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In the Realm of Fancy episode 15 recap

Chur Wun’s father wants to help the maid and Ao Gum’s mother frying dishes and burnt his arm. Chur Wun’s father helps the maid and Ao Gum’s mother hanging up clothes. Ao Gum and Chur Wun’s father went to buy rice and saw the rice owner who is getting married
.Chur Wun’s father wrote a word on the ribbon for them. Chur Wun’s father attended the wedding and saw grandchildren of the parent’s newlywed. Chur Wun and Lei Xuan and her maid waits for Ao Gum and her father for dinner. Ao Gum carried the bag of rice. Chur Wun’s father went home happily and wants Chur Wun and Lei Xuan to marry so he can have grandchildren. Chur Wun’s father chose a date next month for Lei Xuan and Chur Wun to get married. Chur Wun’s father told the five brothers to take a break to go to Chur Wun and Ao Gum’s wedding.

Hong Sui saw Ao Gum carrying bottles of wines. Ao Gum told him that Chur Wun and Lei Xuan are getting married. The maid yelled at Ao Gum to go back to work. The five brothers planned the wedding for Ao Gum and Chur Wun. Chur Wun’s father wants a simple wedding and ordered the brothers to write the invitation letter and cut the chickens and clean the floor.

The official read the edict for Chur Wun’s father to settle with the rebel. Chur Wun’s father told the five brothers to get ready to go. After he finishes his work, he will request the majesty to prepare the wedding for Chur Wun and Lei Xuan. Chur Wun’s father told Chur Wun and Lei Xuan to be prepared for their wedding. Chur Wun told her father to take care. Hong Sui brought a gift for Chur Wun’s father. Chur Wun’s father left.

Chur Wun reads the manuel about trusting her lover. She wonders what is mutual love. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if he thinks his feelings will change. Lei Xuan said people will change. She is getting prettier and he is more playful. Chur Wun said everything will change and she doesn’t need to feel shamed. What the manuel said is the most important. Lei Xuan reads the manuel and wonder about mutual. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan she feels bothered inside ever since her father mentioned about marriage. Chur Wun walked and found a golden box with a green jade. Chur Wun went home. Lei Xuan asked Chur Wun if she found the jade he gave her. Chur Wun hesitate and said she lost it. Chur Wun cried she didn’t remember where she lost it. Chur Wun wonder if it is god’s will they are not mutual. Lei Xuan held Chur Wun’s hands and said he will prove without the jade, they still can understand each other.

Lei Xuan reads the manuel line about confused mind. Lei Xuan became invisible and wonders why the jade is still placed by the rock. Lei Xuan saw Chur Wun picking up the jade. He follows Chur Wun. She saw two rabbits. She held up the jade. She dropped the jade on the river. Chur Wun sits in front of the rock and wonders if she and Lei Xuan are meant to be together. They were born to be together and everyone thinks they are perfect together. She is afraid they aren’t mutual. She used to believe in love but does Lei Xuan truly love her. Why did he lie to her and see another woman? How much will he sacrifice for her?Lei Xuan told Ao Gum that the jade wouldn’t let them be tied together. Chur Wun still remember about the lady and his affair.

Ao Gum went searching for the jade. Ao Gum prayed in front of the rock so he can find the jade. A boy yelled at the river to save her mother. Ao Gum saved the mother. The mother said there was a rain and caused her house to be wrecked and the roof fell on her. She went to pick up mud to fix it but she twisted her leg. Ao Gum fixes the roof for her. She gave him a bowl of soup. The boy gave him a statue of a Buddhist to help him find the object he wants to find. Chur Wun gave Lei Xuan a cup of tea. Ao Gum brought the Buddhist statue home. The maid told him it’s stinky. Ao Gum told the Buddhist to help Lei Xuan and Chur Wun. He bowed in front of it so he can find hte jade. It’s raining. Chur Wun and Lei Xuan sat on their bed.

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