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In the Realm of Fancy episode 17 recap

A beautiful lady Yi Lan played her instrument in the restaurant. Pui Seung Yung gave her a silver. Her servant accepted for her and said she can’t see him. The servant cleaned the wagon. A man rushed putting his suitcase on the wagon and paid 4 times the sum to carried it for him. The servant refused that he’s not working today and took his wagon away. The servant saw Yi Lan and helped on getting on the wagon. Yi Lan smelled the flowers. The servant said the flower only appears in the summer and is white tiny and not pretty. Yi Lan said there’s not perfect thing in this world. Lei Xuan wonders if people don’t know how to cherish or god haven’t gave them enough. A servant dropped silvers and told the servant that he used it to pay the doctor to cure his master’s blind eyes. The servant sold the wagon to a master for five thousand taels than two thousand taels. The servant took Yi Lan to the doctor. He told her that the wagon is broken so they must walk.

The servant gave her a flower. Yi Lan touched the flower and finds it soft but really think. It has the mood of trust. Yi Lan said if her eyes will be healed, she will not only be able to see the flower but also him. She knows he is a normal guy but he is very good to her. The flower isn’t the prettiest but has the most beautiful scent. He is like the flower. The flower give her confident, even if she can see it she only can smell it. Though she can’t see him but he is still good to her. The servant held Yi Lan’s hand.

The doctor looked at Yi Lan and checked her pulse and said she seems like a nice girl. He checked her eyes. He said she needs plenty of medicine. He will heal her eyes but she won’t take her money. The servant fought for a job carrying rice for a customer but he didn’t have a wagon. The servant volunteered to carry the packages for food for the doctor. The servants picked up herbs for Yi Lan. A servant told the doctor’s assistant they need to more servants to help. The servant was willing to help. Yi Lan took off her fabric of herb and opened her eyes. She can now see. The doctor told her now she is elegant. Yi Lan appreciates the doctor. Yi Lan told the crowd she appreciates the doctor for healing her eyes. The doctor held her hand and said she doesn’t need to thank him. He only wants her to be his wife. The servant sadly left. The servant threw out stems and sighed he isn’t worth anything, he’s just a wagon puller.

Lei Xuan told Yi Lan her eyes are bright now but her heart needs to be bright and think carefully who she wants to live with the rest of her life. Yi Lan told her mother she can’t sleep and she doesn’t know if she wants to marry the doctor. Her mother told her it is her deed to marry the doctor and he is talented. Yi Lan asked her mother if she know where’s the servant. Her mother told her he used to visit her everyday when she was treating her eyes but now she haven’t seen him. Yi Lan asked her how does he looks like. Her mother told her he is naive and only a wagon puller.

Lei Xuan caused the white flower to bloom. Yi Lan asked the sedan chair carrier to stop. She got out and looked at the white flower. She yelled at the servant to come. She asked the servant not to leave. She asked him if he thinks he doesn’t suit to be with her. She told him to look at the white flowers blooming. Yi Lan said she still remembers this path and if he remembers her, then she asks him to turn around so she can look at him. He turned around and held her hand. Yi Lan apologized to the doctor, she knows she owe him a favor. The doctor said the white flowers has got whitered but now it is blooming again. Maybe it is because of them. Maybe this is fate, a favor isn’t as big as love. The doctor wishes them happiness. The servant wonder why the flowers bloomed in this season. Yi Lan thinks perhaps god is helping them. Lei Xuan thinks he is a god. Lei Xuan rather be a god and wandering around. He never get bored seeing loving couples.

Lei Xuan went to the mountain and wondered if someone is going to the mountain to hunt for love. surprisingly saw Ao Gum. Lei Xuan wonder who is Ao Gum sacrificing for. He watches him chopping the ice on the mountain. He fell down and checked on the ice blocks in his bag. He looked at his knee bleeding. It is snowing. Chur Wun searches for Ao Gum. Chur Wun climbed down and put a fabric on Ao Gum. Lei Xuan sees the different side of Chur Wun. Chur Wun wiped Lei Xuan’s face. Ao Gum’s mother told Lei Xuan who is in coma, it has been seven years. The maid told him that Chur Wun bee hatching ice on the mountain to wipe his face. Ao Gum asked Lei Xuan if he wants Chur Wun to take care of his body forever. Ao Gum asked Chur Wun if she ever regretted. Chur Wun waits for Lei Xuan to return after he understands love. Lei Xuan reads the sheet on the manuel that even if he comes back to his body, he can’t help.

They only have tofu and lettuces remaining. Ao Gum grabbed a chicken and cooked it. Chur Wun’s father got mad and told Chur Wun to not waste her youthfulness. Ao Gum’s mother brought the main dish the chicken. Chur Wun grabbed a chicken for his father but accidentally dropped it. Her maid laughed and picked it up and eat it. Chur Wun’s father yelled at the maid for eating it though it was on the ground. The maid said she couldn’t stand it, it has been years they haven’t ate chicken and it tasted so good. Chur Wun’s father asked why do they only eat tofu and lettuces and haven’t ate chicken for the past seven years. Lei Xuan said he have made them suffer for the past seven years.

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