official but he enjoys his freedom. The lady said he has a fiance but have to make a decision. Yuet Yee put flowers on the servan’ts head. Lei Xuan said he won’t make a mistake for Chur Wun. The lady asked Lei Xuan if he feels is heart is on fire and he is sweating. She said he is holding her hands tightly. Lei Xuan apologized and let go of her hand. The thunder stroke and the little cauldron fell down. The fumes blew. Lei Xuan felt dizzy. Yuyet Yee freaked out and hid behind the servant. She left.

By the wood, Ao Gum found Yuet Yee. Yuet Yee said the lady left. Ao Gum took Chur Wun to Yuet Yee. Yuyet Yee saw a cricket and smiled. Ao Gum caught it for her. Chur Wun said the cricket sings for three days and die. Yuyet Yee cries and asked her for help. Chur Wun said many crickets will follow the cricket and die. The servant fought with Ao Gum. Chur Wun told the servant to bring Yuyet Yee home. Yuyet Yee asked Chur Wun if the cricket will die in three days. Chur Wun promises her they will bury the cricket. Ao Gum said the servant is the lady’s servant. He wonders how Yuyet Yee is related to the lady. Lei Xuan wakes up next to the lady.

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