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In the Realm of Fancy episode 14 recap

The doctor told Lei Xuan that Chu Wun’s father has a fever. When he uses his five thousand troops, he fell from the horse. The rebel leader of the rebel doesn’t harm him but told him he doesn’t have the strength so don’t force himself to ride a horse. They will wait for him if he wants to attend the party. He is old.

Hong Sui steppedpon the rock. Ao Gum noticed Hong Sui’s shoes is ripped. Ao Gum brings a bowl of medicine for Chur Wun’s father. He told him to pour it down. Ao Gum made it warm. Chur Wun’s father drank it and find it bitter. Ao Gum gave him a sweet peach. Chur Wun’s father told his two servants they shouldn’t follow him. He return his manuels. The two servants told him not to give up, they are willing to follow him. Chur Wun’s father yelled at them to leave. Chur Wun’s father dropped his bowl of medicine on his boot. He said his boot doesn’t have a chance anymore. It is not a normal boot, the official wears it to the court everyday. He used to hear the steps. Now he can just dream. He won’t have a chance to wear it anymore. Ao Gum gave Chur Wun’s boot to Hong Sui. Hong Sui said it is too elegante for him. Ao Gum told him that if he wears it, he won’t be scared of stepping on rocks. Hong Sui wears the boot.

The two servant drinks and sighed about leaving Chur Wun’s father. They heard foosteps. They beat up Hong Sui for stealing Chur Wun’s father’s boot. The two servants brought the boots back and told Lei Xuan that they are not aware of thieves. Ao Gum yelled at them that he gave Hong Sui those boots. Ao Gum checked up on Hong Sui and saw his leg injured. Ao Gum piggyback Hong Sui and begged Lei Xuan to help. The two servants bowed and told Chur Wun’s father to punish them. Chur Wun’s father said he will break their legs. Lei Xuan and Chur Wun said it won’t help. Chur Wun’s father held a stick and about to break their leg but hesitate. The two servants said if he doesn’t want to, then they will break their legs by themselves. Hong Sui said he doesn’t blame the servants. Ao Gum was kindhearted for giving him the boots. Hong Sui said he is a lower class, and his leg can’t be compared to the servants. He’s seventy years old and it’s fine tha it’s crippled but the two servants has served them in wars.

Ao Gum put the bandages on Hong Sui. Hong Sui told Ao Gum that harming others won’t benefit him. Chur Wun’s father sighed he can’t control his two servants. Ao Gum chopped the treee in the woods and made him a cane. During dinner, Ao Gum requested Lei Xuan to Hong Sui to live with him. The maid criticized Hong Sui for eating in the same table. The maid asked Lei Xuan if he really wants a poor man to live with him. Hong Sui fell and don’t want to eat in the same table with Lei Xuan and Chur Wun’s father. Hong Sui left.

Chur Wun’s father searches for Hong Sui. Hong Sui sits and asked the two scholars for money. The two scholars gave him money. One of the scholar said his family own many lands so he can’t give Hong Sui less money. Chur Wun’s father found Hong Sui. Hong Sui cooked dog meat for Chur Wun’s father. Lei Xuan and Ao Gum joined them. Hong Sui said he met many different people. Hong Sui prefers being poor. There are people who gives money to people and are glad they are good people. There are people who are spoiled and regret when their parents died so they gave them money. There are people who did bad things so they gave money to the poor to repent their mistakes. Ao Gum wonders if he treats Hong Sui better because he’s crippled. Chur Wun’s father said he thought retiring is a bad thing but if he didn’t retired, he would work hard until he retire. Chur Wun’s father said they have to find a way to make them happy.

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