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In the Realm of Fancy episode 12 recap

The lady walked out and said she thought Lei Xuan was different from other men but from all the men she has been with, he is the most successful. Ao Gum and Chur Wun came in the lady’s house. She lead them to Lei Xuan. Chur Wun and Ao Gum saw Lei Xuan beng affected in the spa. Chur Wun cried and left. Ao Gum fought with the lady’s servant. He threw his shoes through the invisible wall through Lei Xuan’s head. Lei Xuan’s wake up and held the shoe. He looked at the lady appears as an old lady and freaked out. Lei Xuan took off his clothes and ran in the woods and meet up with Ao Gum. Ao Gum said he threw his shoes at him and Chur Wun ran and cried.

The maid held a stick and about to hit Lei Xuan. The lady came in Lei Xuan’s mansion. Lei Xuan told the lady he doesn’t know what spell did she use to stop the time for him to stay the whole day and night. Lei Xuan swears he doesn’t have anything to do with her. The lady asked Lei Xuan she is weak and doesn’t know any spell. The lady told Chur Wun that Lei Xuan didn’t notice her because he has something for her. Lei Xuan called the lady a witch. The lady threw back his pants. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun that what she sees may not be what it is. Chur Wun rather not look for him so he can continue to con her. Lei Xuan denied of lying to her. Chu Wun pushed him out. Lei Xuan reads the manuel. Chur Wun wonders if their fate ends. The maid told Chur Wun to pack up and go to the palace to see her father.

The lady threw up the vase and asked why Lei Xuan can see her true face. Chur Wun visits the lady. The lady asked Chur Wun if she is not scared of her. She must be curious so she came here to ask her. Chur Wun asked the lady what is her relationship with Lei Xuan. The lady asked Chur Wun if she believes her or Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan reads the manuel. Chur Wun told the lady if she and Lei Xuan truly loves each other, she will back out. The lady asked Chur Wun how would she keep Lei Xuan. Chur Wun said she is not like her, she is like a kid. The lady said men are born as women’s toy, she just need to know how to use them. Chur Wun believes there is love. The lady told Chur Wun she has good fate to be the daughter of the secretary of state. No one can con her. Chur Wun said she is spoilt compared to her. The lady said naive people can’t live in this world.

Lei Xuan reads the manuel and think it’s the word god. The lady said if Chur Wun was uglier and mature, she would be happier. Chur Wun said what if she is ugly, pretty, dumb or smart, the most important is she needs to be honest. The lady asked Chur Wun if she meant she stole her man. Chur Wun asked the lady what is her relationship with Lei Xuan. The lady said Lei Xuan has flirted with her. Chur Wun denied that Lei Xuan is like that. The lady asked Chur Wun how does she is so confident. Chur Wun said she trusts Lei Xuan. The lady asked Chur Wun why doesn’t he ask Lei Xuan. The lady said Chur Wun’s face is pretty but she can scratch her face. Lei Xuan reads the manuel and think about not seeing but can’t hear it. He understands now.

The scent affected Chur Wun and she felt dizzy. The lady asked Chur Wun if she knows why when she came here, Lei Xuan didn’t notice her, it is because he got affected by her spell. Chur Wun believes Lei Xuan didn’t lie to her and fainted. The lady laughed and said it’s too late and it is rare to find a good person. Ao Gum’s mother told Lei Xuan that Chur Wun has went to see the lady. The lady tied up Chur Wun on a pole. The lady threw water at Chur Wun. She asked her if she wants to see how much Lei Xuan loves her. The lady said she hates her for being spoiled. She believes people only sees Chur Wun as an asset. Chur Wun said beauty is from the inside while the lady is only beautiful on the outside. The lady slapped Chur Wun. Chur Wun said Lei Xuan won’t love an evil person like her. The lady slapped Chur Wun. The lady said when Lei Xuan comes, she will reveal his true face and she will thank her. The lady put powder in the cauldron and laughed.

The servant feels useless. Yuyet Yee gave him a bun. The servant sighed he has to harm Chur Wun and Lei Xuan. Yuyet Yee told him not to harm others. Lei Xuan and Ao Gum came with Chur Wun’s maid. The lady said he has disappointed Chur Wun and her. He always forget the old one and love the new one. Lei Xuan told the lady she’s been left by a man so she use beauty to lust the men. The lady said she’s been harmed and he won’t understand her feelings. Many royals fell for her but she got affected by the scholar’s talent. She thought she found happiness. She was pregnant. He left her for another woman. The scholar criticized her of being old and ugly. The scholar said beauty can’t last forever. Many beauties are waiting for him. She has talent and wealth. He pushed her and said even if he doens’t leave her, he eventually will. She gave birth to Yuyet Yee. She hung herself up and fell but a spell appears. The spell made her look like a goddess. She wants them men to know that there’s karma for betraying women.

At the brothel, the scholar bid her. She lured him pay her gambling debt. The scholar begs her to leave with him. She told him to leave if he wants to. Don’t bother her. He used to have talent. There are plenty of royals who wants her. If he uses his brain, he will know she won’t live with him forever. Does he find this phrase familiar? She told him to open his eyes. She is his former wife. He used to call her ugly and old. Now look at her face, she is pretty and even cause him to want to die for her. Look at him, now he is miserable. If she were him, she rather die. She holds Yueyt Yee and looked the scholar jumped off the tower and die. The lady said men who doesn’t deserve sympathy will end up like him. She told Yuyet Yee that the only thing that matters to women is beauty.

Chur Wun asked her why is she so evil? Ao Gum said the lady harmed her husband and didn’t forgive her daughter just to keep her beauty, and even lock her up. The lady told him that she only wants to protect her and don’t want any bad men to harm her. The lady said she is getting prettier each day and having more confidence and being happy. Lei Xuan said she’s crazy. The maid called her a witch. The lady said she knows she is jealous and age doesn’t matter. Her story is so touching and good which is why they didn’t know they got affected by her scent. Usually the man that she wants never leave her. Lei Xuan, Ao Gum, and the maid fell down and felt weak. Yuyet Yee came and checked up on Chur Wun. She told the lady to forgive them since they are really nice to her. The lady ordered her servant to kill them. The servant told her to give up. The lady said she isn’t wrong. All the men are the same and even her servant betrays her. The maid told the servant to save them. The servant fell. They will die fast and will remember this beauty.

The lady gave Yuyet Yee a cup of tea. Yuyet Yee told her to release them. The lady said they are bad guys and jealous of her beauty. If those people die, they will move to another place and leave a happy life. Then she can be pretty forever. The lady put her face in the cauldron. Lei Xuan untied Chur Wun and hugged her and asked her if she’s alright. Chur Wun fainted. The lady said Chur Wun is nothing. She is the prettiest and no one is prettier than her. The lady saw Suyet Yee missing. She rushed and dropped the cauldron.

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