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In the Realm of Fancy episode 16 recap

Ao Gum found the jade on the Buddhist. Lei Xuan reads the manuel and it said that even if two people are far away from each other, they can be mutual. Lei Xuan wonders if Chur Wun and him are close to each other but isn’t fated to be together. Ao Gum happily showed the jade to Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan said his problem with Chur Wun isn’t related to the jade. The store owner told Lei Xuan that Chur Wun haven’t tried her wedding dress yet. Chur Wun sadly sees a wife giving her husband a bowl of soup in their noodle stall. Chur Wun looked at couple fight over selling a pig. The husband wants to cook soup for his wife since she is ill after giving birth. His wife wanted to sew a new shoe for him since his old shoes was ripped. Chur Wun told her maid that while the couple in the noodle store doesn’t look good with each other but they understand each other. The couple who sells the pig yelled at teach other but cared for each other.

Lei Xuan thought he was a perfect matches with Chur Wun but he doesn’t understand love. Should they be married, and will they be happy together. He held the manuel and hopes it helps him understand what is love and mutual. Lei Xuan saw a man went hunting to cook soup for his wife. He let a pair of duck leaves. He fell down the hill and injured his leg. The hunter’s wife went looking for him. The wife climbed down and fell. The wife puts a fabric on her husband’s leg. It is raining. The man put his clothes on her and created fire with the rocks to keep her warm though his hands was injured. She feels so cold. He hugged her. She said everyone will eventually die, she doesn’t regret being his wife and die by him. The man said they will be a happy couple in the next generation. Lei Xuan yelled why does a good couple doesn’t have a good life and why isn’t there a fire. A fire lighten up.

Ao Gum saw Lei Xuan in coma. Chur Wun saw the jade on Lei Xuan’s hands. Ao Gum showed the manuel to Chur Wun. Chur Wun read the manuel line that Lei Xuan wanting to see the different kinds of love to solve his anxiety.

Lei Xuan is happy helping couples. Lei Xuan looked at the pair of butterfly and said being Liang Shanbo and Zhu Ying Tai is even happier than being a god. Lei Xuan saw Chi Yi visiting his father’s grave that she has to sell herself to the brothel. She got lost in the dark and twisted her leg. A man selling oil passed by. He helped her walking home. He told her to be careful in the brothel. The two masters in the brothel drink wine. The two masters fight to drink with Chi Yi. Chi Yi told them to drink and she will drink with whoever isn’t drunk. The oil man gave her oil and asked her if she’s alright. He will save money to help her leave. The two masters fight for buying Chi Yi. Chi Yi said she only likes light. Chi Yi told the oil man to not bring oil to her nor find her. She told him to leave. Chi Yi blows up the light and cries.

Chi Yi lighten up the lantern for the masters to guess the lyrics. The oil man looked at Chi Yi and said though he’s poor, he is honest. The master laughed and told him if he can win a pretty lantern, he will give him money to get married. The oil man left and cried. Lei Xuan asked him why does he keep himself so low, without oil he can’t make a lantern. Lei Xuan lighten up the fire for the oil man. The two masters introduce their lanterns. Chi Yi wonders if there isn’t a lantern that makes her happy. The poor man lighten up many lights on the rocks. Chi Yi ran down. The oil man held her hand and asked her to leave with him. Chi Yi and the crowd told the master that the oil man’s lantern is the prettiest. The ladyboss looked at the light and said it’s the first time she seen lights that pretty. She told them to leave. The oil man told Chi Yi he doesn’t have anything but some oil which he can make bed and a dry fish. Chi Yi hugged the oil man. The master told the people to catch the oil man. Lei Xuan created a fire his lantern. Chi Yi ran with the oil man happily.

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