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In the Realm of Fancy episode 13 recap

Yuyet Yee unlocked the door. A page flipped in the manuel and said a person who regret will break the spell. Lei Xuan left with Chur Wun. Yuyet Yee saw the lady. The lady turned old. The lady told Yuyet Yee she has harmed her. She has caused her to be scared of men. Flashbacks of Yuyet Yee gave the servant two buns. The lady said men lust women and even poor people do. A man followed the lady and told her he can’t forget her and is willing to die for her. The man tried to stab her. The servant beat him up. The lady told Yuyet Yee that she shouldn’t pity for men, they are greedy and deserve to die. She must remember no one will sympathize for her.

The servant introduces himself as a hunter. He didn’t have enough animals to hunt. He went to the cities to find work. His mother passed away. The lady hired the servant and called him a dog. Men left their wives for the lady and followed her. The servant beat them up. Two men fight each other. Yuyet yee got scared and told the lady to tell them to stop fighting. The lady told Yuyet Yee to not pity for those men or else she will be pitiful.

The lady told Yuyet Yee to put her face in the cauldron. Yuyet Yee said getting old is life and she thinks happiness is having a good husband. The lady said there’s no good men. Yuyet Yee said she found a good one and is wine store owner. The lady said if she puts her face in the cauldron, she can find a person ten times better than him. Yuyet Yee said she doesn’t need a good looking husband. She needs a happy family and a husband who loves her.

Yuyet Yee tastes wine with the wine store owner. The wine store owner said he will use this wine to celebrate he has married a good wife. He tastes her food and find it good and said their children will be big. The lady visits the wine store owner and asked him to recommend a wine. The lady tasted the wine and said the wine is too normal and she wants a special wine. The lady pretends to faint and told him to help her. Yuyet Yee bought two buns. The store owner showed her different wines. The lady drinks the wine and complimented him as a talented wine maker. The wine owner showed the wine that he will use for his marriage tomorrow. The lady dropped the wine and seduced him. The wine store owner told her that Yuyet Yee is ugly and old. He breaks the wines. He told Yuyet Yee he doesn’t want to marry her. The lady told Yuyet Yee she now sees the true face of this dirty man. She told the wine owner to look in the mirror. Yuyet Yee asked why and cried. The servant beat up the wine owner. The wine owner said the lady set her up. The lady left with Yuyet Yee and said there’s no good man and they are all despicable. Yuyet Yee ran and jumped in the sea. The servant saved her.

Yuyet Yee wakes up and lost her memories. Yuyet Yee ate congee and freaked out when the lady hugged her. Yuyet Yee screamed. The lady told the servant to lock Yuyet Yee. The servant brought her buns and promised he will protect her.

Yuyet Yee gains back her memories and forgive the lady, her mother. The lady died under Yuyet Yee’s arm. Yuyet Yee and the servant bids farewell to Lei Xuan and his family. Ao Gum told the servant to take care of Yuyet Yee and don’t go the wrong path again. Hong Sui picked up rice from the ground blocking Chur Wun’s father’s way. Chur Wun’s father ordered the guard to stop here so they won’t step on the rice.

Chur Wun’s father visits Chur Wun. Chur Wun’s father sit and eat and chat with Lei Xuan and Chur Wun about how did he drives away the rebel. Chur Wun’s father drinks and felt weak and went to the men’s room. Chur Wun’s father fell in the men’s room. Ao Gum told the maid that he noticed Chur Wun’s father trembled. The official read the edict for Chur Wun’s father to retire and give the stamp to the official so he can fight the rebel. Chur Wun’s father asked why he doesn’t have a chance to go to war at this age. Chur Wun’s father fainted.

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